Compare MTS MBLAZE with BSNL 3G data card

In this article, I am going to discuss about how to use "MTS MBLAZE" and "BSNL 3G" Data card in Windows 7 operating system and I tried to compare the difference between these two data cards. "MBLAZE" and "BSNL 3G" are leading Internet Providers through Data Cards. Both the data card has a Memory Card slot to use Micro SD Memory cards to save data etc.,

In this article, I am going to discuss about how to use "MTS MBLAZE" and "BSNL 3G" Data card in Windows 7 operating system and I tried to compare the difference between these two data cards.


1)Connect the "MTS MBLAZE" OR "BSNL 3G" data card to one of the USB ports.
2)Wait for few seconds.
3)If you are connecting the data card first time, a popup menu will be displayed and it contains two options.
4)Select "Run setup.exe".
5)Device will install the drivers and software needed for the operating system. Wait for few minutes.
6)After completion, at the bottom side you will get popup saying "Device Drivers Installed Successfully".
7)Your data card software is installed properly. Now you can start using the Device.

After installing the drivers and software, remove the device and connect it once again. Wait for few seconds.


1)You will get MBLAZE Screen. You can see different options on the screen.
2)To connect, just click on "Connect". You will be connected to internet and your network will be shown at the bottom of the MBLAZE screen.
3)If you are in MTS MBLAZE network (i.e., the place where you are using internet is covered under MBLAZE Network) you can get Broadband speed. If not you will get Hybrid speed (If there is MTS Connection). If there is no MTS connection, still you can access the internet, but the speed will be 1X.
4)You can select these options, under Tools.
5)Speed of "Broadband" will be higher when compared to "Hybrid" and "1x" speed.
6)You can check your Mobile phone number, your Data card balance from the options.
7)Under operation, if you want to see the usage of internet, you can select statics.
8)To disconnect, just click "Disconnect". After that click on close and remove the device.


1)You will get BSNL 3G Screen. Wait for one or two minutes. (Generally it is slow in BSNL) you will see "Device Detected".
2)After detecting the device wait for two more minutes, you will get some information like Reading SMS, Acquiring Network etc., you will see red color when this operation is going.
3)When your device is ready and it detects a BSNL Network, green symbol will be there.
4)If you want to get good speed, you have to select UMTS/HSDPA option. For this click on the last option in the BSNL screen, i.e., settings. Select Network, Select Manual and at the bottom select UMTS/HSDPA. Now click Apply on both the options.
5)Wait for a minute, Device will start searching for available 3G Network. If 3G Network is available it will select the 3G network and if the device selected the 3G Network, at the top of the BSNL Screen, you can find UMTS/HSDPA.
6)If no 3G network is available, it will select EDGE or GPRS.
7)Internet connection with GPRS will be slow when compared to 3G connection.
8)Now, click on the internet option and select "Connect". Within few seconds you are connected to the internet.
9)You can check the usage of your internet at the below of "Connect" option.
10)You can check the contacts of your SIM in "Contacts" option.
11)You can make and receive calls by using "Call" option. By using "SMS" option, you can send and receive SMS.
12)To disconnect, just click on disconnect option. You will be disconnected.
13)To remove the device, click on the close button and remove the device.

Both the Data Cards has a Micro Memory card slot, where you can insert the memory card and you can save the data in the card.


If we compare the Speed of both the devices, MTS will have high speed when it is under "MBLAZE" network. User interface of MBLAZE is simple and good. When we connect the device, MBLAZE screen will opens in a few seconds. Detecting, connecting to internet takes place very fast in "MBLAZE".

In"BSNL 3G" it takes maximum time to detect the device and after detecting the device it takes some more time to detect network. If we have 3G network, the speed will be topmost. If there is no 3G Network, the speed will be less, but the speed is not like that of 1X speed in MTS.

In "BSNL 3G" the user interface is excellent. We can make and receive calls when we connected to the Data Card. We can send SMS also. But this feature is not available in "MBLAZE" software.

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