How to remove copy protection of a DVD or VCD

Learn how to remove copy protections of DVDs and VCDs to copy them. This article deals with all the working tricks to copy copyrighted DVDs and VCDs easily and quickly. I have written about copying DVDs using VLC player and other DVD ripping softwares. Here you will get a list of most popular and powerful DVD/VCD ripping tools that help you copy discs. Hope this article would be a useful guide to copy copyrighted discs. Read on.

Copy copyright protected movies easily and quickly

Well, nowadays almost all VCD/DVD makers makes their discs copyright protected, means you can't copy and paste anything from those discs. It is not at all good for us. We don't want to make a copyright violation by copying those DVDs and serving to everyone for cash. But sometimes we will have to make a back-up of our DVD/VCD discs because original discs will get scratched after using a while. We will lose the data stored in those discs and hence it would be a lose of money if we have spent bucks to buy that disc. So that it is really necessary to find a solution for copying DVDs or VCDs by removing their copyrights and yes we have found it for you! Keep in mind that I am not telling about 'how to violate copyright rules'. These working tricks are just for making a backup of your DVDs & VCDs and not for selling them which is one of the biggest copyright infringements.

When coming to the matter, there are two methods to copy DVDs and VCDs. We can say, simple copy and hard copy. Simple DVD/VCD copy method can be used for copying DVD/VCD movies or any type of videos. Let us first discuss about those simple copy methods.

Simple DVD/VCD copying tricks by removing copyrights

Some movie DVDs or VCDs will not have tight copyright protections but still we can't copy them by direct copy methods. Such DVDs and VCDs can be copied using the methods given below.

1. Copy only the MPEG (Media file) part of the DVD/VCD

If the disc has only low level protections, you can copy them by copying the MPEG (Media file) part of the DVD/VCD. For this, do the following -
1. Insert the disc into the drive.
2. Open the My Computer.
3. Right click on the CD drive and click open.
4. Copy (Ctrl + C) the MPEG folder.
5. Paste it wherever you want.
If the copy process did not complete or it gets stuck in the middle, understand that the CD has tight copy protections and you need hard copy protection removing tricks! If the copy process was completed, you can play the movie by opening that MPEG folder you have saved. If the above trck did not work for you, proceed with the next one given below.

2. Use VLC Media Player as a best tool to copy movies with tight copyright protections!

Well, most of us still don't know what VLC Media Player can do in copying movies! It is tested and proved that almost all DVDs and VCDs can be copied perfectly by using the Record option equipped in the VLC Player! Yes, there is a Record button in the VLC which you can use to record the whole movie or just a part. You can't see the button by the default VLC settings. To get it in the control bar or tool bar, click View > Advanced Controls as shown in the image.

How to remove copy protection of a DVD or VCD - 100% working tricks!

Now you will see a red colored button with round shape which is the VLC Record button.

How to remove copy protection of a DVD or VCD - 100% working tricks!

You can click the Record button and start recording the movie. Note that the color of the button will become blue when starting the recording. If you click the Record button again, it will stop the recording. These recorded videos will be saved in the movie clip format ' .mpg ' in the 'Videos' system folder in My Computer. And they will have the same video clarity and audio quality which your original video has! You can burn that ' .mpg ' files into any disc using any video burning softwares like Nero. The only drawback when copying movies with VLC Media Player is, we have to play the whole CD to record and copy it. If you click Forward button (though by mistake), you will miss those parts in the copy you made. I advise, start recording when you are engaged into other works. If you don't have the patience to wait such a long time, you can choose hard copy tricks which I described below.

Remove copy protections of DVD/VCD using ripping softwares

There are different free ripping softwares out now. But it is proved that paid softwares work much efficiently than free ones. These softwares will run through the CD and remove it's copy protections. Some of them will work only with DVDs and you will need separate ones for VCDs. I have listed some of the most popular ripping softwares below. The list includes paid ones and free ones but you will get a 30 day trial period with all of that paid ones.

Most popular DVD/VCD ripping softwares that removes copyright protections

1. DVDFab - It is one of the most poplar DVD ripping softwares available now. Though it is a paid one, you will get 30 day free trial and you will also get cracked versions! This tool will copy DVD and Blu-ray discs and it is also capable of converting files.
2. AnyDVD - It is another powerful tool to remove copy protections of DVDs. It is also helpful to make image files (disc image files contain exact copy of the CD content) from the movie files. These image files can be burnt into a CD using any burning softwares like Nero.
3. Daemon Tool - This cool DVD tool makes disc images and plays them using the virtual CD drive created by itself! It is a great tool by my experience. You can google it for a detailed information about this powerful tool to copy DVDs.
4. ImgBurn - This tool functions in the same manner as it is capable of writing image file to disc, creating image file from disc and extra more functionalities. It is a freeware for lifetime!

You can use any of the tricks and tools to remove copy protection and copy DVDs and VCDs. Keep in mind that serving copied (duplicate) CDs is piracy and it is illegal. Use this information to make backup copies only!

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Guest Author: aky04 Mar 2013

thanks the tried VCL one and it was very helpful good job:) bless you

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@aky, glad it helped you.

Guest Author: yaiyai27 Jun 2015

Kindly quote the detail steps from inserting the disc to record button steps, as I am not clear of the in-between steps. Thanks.

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