How to open command prompt in Windows 8

Are you missing the good old command prompt in Windows 8 developer preview build? In this quick post, I will discuss how you can launch the command prompt in Windows 8.

If you open Windows 8, you will be quite amazed at the way Microsoft changed the UI. The new metro style UI is very prominent and you won't notice the hidden old interface anywhere, until you click on the desktop.

Even if you come to the desktop on the Windows 8, you will see a lot of difference from the Windows 7 start menu. There is a start menu in the same old position, but when you click on it, it will take you back to the previous screen. You will not see your old Programs Menu and classic start button. Some of used to find our applications quickly by searching them in the "Run" box. But that is also missing.

So, where do we find the command prompt in Windows 8? I am sure there will be a way to see the programs menu, Run command and classic Start menu. Until I figure out and share how to access those good old features, here is a way you can run the command prompt in Windows 8

I figured out couple of ways to launch the command prompt in Windows 8:

Option 1. When you are in the Metro UI, start typing "cmd". It will automatically go in to search mode and will search for what you typed (cmd). See the picture below:

Option 2: You can open the command prompt by starting the cmd.exe in the windows system32 folder.

* Open Windows Explorer.

* Navigate to the folder C:\Windows\System32

* Look for the application CMD.EXE and double click on it.

It will open the command prompt, which look exactly same as before!

You can double click on cmd.exe and choose "Pin to Taskbar" which will add a shortcut to the taskbar for easy access to the command prompt in future.

Option 3: I just figured out how to open the RUN dialog in Windows 8, which can be used to open command prompt or any other applications by typing it in the RUN dialog.

To open the RUN dialog, press the Windows key and then press "R". This will open the RUN dialog for you. To open the command prompt from here, type "cmd" and press ENTER.

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Guest Author: S.Omkar17 Nov 2011

Thanks a lot.

Guest Author: Omer02 Mar 2012

Actually there is an easier way, right click on the Metro UI, you will see "All Apps" at the bottom, click on it, all the applications will be listed on the screen, including the calculator, command prompt, notepad, paint, etc...

owner of

Guest Author: Freek van Geest12 Mar 2012

Yet another way to open the cmd.exe: in Desktop right click the taksbar and add the Address taskbar. In here you can do most of the things you would otherwise need the Run dialog for. This works in previous versions of WIndows too.

Author: Robin Brown06 Nov 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Easiest way to access command prompt, device manager, control panel etc in Windows 8 is as follows:

1) Take cursor to bottom left corner of screen -Start icon appears
2) Right click on Start icon; all the familiar command tools are listed and available for use.

Guest Author: H3ather12 Dec 2012

You can also just open the file manager and type "cmd" in the address bar.

Guest Author: Armorer15 Jan 2013

Even easier way, shift + right click on the folder to get the advanced menu options.

Guest Author: leah26 Feb 2013

Gateway has no Ip address next to it. What should i do?

Guest Author: sudahnshu14 May 2013

When I am making a bootable disk, in the beginning, it is working but after when I do the 4th step of booting, its not working.

Guest Author: Tommy Morton11 Jul 2013

You might want to look at They have a free utility download called START MENU 8. I have been using it and it is great.

Link to Download:

Guest Author: Luis Pinzon21 Aug 2013

Windows Key + X is the fastest way

Guest Author: LevE06 Jan 2014

More ways to start cmd.

Place the shortcut on the desktop.

1. Right click the desktop. A popup menu appears.
2. Select New->Shortcut. "Create Shortcut" dialog box is shown.
3. In the textbox type "cmd", click next and then "Finish"

A shortcut cmd.exe is placed on the desktop. You can double click it to start command prompt or right click to run as administrator.

Guest Author: Marcel C.18 Oct 2014

All of these are excellent suggestions to an elusive and frustrating new challenge in Windows 8. I have now pinned to taskbar, set on desktop, and posted it to the start menu/page. I still haven't been able to introduce it to the "apps"

Guest Author: Sandra Stanfill24 Oct 2014

How do I get to command if Windows will not open? It just says going to Automatic Repair and then screen stays black.

Guest Author: Adil Khan11 Dec 2014

I want all the shortcuts keys of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. I'd want to get thorough knowledge about Windows 8.

Please help me. Awaiting replies.

Guest Author: Denis17 Aug 2015

It is 5 years after this was first posted, but using cmd.exe directly in Windows 8.1 is still a life saver! Thanks Tony John.

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