How to install Windows 8 Operating System on Apple iPad

This article gives you step by step procedure on how to install the Windows 8 operating system on Apple iPad. We know that Windows 8 has some stunning User Interface which made people to go crazy to install it on even Apple's iPad. So read the article to install Windows 8 in Apple iPad.

Windows 8 is the hot news ruling the internet now. All people are eager to know about features and release the Windows 8 from Microsoft. Moreover, apart from the windows 8 full version, there are many searching for Windows 8 Beta release, and also Windows 8 Developer Preview downloads. When Windows 8 Developer Edition was released it was recorded that within 24 hours, there were 500,000 times downloaded online. The Windows 8 developer preview which was recently released was said to be the best Windows operating system released by Microsoft till now. Also soon after that release, some Windows 8 features and news, rumors, related to Windows 8 came up. Also the most interesting part news is that, Windows 8 will take only 8 seconds boot time which is something unbelievable.

How to install Windows 8 Operating System on Apple iPad

Well on talking about features of Windows 8, one of the most important and stunning feature of Windows 8 is the User Interface. The User Interface which is one of the coolest feature of Windows 8 with accordance with the Windows 8 metro User Interface which is best for the tablet lovers. This Windows 8 Metro UI was developed for all tables with touchscreens including Apple's iPad also. So Windows 8 Metro UI which is an popular feature now can be easily installed on an Apple iPad also.

It was those long days where people would be longing to install Mac Theme packs in their Windows XP and Windows Vista systems. But now everything is changed, vise-versa where the iPad users are clamoring to try and install the Windows 8 Metro User Interface on their Apple iPad.

Well, this is an article which is for all Windows 8 Metro UI lovers and also those who want to install it and experience the stunning UI effect on their iPads.

How to Install Windows 8 Metro UI on Apple's iPad:

  • First Install the Microsoft's Windows 8 Developer Preview which was recently released in your PC or any other virtual machine.

  • Then you need to purchase and Download Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad a application directly from Apple's iTunes app Store. Actually the original cost of this app is $19.99 but now it is available just for $2.99 only.

  • After downloading that, now install the Splashtop Streamer on your PC or the virtual machine where you installed the Windows 8 OS.

  • Now set up the Streamer from your Windows 8 installed computer. For setting up the Streamer you need to set a password just for security purpose.

  • Finally after setting up the Streamer now launch the Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad and then select your Windows 8 OS installed computer.

Well, that's it. You have installed your Windows 8 Metro UI in Apple's iPad to enjoy. Also the most amazing news about this feature is that, Windows 8 Metro UI actually works just like as it works on Windows 8 Tablets. It will get you a gesture just as you work on Windows 8 Tablets. So install this Windows 8 Metro UI from Microsoft in your Apple's iPad to enjoy and experience the Windows 8 tile filled interface.

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Guest Author: Me16 Apr 2014

This is not 'installed' in ANY sense. You are running what is known as a 'remote desktop'. In other words, for you to keep using the Windows UI you must have a Windows machine always running somewhere so that your iPad can connect and show you it's screen. So for you to simply have a windows UI on your iPAD you must always have 2 machines running!!

THIS IS NOT A WINDOWS INSTALLATION ON AN IPAD. I'm sorry, because I know that loads of people want anything as an OS as long as its not iOS7. You're out of luck, may I seriously suggest you go buy yourself a Surface 2 or an Acer S7 or even a HP Envy touchscreen. Accept that the iPAd is a TOY not a serious computing platform, give it to your children and return to a useful, productive machine again.

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