What is Linux and should you switch to use Linux rather?

In this article you won't be told about all the technical details of Linux, but it is simply an overview of it. Before you actually start learning how to use it, you must have all the background knowledge about it. After reading this you will definitely be in a better position to decide whether to switch to Linux or not.

Heard a lot about it, but what exactly is Linux?

It is an Operating System (OS), or in simple words, a system between hardware and software. Without an operating system, no one can directly communicate in an efficient manner with the machine. Linux OS is famous for it is perfect for Servers (Computers that need to be always running). During 1991-1994 Mr. Linus Trovalds (21 years old Finnish Student) created it. It is not a type of UNIX (which is another famous software system). Both are different. Back in 90s UNIX was not Open Source (software that comes along with its Source Code), you had to pay for it. Mr. Linus wanted to have a free OS, for which he and his friends could create free software. Hence, they developed a whole system of Operating Systems based on Linux Kernels.

Why call different versions, Distributions?

By 1994 Mr. Trovalds was done with a basic OS, which was completely open source. And he distributed it free of cost, and people in different parts of the world started to create their own versions of Linux. This gave rise to the idea of Distros (from distributions). There are various versions that different people and organizations created for themselves according to their own needs. Some of the popular Distros are:
• RedHat Linux
• Fedora
Android (for mobile devices)
• DSL Linux (Damn Small Linux)

Before choosing a particular Distro, you must decide beforehand which version to choose, as unlike Windows OS you can use different versions for different purposes. Some of these Distros are:
• There is a Distro by the name of Trustix, this is a completely solid secure server.
• For using office and web browsing purpose there is Ubuntu desktop version.
• Enterprise version with customer support is Red Hat Linux.

Server vs. Desktop:

There are always two versions of any Distros available, Server and Desktop versions. And the difference is that Server version is stripped down version (LUI) because it is expected that the user of a Server (who should be an advanced user) will install it. For a beginner user, one must start with a desktop version (looks like Windows OS, or Mac OS). But you will have to understand the environment of Linux, as it is not simply like Windows or Mac OS.

Why use Linux?

Linux is not an absolute alternative for other desktops Operating Systems. It is good for some things but crappy for others. The main purpose of Linux is to run as Servers. It is expected to be used as Server, because it is rock solid and much more reliable, unlike Windows. It won't crash untimely leaving the end users without any Server. Some of the most famous Servers are Apache web server and MySeql.

Should I switch over?

The purpose of this text was not to make you familiar with the commands and other details but to make a clear distinction between Linux and other operating systems. To know your Distro is very important, as your version of it will decide your limitations. In a nutshell, if you want an Operating System to run on your Servers then definitely go for LINUX.

If you are interested in using Linux on your desktop too, you might want to take a look at our suggestions on Top 5 Linux distributions to use as a beginner in 2017

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Author: Ataul Haque06 Feb 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Thanks for this beautiful and informative post. You very clearly made me understand the difference between the windows operating system and Linux OS.
Hope you post some more like these kind of informative articles here on My Windows Club.

Author: Gagan30 Mar 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

can you tell me where to get free cd of any linux distribution

Author: Ankit31 Mar 2012 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Search for "Free Linux distribution" Go to the first link that appears in Google. You will find the option to download a ISO file with which you can burn the Linux OS in a CD or make a bootable USB out of it

Author: Varun Kumar31 Mar 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Download Ubuntu 11.10. This article might be useful for someone who want's to download Ubuntu 11.10

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