Problem with cursor jumping around while typing on laptops with touchpad and Windows 7

Have you experienced a problem with your laptop where the cursor jumps around to a different position while typing? In this article, I will talk about the jumping cursor problem I experience in my Lenovo Y560p laptop and various solutions I found so far.

If you don't have time to read the whole article about the cursor jumping problem, here is the conclusion about this problem and the work around:

The cursor jumps around while typing in Windows 7 laptops which has touchpad. The work around is to install a utility called "touchfreeze", which will sit in the system tray and lock down the cursor while you are typing.

Cursor jumping problem in Windows 7 laptops with touchpad

I recently purchased a Lenovo Y560P. It is a great laptop computer, with the most powerful configuration I ever had. I installed Windows Virtual PC and it can smoothly run multiple instances of Windows at the same time without any problems.

I was happy with my Lenovo 560P until I started experiencing a strange problem. I am not sure if I had this problem from the beginning, but I started noticing it often recently. The problem is jumping cursors.

I write lot of blogs like this one. When I am typing something fast, all of a sudden the cursor jumps to another position suddently. If I do not notice the change in the cursor position immediately, I may continue typing and scrample all the text I type.

The jumping cursor may appear to be a small problem for most of the others, but is a really big pain for me. Since I write a lot of articles and I type it pretty fast, this is an annoying problem. The jumping cursor really slows down my work and affect my productivity.

In the beginning, I thought this is my mistake and I might have been touching the builtin touch pad in the Lenovo laptop. Then I practiced typing without even accidentally touching the touchpad while typing and I took extra care to avoid moving my hand above it. But the problem continued. After several attempts, I confirmed that I am not touching the touch pad and that is now what causing the jumping cursor problem.

This made me think that this is a problem with the laptop itself. I did a quick search in Google for "Jumping cursor problem in Lenovo laptops". To my surprise I found a lot of people have raised this complaints in various forums. But I did not find any good solution suggested by anyone, other than saying disable the touchpad, do not touch the touchpad etc. I was not convinced. If I can't use the touchpad, then what is the use in having a great laptop? I was not ready to give up and continued my research.

Jumping cursor problem in Dell, HP, Sony laptops

I searched for jumping cursor problems in Dell, Sony and HP laptops and found that many people hav reported such problems on all those laptops. I found several complaints about the cursor moving around while typing in many computers including:

Dell Inspiron Laptop
HP Pavilion dv2715nr
Sony VIO laptops

I found a very funny solution to the cursor reposition problem in a very reputed website ( According to them, this is happening due to the buildup of static electricity and all you have to do to resolve this is, remove the battery and and start the laptop by connecting directly to Ac power. If anyone ever solved this problem by removing the battery, let me know. I will be surprised to hear that.

In an HP forum, I found someone reporting that this is a normal behaviour for HP laptops and you should expect that the cursor will jump all over while typing.

I read few cases where Dell laptop users reported the problem to the company and Dell performed extensive tests to figure out the problem. But they could not come to any reasonable conclusion.

causes and Solutions I found for the jumping cursor problem in laptops with touchpad

Some of the reasons and solutions I found so far are:

1. You may be accidentally touch the touchpad while typing.

2. The touchpad may be over sensitive and even the pressure generated while you move your hands over it could cause the cursor to jump elsewhere.

3. It could be a virus causing your cursor to move all over while you type.

4. You may have wrong or outdated drivers.

None of the above reasons was convincing to me. How can an outdated driver cause the cursor to change position? How can this problem be so common in all computers including HP laptops, Dell laptops, Sony computers and Lenovo laptops? Do they all have bad drivers released at the same time?

Jumping cursor problem in Windows 7

When I learnt that the cursor moving problem exist in laptops from manymanufacturers, I started thinking this could be a Windows problem. So I started looking for jumping cursor problem in Windows 7 and I was not disappointed. A lot of people have reported similar problems with all kinds of computers using Windows 7.

Some one suggested to uncheck the option "Hide pointer while typing" to resolve this problem. It was an easy option to try but did not make any difference. My cursor continued to jump all over when I type pretty fast.

Using an external keyboard solved the problem, but that is not the solution I was looking for. I bought the laptop to use it without an external keyboard and external mouse. I did not want to stop using the features of the laptop to get the cursor behave the way it is supposed to.

Some people have reported that making the touchpad less sensitive would resolve the problem, but then you will have a hardtime using the touchpad to actually move the cursor around.

My conclusion was, almost everyone who uses a laptop with touchpad and Windows operating system face this problem. Microsoft forums are flooded with complaints about this problem and not many reliable solutions offered by anyone.

This concludes that the jumping cursor problem on laptops with touchpad is a problem with Windows and not with the laptop manufacturers, hardware or drivers.

Solution to the jumping cursor problem in Windows 7

TouchFreeze software - solve cursor jumping problem while typing I found a work around for this problem. The solution to cursor jumping problem was to use a utility called "touchfreeze" which will freeze your cursor while you type, thus avoiding the jumping problem.

I downloaded the touchfreeze software from Google code website and installed. It seems to have solved the problem temporarily. After I installed the touchfreeze software, I could not reproduce the cursor jumping problem anymore in my Lenovo Y560p laptop anymore. I am yet to try this solution on any other computer and I am pretty sure this will solve the problem.

This is not the real solution for this problem. This is only a work around until Microsoft come up with an appropriate problem to handle this problem on the laptops with touchpads.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Guest Author: Dalibor03 Dec 2011

Hi, I feel I am reading about myself. The same story. The same doubts at first if this is my problem with typing. Will try the touchfreeze, cheers,

Guest Author: Ruffy29 Dec 2011

it WORKS, thank you, now cursor issue solved on my Lenovo T500.

Guest Author: Gordon W12 Jan 2012

Tony John

You are a star. I was just about to throw the machine into the trash. I am running an Acer on Windows 7 & the cursor problem has been extremely annoying/time consuming. 2 minutes to download and works perfectly

Many thanks

Gordon W

Guest Author: ron13 Jan 2012

Thank you champion! I have been hassling with ACER's Indians and Microsoft's minions for six months on this one. ACER wanted me to restore my laptop to factory settings deleting all my work--NOT! Even today a midmanagement flunky at MS sent me the usual denial of responsibility letter and referred me to ACER and the MS support chat rooms. Unbelievable! MS can get away with making millions selling a defective product and denies it all the way!! Hope your fix link resolves the cursor skipping, else I will bin this bloody machine and buy my very first Mac!!

Guest Author: enrico15 Jan 2012

Thanks, I have the same problem and will try the TouchFreeze solution. What a shame on Microsoft windows7 not to solve this bug.

So how many bugs are we eating in windows. Where we just fight the symptom and not find the bug.

Guest Author: lin22 Jan 2012

I have a MSI laptop and my work computer has a different brand, both cursors jump! They jump when I type e-mails, in WORD documents and even in Power Point. The problem got much worse for my laptop when I installed Window 7 to match my work's installation. I don't think it's computer-related; I think it's Window related.

Guest Author: Crystal24 Jan 2012

Wow, you have no idea how much you just helped me. My brand new HP laptop was messing up so much that I couldn't even type out discussion board questions for school, the cursor would jump all over the place! After downloading the touchfreeze, it's not doing the jumping anymore. I can do my homework! :) And you saved me from the hassle of sending the computer back. Thank you!!

Guest Author: Hyphenate30 Jan 2012

I've been having ome mouse problems for awhile now, as I do use an external mouse with my laptop. The laptop seems to have also gotten a bug where it won't let me reverse the mouse for typing left-handed--it's difficult for me to use in several respects. It has only happened for a month, and worked perfectly previously. As I do a lot of typing as well, it's been going crazy. I just downloaded the fix, and hope it helps a lot. Thank you for getting to the bottom of this.

Guest Author: 12 Feb 2012

i had the same problem with my keyboard typing, it simply jumps in other places, and to my surprised, touchfreeze helps a lot and now im very happy coz i can type faster.

Guest Author: 12 Feb 2012

Is it possible to upgrade my windows7 os to windows 8? im using dell inspiron, 32 bit

Guest Author: Suze25 Feb 2012

OMG - I thought it had to be me (and it might be me touching the touchpad while typing). I have a Dell D630 for work and a Dell Inspiron at home and both of them drive me nuts with the jumping cursor. I found various solutions from the web but neither laptop has the option to disable the touchpad while typing or any other settings I found. Downloaded Touchfreeze and installed. Here's hoping!!! If it solves the issue I have NO problem sending a donation.

Guest Author: flightlessbird12 Mar 2012

I struggled with this for some time - I had turned off the touch pad entirely and was still getting an issue when typing. However I ultimately found that my touch pad would still occasionally work if I hit it very hard (even nearby) - this would mean that my cursor would jump to the mouse position. I figure that I must have been hitting the keys too hard which the track pad interpreted as a hit (I type quite hard)

To fix I went to my "Elan smart pad multi finger" application and disabled the tapping setting (in control panel). I hope this has fixed the problem. For other computers (mine is a Sumsung)there might be a different application that controls the touch pad.

Guest Author: Brenda01 Apr 2012

Thank you so much for this, I bought a new HP laptop and was about ready to take it back until I found your article. This is the only thing that actually worked.

Guest Author: Aziz05 Apr 2012

I had similar problem with my new DELL laptop, I complained to the DELL people, they immediatel changed tha touchpad and mother board, but I am still having the same problem... very upset

Guest Author: stefanie06 Apr 2012

Hi Tony John, thanks soo much for this I will try it

Guest Author: jrFTW15 Apr 2012

Same problem with Gateway running Windows 7.
I had disabled the touch pad using the appropriate function key. On my laptop it is F6. Since I do not use the touch pad, disabling is OK with me. Problem disappeared !

Guest Author: Vikram27 Apr 2012

I didn't have this problem with my Windows 7, but then I decided to format my system and reinstall Windows and the problem started. Such a pain !! Hope touchfreeze solves it

Guest Author: Julie Wickham08 May 2012

Thank you Thank you Thank you for this! It was driving me MAD on my ACER Travelmate 7730! your solution is a sanity saver!

Guest Author: dave13 May 2012

My wife had the 'jumping cursor' problem on her new Dell Inspiron N5050 - resolved after going to Control Panel >> Mouse >> Pointer Options and unchecking Enhance Pointer Precision.

Guest Author: Bikal Shrestha22 May 2012

I downloaded the touchfreeze software from and installed. It seems to have solved the problem.

Guest Author: Ash02 Jun 2012

I downloaded touchfreeze, and it works perfectly when you are typing, it was very annoying!! This definitly did the trick for my cursor jumping while typing! but what still irriates me is when I am reading anything or just looking at a document, the stupid cursor jumps to other pages!! or other links that are on the website that I am reading! At least it doesn't jump anymore while I am typing! I hope Windows 7 gets a patch/fix for this problem as soon as possible! I Donated! Great Work!

Ash - From Ca

Guest Author: Bea05 Jun 2012

Same problem with Packard Bell! Touchfreeze worked instantly!! Thanks so much for investigating. It was extremely annoying!

Guest Author: Greg06 Jun 2012

This just fixed my problem on an HP Pavilion dv6. Thank you.

Guest Author: Kaj16 Jun 2012

Please note that this is NOT unique to Windows 7 or even Windows in general. I have noted the same frustration, though to a lesser extent on a MacBook Pro. A couple of other Mac users have mentioned it to me as well.

It is indeed annoying and frustrating, so I thank you for the tip and will try Touchfreeze shortly

Guest Author: aragorn18 Jun 2012

I faced the same situation on my Asus laptop. I have never faced jumping cursor problem on any of my desktops. The problem continued even after dual boot with windows 8 release preview. It was terrifying as you loose confidence while typing and keep looking periodically to check if the cursor is at the right spot ha ha. Then i stumbled upon TouchFreeze and it has solved my problem. Many thanks to the developer of TouchFreeze Now i am no more facing any jumping cursor problem :-)

Guest Author: KL19 Jun 2012


it looks like it is working. Thank you very much for this tip.
Sony VAIO VGN-FW11M with Vista HP 32, later on I have upgraded Vista to 64-bit and the problem has yet escalated. After installing Touchfreeze - problem disapeared. Thank you once again.

Guest Author: wendy19 Jun 2012

Thank Goodness someone knows what I've been complaining about!!! This is TOTALLY annoying as I too type a lot and spend most of my time having to 'watch' the screen to see if I am typing in the same area I need to be and the constantly 'fix' my errors due to jumping. Typing this comment alone I have had to fix my cursor 4 times!!! uhg! I'm ging to try this download and will give you my feedback as well. Thanks!!

Guest Author: wendy19 Jun 2012

I have installed Touch Freeze and have noticed a great change for the better!!!! THANK YOU!! I also took note of the 'possible touching of the touch pad with the palm of my hand while I was typing and noticed that when I 'tried' to touch the touch pad with the palm of my hand, I got the same jumping situation so I am pretty sure my palm was touch the pad and causing the cursor to jump all over. I have typed this since my TouchFreeze download and not one problem!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!!!

Guest Author: amy21 Jun 2012

WOW! Instantly fixed something I thought was just something my very NOT computer-savvy self was doing! Thanks! (Dell laptop running windows 7)

Guest Author: rachel22 Jun 2012

Grargh! Finally, a solution! Man... this issue was driving me and my father INSANE... installed synaptics, which helped, but was still a major issue. And since neither he or I have 'palm control' settings with our touchpad, it was a tremendous issue. I just installed 'touchfreeze' for both of us, and so far, seems to be an incredible work around. Thank you!!! from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have saved one or both of us from launching our computers against the wall in a fit of pique over incredible morphing cursor issues. ;)

Guest Author: doug25 Jun 2012

Fixed my problem on a dell xpa.

Guest Author: Leanne Beitel26 Jul 2012

Thank you for this fix! I am using a Dell Inspiron laptop with Win7 and whenever I worked on my typing curriculum; the cursor would move positions. I type very fast...I do write typing curriculum...this made for some embarrassing situations. With this app, the problems have stopped!

Guest Author: Emilian Sava31 Jul 2012

Thank you Tony John for this. It solved the problem instantly on a new DELL XPS Laptop.

Thank You!!!

Guest Author: Snatchy McPants01 Aug 2012

I cannot believe I am actually typing this.........but I took out the battery from my Dell Latitude laptop, reinstalled it, turned it back on, and voila, the problem is gone. No more jumping cursor, no more random mouse click issues. I am 100% baffled as to how or why this worked, but it did. Note: I did NOT try to run directly from A/C power. Just powered down, took battery out, cleaned it off and cleaned the battery slot, reinstalled, started back up. A magic solution with no logical explanation? Maybe I should give church a try too!

Guest Author: Ebie26 Aug 2012

Dave's advice:
"My wife had the 'jumping cursor' problem on her new Dell Inspiron N5050 - resolved after going to Control Panel >> Mouse >> Pointer Options and unchecking Enhance Pointer Precision."

Definitely improved the problem, but then I found I still needed to go back in, choose Control Panel >> Hardware & Sound >> Mouse >> Dell Touchpad (click on the picture) >> touchpad settings >> and then move the "Touch Sensitivity" marker to the right (toward "Heavy Touch")...this has also helped to improve the problem considerably. It is not, however, completely gone.

Guest Author: SOB10 Sep 2012

I was so excited to find this on the jumping cursor issue. Unfortunately, because I was not able to solve the issue with my Acer, I returned it and purchased a Lenovo Y470. I am still experiencing the problem, but it is not as severe as it was on my Acer. I am positive my palm is not touching the mouse like others have concluded. I downloaded touchfreeze a couple of days ago and thought I was clear until my cursor jumped again today. I am so frustrated. Any other suggestions for me? This problem is really distruptive and causing errors in my documents and emails.

Guest Author: Stephanie Anthony30 Sep 2012

Thank you. I just got a Gateway laptop and the cursor has been jumping all over the place. I am in the middle of a big assignment and this problem has been slowing me down. I wasted a whole day until i decided to do a little research on it and found out about touch freeze. The first thing I did is type you this note. It's working fine
Thank you
Stephanie Anthony in Trinidad and Tobago

Guest Author: prabir03 Oct 2012

I have been facing this problem since last week as My Company provided me a new HP Laptop. I was really loosing my patience with this cursor problem. I gone through n number of solutions given in various forums untill I came across your blog. Just installed this software and it seems it is working fine....thank you for your research and the solution...its a great help to me

Guest Author: katyusha04 Nov 2012

Thank you very very much. I am using Dell Latitude E4300. I got the same problems with the jumping cursor which is very annoying. But after I download touchfreeze as you suggest, I no longer have the problem. No more jumping cursor. Thumbs up, great job, you are a star!

Guest Author: Jay18 Nov 2012


I am using Dell Inspiron.

I have been using this laptop for 3 months now. Initially it had Windows 7. Later upgraded to Windows 8.

I started noticing this mouse problem only a few days back, I was thinking I was doing something wrong, or the application I was using having issues.

After In installed the utility, my problem is gone.


Guest Author: MR24 Nov 2012

I have been having this problem as well and read that going to control panel > mouse > touch pad sensitivity and adjusting the pad to decrease the sensitivity level and it did the trick. If I have any trouble down the road I'll try the above fix.

Guest Author: Carolyn02 Dec 2012

Thank you! I had this problem with my Dell Latitude E6400/ Windows 7 laptop 18 months ago, and for the life of me can't remember how I fixed it at the time. I thought it was simple fix (whatever it was, but it was not downloading any software or doing anything too complex )but it took me ages to find at the time. I wish I could remember what it was and where I found it. That said, somehow I fixed it, but it started again in the last 24hours, and has made me furious. Of course, like everyone else I found most of the suggestions don't work. I too made sure I was not touching the touchpad when typing so it was definitely not that causing the issue. But I have just download TouchFreeze and it is working. Thanks again, and I hope it is a permanent fix.

Guest Author: Barb in FL02 Dec 2012

I've had this problem on every laptop with a touchpad I've owned since the early 2000's. The problem is even more pronounced on my very new notebook. I've downloaded your solution and will try it! Thanks!

Guest Author: L-V Ferrito03 Dec 2012

Well having read through this I see I am not the only person experiencing this issue. First it began happening on my older Dell Inspiron 1721. After 3 years! Thought it was a prob arisen with skeyboard so decided to buy new one (spent enough on Dell already as it was.

THANK YOU to all of you for your helpful posts. Have started first with the control panel mouse and that has really helped. Problem is only minor now, albeit still doing it enough to annoy. So my next step is to slow down the cursor speed and see if that will fix it completely. If not I shall download that freeze software.

Guest Author: Renish08 Dec 2012

i fixed the typing problem with my new laptop HP ProBook 4540s


Guest Author: Robert12 Dec 2012

It was a big pain for me this jumping cursor, but thanks to you it solved the situation, thanks for the good tip!!!! I need to type very fast and could not work properly because of jumping cursor. BIG THANK!

Guest Author: Deepak13 Dec 2012

You are Great....Providing this solution. Many thanks!!!

Guest Author: Aziz19 Dec 2012

Thanks! it works!

Guest Author: Lorie05 Jan 2013

Thanks so,so much. It was driving me crazy! I tried to explain this on another forum to come check this out and it was still 'you have a sticky pad'. Well I tried. Too bad for them.

Yeah for me. lol Again thanks so much!!

Guest Author: Barb07 Jan 2013

Had same problem with my Toshiba,soooo annoying.Tried your suggestion and it more jumping curser,thanks so much!!

Guest Author: Pattie H09 Jan 2013

I will skip other suggestions and try the touchfreeze workaround after reading comments.
I'm sick and tired of Windows getting away with this. Why aren't they being sued???
I have to take anti-anxiety meds whenever I need to type something, otherwise my stomach gets so tight, I'm left angry and exhausted each time!
I knew it was a Windows problem when I searched their "Help" and found NOTHING no matter how many different terms I used to search. I hate searching for Windows help, because they never have answers, and instead have forums of frustrated users offering ideas that never work. THE LAST PROBLEM? MY LIVEMAIL HAD BEEN HACKED, AND SOMEHOW I LOST THE EMAIL APPLICATION ON MY NEW DELL LAPTOP (WIN7). THEIR SOLUTIONS ONLY CREATED MORE PROBLEMS: AS PART OF WIN ESSENTIALS, I TRIED TO DOWNLOAD, BUT WAS UNABLE TO REMOVE OLD 'ESSENTIALS' COMPLETELY. I TRIED SEVERAL TIMES, AND 8 MONTHS LATER STILL DON'T HAVE AN EMAIL APPLICATION ON MY LAPTOP, AND LOST PHOTO GALLERY AND OTHERS!

Guest Author: rashmi14 Jan 2013

Thanks, by installing this software, the cursor jumping problem is resolved. I am having Lenovo G580. Thanks once again for posting this..

Guest Author: shweta26 Jan 2013

hi there, i too have the same problem with the cursor, well i think the solution is very simple, under word there is an option with a tick box for smart cursoring, just untick that and its least it worked for me.. hope it works for you guys too..

Guest Author: Forest27 Jan 2013

I had the same cursor jumping problem with me my Dell laptop (OS 7). This software solved the problem. Thank you very much for the solution!

Guest Author: Donna S.27 Jan 2013

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! It really worked! Just got a new HP Pavilion 6 laptop and from Day 1, the cursor was jumping all over the place. I tried unchecking the "enhanced mouse" prompt and I disengaged the touchpad but neither worked. This download did the trick. You're my hero :)

Guest Author: Jyoti30 Jan 2013

THANKS ALOT for "TouchFreeze solution" because of which i am able to type this text without any cursor shifting issue.. I have already wasted my effort to get the keypad and even worse touchpads also replaced which never worked..Thanks again for this solution.

Guest Author: john carson06 Feb 2013

I have an Asus laptop with Windows 7 and I have the same problem I will give Touchfreeze a try.

Guest Author: Jonathan Babcock15 Feb 2013

The jumping occurs if the arrow is located to the side or directly below any text you have entered within the dialog box. If the arrow is below and mid sentence and you brush the overly sensitive touchpad the cursor will jumped into that line of text directly above the arrows position. Similarly, if arrow is located to the right and laterally to any line and you touch the pad the cursor jumps to the end of line. To avoid jumping, move the arrow to the lower right hand corner of the dialog box and the jumping will cease. Experiment and you will see what I mean. It is still an annoyance but place the arrow in the lower right corner not underneath or lateral to any line and jumping ceases.

Guest Author: emberto194616 Feb 2013

I have a Medion Akoya laptop which has the same 'cursor' problem - freezing, jumping around etc. etc. I reported it to Medion who suggested the 'static' issue and the "power down; remove battery; hold power button down for 30 seconds; power up again and IT WORKS. I sit with the laptop on a coffee table, no problems. Put it on my lap and almost as soon as it comes into contact with man made fibres off it goes. Whilst the battery removal works it's a bit inconvenient so if anyone has a permanent fix short of trailing an earth lead around I would be very grateful to hear.

Guest Author: 19 Feb 2013

Using Windows 8 on a new HP Pavillion. The cursor automatically relocating and scrambling text has just been one of the issues I'm having with this computer. I've downloaded touchfreeze and am hoping it solves the problem that HP and MS can't seem to correct.

Guest Author: emberto194619 Feb 2013

Further to my previous post on this issue, my Medion Akoya has a Sentelic finger sensing pad and you can disable the pad whilst you are typing by going into 'settings'. This has pretty much cured my problem, but not completely and I too think that there must be a Windows element to this problem too.

Guest Author: pastorwilliambarhors21 Feb 2013

The moving cursor problem has been driving me crazy for years on both laptops I used. I read through all the comments and posts and decided to try the touch freeze install, and so far it's working great! I am going to put this link on my church mission's website to help promote this temporary fix hoping to get you guys some revenue! I wish I had it but because of the ever increasing hunger and homeless problem our funding is at a record low, actually in the red or I would donate. See the link on our missions website within a day or so. Thank You for solving this maddening problem! God Bless you all! Pastor William Barhorst

Guest Author: JC21 Feb 2013

Thank you VERY MUCH!!! Installing "touch-freeze" seems to work for me as well.

Guest Author: DB24 Feb 2013

Easy solution: Stick a piece of paper over the touch pad while typing.

Guest Author: Eric orgias25 Feb 2013

Am using a new ASUS that I have upgraded to Win 8 and got jumping all the time - made typing pretty well impossible at any speed - tried all suggestions without success until used touch freeze this works brilliantly- thankyou so much

Guest Author: Donny25 Feb 2013

Same problem happened to my Lenovo E4390. I have install touchfreeze few minutes ago. Now seems jumping cursor problem will never disturb me again. It works well.

Thank you!

Guest Author: gibbsonline26 Feb 2013

Bless you.The touch freeze download fix appears to do the trick.

Guest Author: amazingcloverisnoton02 Mar 2013

My mouse is such a pain though because it's practically the opposite. It'll sit still when I'm typing but the second I want to actually use it to move around the page of whatever it is I'm on (including anything from Chrome to PowerPoint) It'll jump around and sometimes even crash my computer entirely. Also I don't know if it's just me but the mouse -when 'spazzing out'- will move left and right when I hover my hand an inch or so over it without even touching it as if the static electricity is controlling it... help!

Guest Author: Adrienne08 Mar 2013

I had this problem on my new Sony Vaio and installed touchfreeze a couple of weeks ago and it fixed the problem. But now it is back! Bloody hell.

Guest Author: priya15 Mar 2013

Hey John,

Very happy with a solution you have come up with. Thanks John. Hats off for the valuable search.

Guest Author: Alan Day15 Mar 2013

I have had this issue on dozens of laptops, all makes and specs. I do type quite fast and it doesn`t seem to happen if I go really SLOOOOW, but type quickly and you find you have typed half the sentence and then the cursor jumps back to the middle of a previous sentence so you have the second half of what you were typing in the middle of previous paragraph...annoying is not the word. As stated above, an external keyboard solve it. am going to try the touch freeze software

Guest Author: Apurba Kar17 Mar 2013

I had been struggling for past few weeks to find a way to solve this irritating jumpy cursor issue with my Lenovo X230 new laptop. It was a typing nightmare for me apart from being loss of time. This 'touchfreeze' did wonders in just 2 mins! And I could type this text without any problem ... Thanks a ton ... I will recommend this to everyone else facing similar problem.

Guest Author: Muhammad19 Mar 2013

Tried Touch Freeze with Acer Aspire 5740D so working fine. Thanks for the info

Guest Author: Art6620 Mar 2013

My HP laptop Pavilion dm4-2070us has the jumping cursor problem whenever typing in Yahoo web-based email or when typing comments in Facebook. I use an external wireless mouse. Turning off the touchpad did not help. Unfortunately, Touchfreeze has NOT solved the problem!

Guest Author: fin29 Mar 2013

I am having the same jumping cursor issue using win 8 on a Lenovo g586 e2. It is a real pain in the neck...

Guest Author: Alex01 Apr 2013

I was hoping for a solution that doesn't include third party software, but now that I've installed it and tried it, I don't see any reason why not. I'm still not sure it has to do with the operating system (win7 in particular); I'd been using Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200 with Linux/Windows dual boot for the past 5 years until a month ago: no problems with its touchpad, on any OS, *whatsoever*! For the past month I've been using a Dell Inspiron Mini with win7 and my hair started turning gray and falling off. TouchFreeze solved the problem entirely.

And now for some sentimental stuff, because these feelings are just too intense. If I ever met you in person, dear author of this post, I'd buy you any drink, any meal, in fact, anything you'd feel like that I could afford! You probably already know this, but I'll emphasize it anyway just in case: you have probably just prolonged my life for a few blissful years.

And now I'll start spamming (saving) lost souls suffering from this horrible affliction. Thank you.

Guest Author: Jeff J04 Apr 2013

I installed TouchFreeze and it just about eliminated the issue. I tried to insulate the keyboard wiring using anti-static plastic like I'd seen in a video but that didn't work. Made a donation to the creator of the app.. maybe you should too if it works for you?

Guest Author: Archana Banerjee11 Apr 2013

I was facing EXACTLY the same issues as Tony, was totally frustrated as this would happen on Excel too.. and we all know that one cant mess with figures.. I'd asked every whiz around me and no one could offer a solution.. until I finally asked google (dont know why I didnt do that before!) and found this article right on top .. I have installed touchfreeze on my Acer Aspire One.. hope the "JUMPING CURSOR" is a thing of the past for me now!! Thanks a million for posting this!!

Guest Author: 13 Apr 2013

Thanks! This was so aggravating and Touchfreeze works perfectly

Guest Author: Neelavannan.V27 Apr 2013

Sir, I am really very happy when typing now. Thank you very much.

Guest Author: Jo30 Apr 2013

Thank you so much I have two Asus Laptops, works on both. You are a Star! Many thanks again.

Guest Author: Renee01 May 2013

Interesting comment about static build up and man-made fibers and lack of problem on hard surface. My husband ONLY uses his laptop in his favorite easy chair, perched on his lap (Gateway). I had adjusted touchpad sensitivity but have not removed battery. Will give this a try and will install touchfreeze.

Guest Author: Harry A02 May 2013

Did not have this problem on Toshiba Satellite Windows 7, but very bad in all programs with Asus - seemed to get worse when IE10 installed and no amount of tweaks fixed it. Touchpad disabled when mouse plugged in, but as wireless mouse, touchpad still worked!

Tried other fixes from MS site to no avail, then exasperated checked Internet again and found this article, installed and works 100%, cannot thank author enough.

Guest Author: Louise Dias17 May 2013

Thank you so much! I hope it works!

Guest Author: Mario21 May 2013

Thanx for the article but unfortunately I have to disapoint you: exactly the same jumping cursor happens under Linux so I recon it is a hardware problem.

Guest Author: Steve22 May 2013


Control Panel > Hardware and sound > devices and printers > mouse > device drivers and then disable the joystick (NOT the touchpad) This works with laptops with small joysticks in the keyboard

Guest Author: Alan26 May 2013

A simple solution if you prefer using a mouse is to make a small electrostatic screen to fit over the touchpad. Use two sheets of printer paper with a layer of aluminium cooking foil sandwiched in between, stuck together with double-sided sellotape and trimmed to size. Did the trick for me . .

Guest Author: Dean Magnusson03 Jun 2013

Thanks for the post. I'm no expert by any means, but like you, I can type mighty fast, and very rarely if ever will my palms accidentally touch or rest on the touch pad. This seems to only happen on my HP laptop given to me for Christmas in 2012. Extremely aggravated when typing communications in e-mails, in forums, in word docs, etc. and watching the cursor jump erroneously onto some portion of my text, and continuing on, was really getting to me. My wife immediately accusing me of nefarious activities on the laptop, and scolding me out. I informed her, that I hardly use the laptop, and recently this past month began increasing usage of the laptop, only to piss me off, when I'm typing. I reminded her, of that fact, of how pissed off, I'm getting when the cursor jumps erratically all over the place. I have done nothing in terms of the problem, actively looking for solutions to the problem; until today when I Googled the problem (when Dogpile is my favorite search engine). HP doesn't seem to have a fix, I've uninstalled certain programs, thinking they would fix the problem first. It really pisses me off to find that a possible problem is driver related, then finding out I need to pay money for the fix. I've been around since the Windows 3.1 & DOS 5 days, used every flavor of Windows made since then and know my way around; including the registry! Finding your temporary fix sounds like the one to download and give a chance. I know how to uninstall when needed. Now to look for the answer why my USB 1TB drive is not seen from my XP machine it's attached to, to share my media with on this laptop, on my home lan.

Guest Author: Ali Qamar11 Jun 2013

I use Acer aspire and my work around is simple, when typing, make sure the I beam is not anywhere near the text being typed and you wouldn't get this issue. In my case, I accidentally touch the touch pad with my thumb and then it all goes pear shaped.

I wish there was a utility to disable point and type and maybe we won't get this issue!

Guest Author: Marcelo19 Jun 2013

thanks for this solution.

I have a Dell Latitude E5430 and so far so good. I hope it continues like that.

Guest Author: Caroline R03 Jul 2013

OMG! I really hope this solution works. Just installed Windows 7 on my "old" (circa 2009) HP laptop (Vista previously). Thought it was my "old" computer doing this. Word for word it sounds like what I'm experiencing (minus my additional cursing for it affecting my productivity and ability to type fast!)

Guest Author: Bharat07 Jul 2013

I was annoyed long with this problem while typing but it was resolve quickly when I changed some setting in mouse property. Deselect all the ticks in Pointer position tab in control panel>mouse, hope it will solve the problem as of mine.

Guest Author: Marty18 Aug 2013

I kept thinking the problem must be with me somehow. Then, while talking with a friend, found out she had the same problem, researched it on the internet and found this solution. I had no idea there was a solution to the problem, or that it is Windows related! If this works, I'm definitely donating!

Guest Author: Punam22 Aug 2013

Thanks a lot.. I was so troubled with the cursor jumping problem and had googled for a solution so many times, but was disappointed every time. Your tactic really helped..its working fine now. Thanks

Guest Author: Purnima27 Aug 2013

I have been facing the same situation, and since I do a lot of writing work, it was extremely frustrating to type at a snail's place. I initially thought it was because of my typing speed, but your blog solved the problem.

Guest Author: babu ram dawad26 Sep 2013

thank you guys..i don't know why this disease appear into my mis notebook recently. previously it doesn't have problem. but for last one week i saw unnecessary mouse click while typing...touchfreeze found to be a controlling tablet medicine for this disease..
thank you.

Guest Author: susan maslak29 Sep 2013

I am trying it now. Please make it work. Thanks for the tips.... I am going mad...... with a jumping cursor.

Guest Author: Mrinal saha29 Sep 2013

I updated my touchpad drivers and now it's working fine.

thanks for the post

Guest Author: Manoj Francis25 Nov 2013

Thanks Tony, I am also into your fan-club! It seems your solution is a balm for my headache also!

Guest Author: vinay26 Nov 2013

My dear dear Tony. You saved me. I just followed your instructions [and spent some time reading a bit] but the most important thing is, my problem is fixed. I was so happy i could not find a way to express my gratitude except to donate to touchfreeze as suggested. It was my first time to do such a thing. Now my problem is solved. thank you again for your article/solution-Floyd

Guest Author: oliver03 Dec 2013

Dear Tony you saved me. I just followed your instructions and downloaded the touch-freeze and the problem is solved. Am so happy now i can work without problem, thanks a lot for your article/solution-Floyd

Guest Author: Muralee Mohan25 Dec 2013

Thank you for your valuable information.

Guest Author: Julie C27 Dec 2013

Thank you for suggesting the touch freeze application. It seems to be working for me. I've had this problem off and on for about a year. Previously, the fixes I tried would work for a couple of months and then it came back. I'm crossing my fingers that this time the fix will stick! Thanks again.

Guest Author: Glasser03 Jan 2014

At first I downloaded touchfreeze from some site, possibly mentioned above, and my Norton security complained. Then I tried downloading it from
also mentioned somewhere above.
Norton security said this file was ok. I executed the downloaded file, and so far (only about 15 minutes) it seems to be doing what it is supposed to. I'm not sure how it works but it seems to be doing the job. BTW, as soon as you install it, it is running - you apparently do not turn it on and off.

Guest Author: Daniel Jamin23 Jan 2014

That is brilliant! I was dumbfounded by this seeming less perverse cursor jumps to places I could not have managed to achieve if I had tried. Thank you for your research and suggestion.

Guest Author: Alan25 Jan 2014


I had this problem with one Toshiba Satellite running W7. I assumed the touchpad was too sensitive and made a pad to stick over it, made from cooking foil sandwiched between two small sheets of printer paper, stuck with double-sided sellotape and cut to size. This isolates the touchpad electrically.

This does the trick although obviously I have to use a mouse with this laptop.

Guest Author: kitty30 Jan 2014

Thank you!! Touchfreeze fixed this problem for my Lenovo T440p right away.

Guest Author: Jean01 Feb 2014

Totally frustrated by this problem on my Samsung 700T, thought it was just me but really good typists using my machine had major difficulty also. This really seems to have worked. Will it work on a mac laptop as, my boss has similar probs though not as severe. The world is a beautiful place when people like you & the others see problems and find solutions for 'Luddites' like me.

Guest Author: Davey02 Feb 2014

Thanks for the information. I have a new aspire E1-771 and jumping cursor was driving me crazy. Have downloaded touchfreeze and problem cured.

Guest Author: Elizabeth Handlon04 Feb 2014

OMGOSH!!!! Thank you so much!!! I can't believe I waited this long to search for a solution! I thought I was losing my mind. I didn't think there was anything I could do about it. I had searched in my computer thinking there had to be some sort of setting to fix this only to be utterly disappointed. I've suffered from this problem for years!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Guest Author: jajaadjani05 Feb 2014

Cant believe so many laptops have this issue. My acer laptop was actually working fine for about two years until I bought it for service. After a new hard drive and fresh windows 7 installation I began to experience this extremely annoying problem. However I found an easy solution and that was to reduce the sensitivity of my mouse/touch pad.

Guest Author: Elizabeth26 Feb 2014

We have an Asus,we also initially thought something wrong with our typing,but realized had to be the computer. We have accidentally sent e-mails because while typing the cursor jumped to send...a voila e-mail sent way before finished typing. This caused a very serious problem on one occasion,a very delicate e-mail needed to be proofread first and was sent by the "curse of the cursor"!!! Just happened again while typing this comment...ARGHHHH!! Thanks so much for advice,will download.

Guest Author: Shubham Sharma18 Mar 2014

Hello, I have been facing a problem with my laptop(lenovo)
I get the feeling as if the "." button is continuously pressed because my mouse cursor does not move freely rather its really difficult to move the cursor from one place to other. Now when I work on a notepad, wordpad etc. every now and then. Appears its like this -

.....................hey are .u.......

Second when i click num lock "delete" mode is activated and it automatically deletes all files, folders or text whichever is active.

Please help me solve this problem. Its really making it very difficult for me to use my laptop.

Guest Author: mesfin18 Mar 2014

TouchFreez is amazing! I was having this trouble for many days. TouchFreez solved all my jumping cursor problem just like that.

Guest Author: Tina23 Mar 2014

The cursor also does this when there is a bug on the computer. I am currently having the issue and a bug was detected, but it blocks itself from my scanners. It has also been known to shut my scanners down. When you click on the start menu and programs are in pink, it is showing that there is a bug on those programs. I have learned this through intensive research, but since new bugs are found daily it is very hard to keep them updated.

Guest Author: Kristyn01 Apr 2014

Thank you so much. There aren't words for my relief. My jumping cursor was about to make me jump up and down on my PC until it cracked into small pieces. So glad for an alternative option.

Guest Author: Mike02 Apr 2014

Thank you so much for this fix. I thought it was only me with this problem. Just typed a long article AND no cursor jumping YAY!

Guest Author: Dorothy30 Apr 2014

I had the same problem, my solution was to just cover the touch pad. I used a paper napkin and a sheet of paper cut to fit the pad. I then just taped it down. Not attractive. But it works. I don't use the touch pad anyway I have an external mouse. This is working for me.

Guest Author: kegham04 May 2014

The only solution is to change your ADAPTER ( Laptop Charger )It might be giving additional power. Usually all adapters give 19.5 VOLT. And fix amperage. It might be giving more amperage to the laptop.

Solution: Change your adapter.

Guest Author: lenie10 May 2014

This is amazing, thank you so much for your effort to share what you have discovered.

Guest Author: zakstev10 May 2014

HAH! THIS worked on my T60P Lenovo...

The following worked on other laptops I have, an Acer and an HP:
1 - Touch Freeze
2 - Deleting the buggy Internet Explorer 11 and going back to IE 10.

But the ThinkPad needed the BATTERY to be taken ou, and just using AC. WHY???

Your idea, thank you, thank you!

Guest Author: Ivan G14 May 2014

I have a Dell laptop and has jumping cursor. Touchfreeze proved to be useless.

Guest Author: zakstev15 May 2014

Is it the "Jumping Cursor Virus?" I have great respect for this organization.

Guest Author: J.Sam25 May 2014

Thanks a lot Tony, this really helped!

Guest Author: Daniel19 Jun 2014

I had the same Problem and touch freeze solved it, thank you Tony!! Regards from Germany

Guest Author: John03 Aug 2014

I have Dell Inspiron 1764. Facing the same problem. Changed the keypad . Now working fine. Thanks guys for various response.

Guest Author: Sandip B12 Aug 2014

Hi Tony, the program seems to be working great so far on my Dell XPS14 which otherwise was a nuisance to type on. Thanks a ton for the information.

Guest Author: Cinda17 Aug 2014

Tony, you are Rock Star! Thanks for the solution. Just hope it keeps my cursor quiet.

Guest Author: daz12 Sep 2014

Does not work for Acer TImeline Aspire U

Guest Author: PK04 Oct 2014

Do not work with ASUS with Windows 8.1 so sad. Please give me a solution.

Guest Author: david10 Oct 2014

Nice job, thank you. Been dealing with the problem and after a few days have not found a solid focus. Nothing yet that you recommended/suggested has solved my problem but you got the question clear in my head again after a lot of silly excursions. You restored my confidence that I will overcome. You deserve my appreciation for sharing.

Guest Author: Colin Stevens15 Oct 2014

On the Lenovo500 if you go into CONTROL PANEL and then MOUSE there is a menu selection at the top-right called ELAN. Click this and then select DISABLE, APPLY, OK. The touchpad is then frozen and you can happily use a "proper" mouse to work in the normal way. Unfortunately, when starting up again at a future point, the touchpad is back in action again. What is needed is a disable function until further notice. Any ideas?

Guest Author: Amit Rajpoot06 Nov 2014

Download touchfreeze. This can resolve your problem.

Guest Author: Suzanne10 Nov 2014

It worked for my Sony Vaio running Windows 7. Thank you!

Guest Author: Srini05 Dec 2014

Thank you Tony. The solution TouchFreeze fixed my issue too. - Srini

Guest Author: wfrmbstr18 Dec 2014

What is the cost for these updates?

Guest Author: Rahim02 Jan 2015

Thanks for your idea, it helps me. but it still not solving the problem 100% because if we are typing and waiting for something like waiting for thinking and it click sense starts and it will again clicking where ever the mouse pointer is.

The permanent solution is to disable the taping option on touchpad area...

Guest Author: Jon09 Jan 2015

Touchfreeze did not work for me. T have an HP Pavilion with Windows 8.1. The Alps touchpad driver includes Touchguard but it's still reacting to my palm even when typing. I've also tried unchecking mouse pointer precision but the problem persists. As I'm typing this, when my palm touches the Touchpad, I see the pointer moving, it's driving me crazy. I don't want to disable tapping because it would be hard to use the touchpad. This is maddening.

Guest Author: char marshall24 Jan 2015

This is an excellent article. I would like to ask if the author found a solution with Windows 8. It appears Microsoft has not fixed the problem yet. I hope it is OK if I am asking a question rather than generating an answer for this site.

Guest Author: Tim05 Feb 2015

I was experiencing exactly the same problem with my laptop after using it for 2 years. Then one day, a windows update came through and I had the issue. Like you, I type a lot and fast as I am a programmer so imagine the problems it was causing me. Still, downloading this utility software has worked. So one more happy windows 7 user here. :o)

Guest Author: NL Phipps26 Mar 2015

I'm not 100% positive yet, but I think the download "touchfreeze" worked! If so, I am everlastingly grateful and I will go back and donate money as the download creator requested. I feel so incredibly stupid, I'll bet I've lived with this problem for longer than any other poster! It never occurred to me it could be fixed, I thought just apparently "magically" waving my thumbs over the touchpad was causing all that (huge amount of) jumping around and was all MY fault!

Guest Author: dan01 Apr 2015

Awesome, solved my problem on Lenovo T440 with windows 7 instantly =D THANKS!!

Guest Author: HARISH07 May 2015

Thanks for the great tip. It is very helpful to prevent the cursor from jumping.

Guest Author: k chandra kumar10 May 2015

Every day I my IT - department staff will say why you have given this laptop with such an annoying problem! Today, I have installed touchfree and it works fine. So tons of Thanks to you.

Guest Author: NL Phipps21 May 2015

Now that 2 months have gone by, I see that, while TouchFreeze seems to have lessened the problem, it still exists. I'm disappointed it's not the complete fix it has been for many others, but I'm still grateful for the improvement.

Guest Author: Tom29 May 2015

It's disgraceful that Dell etc. have always been in public denial over this issue; I've had 3 Dell laptops all with this same issue and Dell refuse to acknowledge it despite endless user evidence. Touchfreeze has worked brilliantly for me and I need to get our I.T. to put it on my newest machine. However, to add further confusion, the issue also affects Chromebooks, therefore to resolve this we need to work out what's common across Windows 7 machines, and Chromebook machines!

Guest Author: Pravin01 Jul 2015

Thank you very much for such great solution. My Lenovo L440 was also having the same problem. Its annoying while typing.
Now problem has been fixed. Thanks

Guest Author: dilip saini25 Jul 2015

The Software does not open in my HP Probook laptop. Please resolve my problem.

Guest Author: Kay26 Jul 2015

I downloaded touchfreeze and it does help but does not fix the problem completely. I have a POS Asus trnasformer T100 I bought for a 6 month trip and never had this problem with my big old HP laptop. I just had to go back and fix my post because the pointers had jumped back twice now. I type fast too so this is beyond annoying and sometimes for a small paragraph like this I have to fix it about 8 times. Just ridiculous that someone hasn't put a fix to the problem from whoever created it! If it was Windows 7 then by Windows 8 or 8.1 that I have on this laptop you would think it would be fixed. Also is there anyway to adjust touchfreeze?

Guest Author: NL27 Jul 2015

Response to Guest Author: Kay 26 Jul 2015
Yes, my experience has been the same. The problem is better with Touch Freeze but not fixed. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525. Worst problem is trying to cut & paste material (without any formatting) into an existing document. It never, ever, goes where I place the cursor, even after several attempts. Only thing that seems to work is to add a number of blank paragraphs to the bottom of the document, then move the preexisting text part of the document up above so that all that is showing is blank paragraphs/page at the bottom part of the document. Then it will cut & paste into that blank bottom (also, while typing this, the cursor jumped around on me about 6 times). Frustrating, incredibly!

Guest Author: orbspider28 Oct 2015

Try turning off tapping. Also install the Synaptic driver from your laptop's manufacturer's website, and turn off tapping.

This problem is present in Linux too, and I get around it with turning off tapping - but with a different method.

For Linux Ubuntu or Debian, you can put a line in the autostart: synclient MaxTapTime=0

The downside is that you lose the trackpad tapping feature and can only use the buttons by the trackpad, but that's fine with me.

Guest Author: Sarah C22 Jan 2016

Thanks for this! I am having the same issues with my laptop. I can't believe this is still an issue. Maybe it's only for people who type fast? Anyway, going to try out your solution or maybe I need to type slower.

Guest Author: Krissttina Isobe05 Apr 2017

Thank you so much and I'm going to try it. What a relief it'll be, when I install it. So far so good. Thanks and God bless you for the article and knowledge to solve my cursor problems.

Guest Author: Shahid Iqbal22 Oct 2017

Thank You very much. What a relief! GOD Bless you

Guest Author: Gary Gemmell29 Mar 2018

Dell D630 Laptop

I found the fix - Disable the touchpad in the BIOS.

Was driving me mad but now fixed - tried everything removing all usb devices.
Disabling stuff in services and clearing memory etc bios fixed worked!

Guest Author: Kenny Beck16 May 2018

Solved. Control Panel>mouse>pointer options>uncheck enhanced pointer precision(or similar). HP G60.Win 7

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