Apple iPhone 5 features and release date rumors are floating in UK

If you are looking to buy Apple iPhone 5 in UK then you must know Apple iPhone 5 features and release date. Apple iPhone 5 features and release date are floating as a rumor and speculation in UK market. This is rumors that Apple iPhone 5 will register more sales and its features will be more liked by customers in comparison to Apple iPad 3. Read this article to know more about Apple iPhone 5 rumored features and release date details in UK.

Apple iPhone 5 rumors indicating features and release date in UK

Apple iPhone 5 features and release date rumors are floating in UKAfter great success of Apple iPhone 4, company is putting hard time to improve interface of Apple iPhone 5. It is expected that Apple will make use of more enhanced and latest technology in Apple iPhone 5 in comparison to Apple iPad 3. This report came forward from Apple iPad 3 guide that will going to be release in first quarter of the year. It is also leaked that majority of British lovers are more interested in reports of Apple iPhone 5 rather to know reports of Apple iPad 3.
As per survey reports of, which leaked that more than 75 percent of technology lovers in UK are more eager and anticipated to know more about arrival of the Apple iPhone 5. The report leak does not means that Apple iPad 3 is not loved by UK people but it is Apple iPhone 5 which is gaining more popularity in UK. Only 70 percent people are looking forward for Apple iPad 3.

If we compare Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 3 then we do not have huge list of differences. Only 3-4 percent differences have been noted in their interface then why only Apple iPhone 5? This question will be answered by UK people only because it is result of their country survey. The reason that might be responsible is that, people are bored and tired of using Android and Apple iPad and thus they want to have new technology which is not available for last 6 months. Moreover, it is already revealed that Apple iPad 3 will be released earlier than that of Apple iPhone 5.

After Apple iPhone 5, very few phones are expected to give competition to it but there is only one large competitor standing on the way of Apple iPhone is Samsung Galaxy S3. People are anticipated and eager to know upcoming features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy S3. Only Samsung mobile manufacturers are competing with Apple designs and dimensions. Samsung Galaxy S3 placed at 2nd position and just behind Apple iPhone 5 among best smart phones of 2012.

If we compare Apple iPad 3 competitors then Android, Kindle fire and Windows phones are following it. Off course, the competition will be getting higher with the passage of time. So, company must understand the need and requirement of current scenario. The popularity of Apple iPhone 5 will be maintained if its release date gets more delayed.

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