Nokia will launch QWERTY Windows Phone 7

According to rumors based reports, it is expected that Nokia is working on the Qwerty Windows Phone 7 project. Nokia has given responsibility to manufacture hardware services for Windows Phone 7 so as to improve the interaction experience of its customers by enhancing battery consumption. In this article, I am going to discuss about the Qwerty Windows 7 Phone of Nokia.Moreover, status of agreement between Microsoft and Nokia is also given.

Nokia QWERTY Windows Phone 7 will be released soon

We know that both Microsoft and Nokia tie up with interexchange services so to produce a high computing phone which consists of Windows based computing capability with high backup service. Earlier, Microsoft has seen many complaints about Windows Phone 7 about poor backup service. The reason noticed for it is high consumption of power by the Windows operating system. So, this time around Microsoft has given hardware manufacturing responsibility to Nokia so to improve user interface of Windows Phone.

According to rumors, Nokia is working on a QWERTY handset for Windows phone which is expected to be released at the end of this year. No information is given regarding the features and hardware configuration of the handset but we know only one thing i.e. platform will be Windows operating system. The Interface of Nokia Windows Phone will consist of basic touch screen slab of high sensitivity which can even work with fine touch.

Microsoft has introduced couple of QWERTY Windows Phones but they are not able to compete with the Android phones. It is due to this fact only, sales of Windows Phone starts declining over the months. According to Official reports, Nokia is considering the same Android form factor in hardware manufacturing of Windows Phones. Few days back, Nokia representatives demonstrated their future plans for Smartphone market. From last meeting of Nokia, we get a clue about the release of Nokia based windows phone.

In year 2011, Nokia is very much busy with its currently running projects that include windows Phone 7 QWERTY handset. It is expected that in coming "Nokia connection event" on June 21st, Nokia will show new Symbian Anna handsets and also Windows Phone QWERTY handsets will be also be announced by the Nokia. We are hoping that Nokia manufacturing will rule the Apple iPhone and Google Android phones.

Status of agreement between Microsoft and Nokia

According to Internet news, Microsoft will be paying an amount of $1 billion to the best mobile selling company (Nokia) for choosing Windows Phone 7 as their operating system instead of choosing Android. Some local sources claimed that agreement between two high profile companies has been signed. According to agreement, Nokia will use Windows phone 7 OS as a new user interface for its handsets. The timing of this agreement is set for 5 years.

Many people believe that collaboration work of both companies would help each other to get arise up financially by setting a new scope for Windows Phone 7. It would be a great future product because we are familiar with Windows operating system how fast performance it has against any query?, we are hoping that first official phone will be released soon.

How Nokia Windows Phone will beat Google Android?

Nokia CEO announced that it is not difficult to deliver a global product. We need to concentrate on minor differences between both technologies, after recognition of minor differences we will make those differences count. The finalized product should be verified with high hardware services and prolonged application support. Once you validate the finalized product after testing then it depends on consumer. It is consumer decision to decide which Smartphone will suite their budget and other parameters.

Also, Nokia claimed that it's not about providing good apps and services to Windows phone but it is about delivering innovation technology in rapid manner. Earlier, Nokia has received so many complaints about its slow response regarding any request. On the other hand, Android has good scope of taking action quickly. So, Nokia needs to react in rapid manner to its consumers.

Nokia needs to concentrate on the minor issues. For example- Android Market store consist of thousand of apps that can be installed in faster manner because buffering speed is very high while on the other hand, operating capability of Nokia is quite small in comparison with Android. Nokia should include more apps in the Market Place so to allow its consumers to experience Windows environment in better way.

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