Atab tablet features, specifications and price in India

This article is about Atab tablet in India. Atab tablet features, specifications and price are out in India. If we compare Atab tablet specifications with Aakash and Bsnl tablet then it is more educational driven and having advance features but Atab tablet price is high in comparison to Bsnl and Aakash tablet. Read this article to know more about Atab tablet features, specifications and price in India

Tablets are the future of computing. These days, Indian market is playing with cheapest tablets and everyone is keen to produce cheap tablets for colleges and schools. The aim of all tablet manufactures is to provide quality education to school and college students at affordable price. This time, an international education based Cloud Company in partnership with Go Tech will soon going to launch new Atab Android tablet in India. This Atab tablet will have 7 inch screen which is designed especially for Indian schools and colleges. Atab tablet price is Rs 5000 and it will expect to be available in India from next week. It is available in five colors. So, you can buy Atab tablet with any color of your choice.

Atab tablet features and specifications

It is another cheapest tablet after BSNL and Aakash tablet. It laid stress on school and college students. If we compare Atab tablet processor with both BSNL and Aakash tablet processor then it is representing high processor of frequency 1.1 Ghz, which is higher than both above tablets. It is having 7 inches TFT screen display.

The RAM of the Atab tablet is of 512 MB which is 256 MB more than Aakash and BSNL tablet. Its processing speed and performance will be more than Aakash and BSNL tablets. The internal storage of the Atab tablet is 2GB which is same to Aakash and BSNL tablet. You can extend the storage capacity of Atab tablet to 16 GB. It also includes USB port for connectivity and synchronization with external devices.

Atab tablet features, specifications and price in India

The platform or operating system used in Atab tablet is Android operating system and so far we do not know which operating system version it is using. The best thing in Atab tablet is Bluetooth connectivity which is not there in Aakash and BSNL tablet. For the purpose of Internet connectivity which is the first requirement of the students, it includes a Wi-Fi connection that allows users to easily surf on the Internet. Moreover, it allows customers to use the 3G USB dongle for internet connectivity. You can also enjoy the advantage of 3G technology in it.

Atab tablet comes with 3 year free and unlimited access to AcrossWorld Education's platform. It would help students to enrich latest technology from international vendor services. You cannot use this tablet as a phone as it is not available with SIM slot. Atab tablet put stress on open source education so as to discover hidden talent among students and provide world class content at student fingerprints for both college and university level. It is good time for Indian schools and colleges to provide technology access to students at affordable price.

Atab tablet price in India

In India, after the tablets like Aakash and BSNL, one more tablet sets to come in Indian market from next week onwards. The price of the Atab tablet is Rs 5000. It is expected that AcrossWorld will launch 10,000 units of Atab tablets from next week. The price of Atab tablet is more than Aakash and BSNL price but it is still believed that it is more technology driven rather than Entertainment driven. The education contents are provided to students from time to time i.e. in the form of educational resources. So, Indian students are provided with one more option to buy Atab tablet in India.

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