Basic Elements used in Communication System process

The communication system consist of information transmission from one point to another such that original information signal is passes through various stages and then undergoes so many changes in its orientation and shape because of noise and attenuation. Moreover, in order to provide safe and faster communication we make use of various stages of different elements which is discussed in the article given below.

Components of communication system process

Basic Elements used in Communication System processThe communication system basically deals with the transmission of information from one point to another using the well defined steps which are carried out in sequential manner. The system for data transmission makes use of the sender and destination address, In this other so many elements are also there that allows it to transfer data from one set of point to another set of point after dividing the elements of communication system in groups and these interface elements acts as the main component for data communication and all these interface elements are given below-

Information source

The communication system which we are using is act as the main communication source for data transmission between two machines. Firstly, the source of data code is generated either in numeric form or in character form such that it should be in encrypted manner that does not provide information access to unknown or unauthorized user, this unit uses the specialized tools and utilities for the generation of messages which is to be transmitted over the communication channel such that the signal can either be analog or digital in nature and it is converted from one form to another according to the compatibility of transmission medium that represents the signal nature. Moreover, the data source which is generated using the encoder has filter component that refines the data packets and removes data redundancy using the normalization technique.

Input Transducer

As you know that basic work of the transducer is to convert one form of energy into another form that can be electrical in nature. Let us consider that input source signal is non- electrical in nature then you have to first convert these signals in time varying electrical signal. For example- the microphone which we use in seminars and presentations converts message information into sound waves which is electrical in nature. Once you have successfully converted it into electrical signals then data compression technique is used which will compress data packets into single package so that it can be easily transmitted over the transmission lines because data compression reduces the size of the data packets to be transmitted.


The source generated electrical signals are then used by the transmitter after refining them and removes the noise and distortion there in it and makes signal in form that can be easily amplified, for the purpose of amplification in transmitter circuit we uses the digital modulator that converts sequence into electrical signals so that it can be easily transmitted over long distance. For example- In the wire telephony system, the modulation is used for the enhancement of the signal strength without the loss of the original data because using the ordinary antenna's it is not possible to reduce the noise and distortion during transmission of data signal.

Communication channel

The physical medium which is used for the transmission of communication data signals from sender to receiver is referred as communication channel and we can also say that it is the platform that allows the sending and receiving of the data packets using the well established path between two machines that can either be wire oriented or wireless such that both types of connections are supported by the point to point and broadcast channel, the various communication channels are used in it for the data transmission that depends on the type of the network topology and circuit which we are using. Instead of this, the optical media is the best communication channel that provides fast and safe data transmission because tracing of the signals in it is impossible.


The receiver machine work is to reproduce the message signal in electrical form from the noised and distorted signal such that digital demodulator is used that process the waveform signals into the sequence of numbers that represents the discrete values which is in form of zeros and ones and then these discrete signals are used for the reconstruction of information code from the attenuated signal.

Destination machine

The last stage of the communication system is destination machine which converts these electrical signals into its original form for the data broadcasting so that it can be easily understand by the end user or receiver and then this same sort of communication process is used for the acknowledgment of signals to sender machine.


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