How to submit Windows 8 Apps to Windows app store

Few days back, Windows Store preview event was conducted in San Francisco, and since then around 3 million downloads of Windows 8 Developer Preview were reported. After the overwhelming response, Windows team is encouraging the developers to enter in the First Apps Contest, here are some easy rules and guidelines given about 'how to submit apps to Windows app store'.

After Windows store preview in San Francisco, Windows team has announced their plans about distributing Windows 8 apps based on Metro style via the new store. They have started a fascinating contest-'First Apps contest' through which the new developers can show their talent with the chances of winning exciting prices. Some of the rules and guidelines about the apps submission process to Windows app store are given below.

In order to submit your Windows 8 apps to windows app store, you need to unfold Windows- store developer account by a developer website and for this you are out of any compulsion of payment of fee; you have your own account and are responsible for all the activities taking place with your concerned store account.

  • If you fail to keep your account safe due to any reason, Microsoft will withdraw all apps and remove apps rating and reviews.

  • You must submit Microsoft, your desired app that you may want to be available through pre-release Window store; you have to keep the back-up of the given apps as you will not be returned any.

  • You might not submit the desktop –apps to pre-release version of Windows store. Desktop apps are made by API', windows 8 supports metro-style apps.

  • You should submit the updates for apps in order to get it certified and easy distribution by windows store. The updates provided should go by the rules of the agreement.

  • You will be provided with Windows- App certification Kit that will examine your apps on windows 8 supporting system.

  • Microsoft will check each apps deposited by you, when apps passes through the agreement and other necessary policies set by Microsoft, only then it is certified and made available in the windows store.

  • You have to provide your whole effort for the design of app including marks (name, trademark, icon, logos, product, titles, screenshots and descriptions); these are used by the Microsoft for marketing and distribution purpose.

  • If any claim is introduced to Microsoft by any third party regarding your apps, Microsoft will refer that particular claim to you. You need to abide by that and respond as soon as possible. If you find that your app does not follow the "terms of agreement," you should send word to Microsoft and work collectively to solve it.

  • If you feel that your app is violating your right, you can make Microsoft know about it.

  • Microsoft is free from taking the responsibility to make your apps available even though it is certified.

  • It is Microsoft who will decide about placement & promotion of apps.

  • It is the wish of the Microsoft to delete any of all the apps content from pre-release window-store, they can also delete from the device in which the concerned apps was stored or downloaded.

  • Microsoft may delete or disable any app according to its wish; it may also remove previously downloaded apps copies. This is done when Microsoft thinks that the apps might harm the public, third party, violate agreement, government rules, and policies. If Microsoft has owed any costs, that will be refunded to you.

  • Windows Store is the sole property of the Microsoft, naturally Microsoft owns the power to add or remove any app from its windows store. It is already mentioned that windows 8 will support metro-style apps.

  • There is a contest announced on distributing metro-style windows 8 through Windows Store. The first Apps contest is already going on to provide opportunities to the new developers. There had been 3 million download of windows 8 developer- preview; with this opportunity, many fresh developers will get a chance to showcase their apps.

    Windows 8

    The participants are selected based on their application of metro-styleprinciples and provide most – value to end users. Top 8 apps have been selected in this process.

    The 8 winners will show-case their apps and be a part of exclusive developers group, they will also be provided with goodies, to make their apps better, some of the winner developers will get-

  • Samsung windows developer-preview PC

  • Windows Azure for 1 year

  • Store subscription for 2 years

  • The judges for this contest are-

  • Jensen Harris who happens to be the director of program management & windows user-experience.

  • Antoine Leblon, senior Vice President of Windows web services.

  • Jason Zander, corporate Vice president of Visual Studio.

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    Guest Author: Roark25 May 2013

    The process is fairly new to me and not a comfortable one. It's not pleasant being at the whim of someone who is only there from 10 am to 8 pm weekdays. Thus, my app which I've worked on for months just sits there for days, losing more marketing potential.

    In their defense, they did find a small bug but it was mostly by being somewhat sadistic in their testing. My app is a music player and when there are no songs present, it warns the person with a nice dialog box that is quite helpful as to how to correct the situation.

    With zero songs loaded or available, the tester clicked the PLAY button and of course the app immediately crashed and was returned to me after I'd waited for 3 days for my tax profile to be approved.

    Ugly, ugly process. I think Microsoft should have taken a different approach. Let the market be the judge just like it is in the real world. If you have to scan my app for profanity or nudity or potential viruses, for a day, fine, but why subject me to what can become a sit-on-it-and-wait for days scenario, repeatedly each time?


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