How to create Shutdown Shortcut App for Windows 8 OS

Read this article to know how to create a shortcut for Shutdown in Windows 8 operating system. In the new Metro interface, there is no shutdown button to off the computer. Follow the steps mentioned in the article to create a shortcut of shutdown.

From the past two days, I am busy in testing Windows 8 operating system. While testing Windows 8 OS, I found few problems. Some of them are,

1) Windows 8 Apps are not working in VMware Workstation 8
2) Unable to close any App in Windows 8
3) No shutdown, Restart and Hibernate option in the Metro interface.

Yesterday evening, I am able to solve my first problem. After installing the VMware Tools in VMware Workstation 8, I am able to use all the Apps in Windows 8. But, my second problem is still there. I am finding it difficult to close any App in Windows 8 OS, and for the third one, I found a solution to create a shortcut for Shutdown, Restart and Hibernate of Windows 8 operating system. If you want to create a shortcut for the all above, follow the procedure mentioned below. With the below procedure, one can easily create a shortcut for shutdown in Windows 8 OS.

Steps to create shortcut for shutdown in Windows 8

1) In the Metro interface, click on the Desktop.

2) In the desktop, Right click on the empty screen, select "New" and then Select "Shortcut".
First step in creating Shutdown Shortcut in Windows 8

3) You will see the below screen, which asks you to enter the location. Copy the following code and paste it there.
Second step in creating shutdown App in Windows 8

To create shortcut for shutdown computer, enter the following code

Shutdown.exe -s -t 00

TO create shortcut for Restart computer, enter the following code

Shutdown.exe -r -t 00

To create shortcut for Hibernate computer, enter the following code

rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState

To create shortcut for Sleep computer, enter the following code

rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0

4) After entering the respective code, it will ask you to enter a name for the Shortcut. Enter the respective name.
Step 3 in creating shutdown App for Windows 8

5) Click ok. Now, to change the icon of the shortcut, Right click on the shutdown icon and select properties and click on Change icon.

6) Select the icon you want, and click ok.
Forth step in creating shortcut for shutdown App in Windows8

7) Now, click on Apply and ok. You have created a shortcut for Shutdown option.

To show the Shutdown option in the new Metro interface, you have to follow the below procedure.

8) Go to Windows Explorer. (Win+E)
Windows Explorer in Windows 8

9) Enter the following code in the location bar.

%appdata%\microsoft\windows\Start Menu\Programs\

Code for creating shortcut for Shutdown in Windows 8

10) After pasting, press enter, you will see Accessories folder. Open it.

Accessories folder in Windows 8

11) Now, cut the Shutdown shortcut and paste in the Accessories folder.

12) That's it, now you successfully created a Shortcut for Shutdown in the Metro interface of Windows 8 OS.

To verify it, Press Windows key, it will take to the Metro interface, type shutdown, you will see a "Shutdown App" in the Metro interface.
Shutdown App in Windows 8

How to create a Shutdown Tile in Windows 8 Metro

In this procedure, you can create a Shutdown tile on the Metro interface of Windows 8 OS. Follow the below procedure carefully to create a tile on the Windows 8 Metro interface.

1) Go to the desktop in Windows 8.

2) Right click on the empty screen and select New --> Create a shortcut.

3) Create a shortcut called "Shutdown" with the following command C:\windows\system32\shutdown /s /t 0 (Follow the procedure mentioned above)

4) Now open the Windows Explorer.

5) Go to the location bar and type the following command C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

6) Now, copy the created shortcut into the above folder.

7) Now, you can find a Shutdown tile in the Metro user interface of Windows 8. In the normal desktop you can find it in the start menu, you can pin to your desktop also.

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Author: J Wallace17 Sep 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

There is a shutdown button in Windows 8. Select start, select Setting , now on the right side at the bottom there is a Power button,,icon "a circle with a line 1/2 way thru." Click the button and you get ,,,shutdown,restart and sleep.

Guest Author: ctleng7602 Mar 2012

Why should this even need to be created. The consumer preview has the same problem. So far, I have found Windows 8 does nothing but make life on a PC more difficult and cumbersome. New software should never complicate, only simplify.

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