Client side scripting language in Windows 8 operating system

The client side scripting language is basically used in Windows environment for creation of static and dynamic web pages using HTML 5. The various HTML 5 tags are used in Windows 8 operating system with many new multimedia capabilities. Therefore, through this article I will explain to you the creation of web pages within Windows 8 operating system?

What is client-side scripting language?

The language which is used for making the structured content for World Wide Web that presents the new technology for Internet users according to which we can create the web pages on our client machine by using various tags described in the HTML technology that includes so many new multimedia capabilities. This HTML language is further enhanced by the developers by using HTML 5 which is the new release for Language lovers.

Now the question arises is to use this language with the Windows 8 operating system. If HTML 5 is supportive then Windows 8 operating system offers full support with it that allows us to create new web pages using the browser Internet Explorer.

How to work with HTML 5 in Windows 8 operating system?

The new Windows operating system will be expected to be released in the year 2012 with some new capabilities that will allow full level compatibility with the application software. The HTML 5, if use with Windows 8 operating system then dynamic web pages can be created that allows new changes within main index page such that timer can be placed on the web pages that will keep web pages up-to-date and also new audio and video format files can also be placed on the web pages using HTML 5. So, here are the steps for the creation of dynamic and static web pages in Windows 8 operating system.

Client side scripting language in Windows 8 operating system
  • Firstly open the notepad and then enter the word "<html>" within the Notepad such that case of the letters will not matter because HTML 5 is not case sensitive language and after that type the "<head>" after the HTML tag. Moreover, the demo photo of the creation of static web pages in Windows 8 is given above.
  • In case you want to place title within explorer web screen then you have to type the "<title>" tag and after that type the title name and finally close the title tag using "/" followed by "<title>" and then close the head tag that again follows the "/" before "". Once you have typed the all these tags then enter the body tag in which you can perform as many operations as you want using various tags and finally close the body tag using the same "/" symbol before the "<body>" tag.

  • Client side scripting language in Windows 8 operating system
  • Once you have performed all editing within notepad document then save the file with HTML extension followed by the file name and path of the file should also be remembered so that you can see the HTML tag on the webpage under the specified path. All changes made by you in notepad can be easily seen from the saved file. The example of client side scripting web page is given above and you can see the newly created web page using basic HTML 5 tags.


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