Software Crisis that leads to Software Development

In the past years, there are so many failures occurs in the software development life cycle because of the weak planning and analysis of software product and this has created so many software crisis in software development process and then this crisis are further refined by the developers which leads to the software development. Therefore, through this article I am explaining the software crises that are responsible for software development?

Software crisis those are responsible for software Development

Software Crisis that leads to software DevelopmentIn the early times, producing quality of services is hard task according to which we cannot provides the stability, maintenance, testing and speed to the readable software product because errors and bugs are there in the software programming which does not fulfill customer requirement because designing of the coding part is difficult and there are many crisis that reduces the delivery time and cost of software which is discussed below-

Many people in the 1980 are looking for the software development because they want to evolve some new technology for the software development life cycle which provides a tag of profession to software engineering because through software development you can earn money by fulfilling the requirement of the customers with management of tasks. Moreover, the star wars program of USA that produces the patriot missile for gulf war and this missile is used as the defence for Iraqi scud and it got failed many times that causes the killing of 28 U.S soldiers in Saudi Arabia and then after analysis of the reason responsible for the failure, we come to know that it is the software bug which occurs due to system clock accumulation and then it increases the management of the software projects manually.

Software Crisis that leads to software DevelopmentThe change of hardware cost in comparison with software has increased such that hardware is too much expensive for the management of mainframes because large support of staff members is required for fulfilling the projects but with the passage of time hardware cost are declining and cheap machines are used by the programmers which act as the garbage collector that helps programmers to write the code scripts itself. Thus, it increases the software programming which will finally increases the software development. Instead of this, In the year 1996 the US based company tried to replace its customer database which involves complex process and after the completion of project, the database crashes and shut down immediately and then developers rebuilt the database again after the designing of structural model and then the problem can be justified for future purpose.

Software Crisis that leads to software DevelopmentThe software development gained popularity from NATO Science Committee which is organized in Germany to boost the profession of software engineering but many software projects are lacked in budget, schedule etc and causes the finance damage in turns of productivity which reduces the quality of services and causes instability in software development. Moreover, due to poor software security level, the hackers and crackers steal information from computer system after breaking the software codes/scripts of software projects.

One of the dangerous incident that leads to the software crisis is radiotherapy in the embedded system which leads to the failure in the system because of high dose of radiation to patients and this incident then known with the name of Therac 25 and then developers and programmers make a list of vulnerable software products and start making changes in their coding section and this leads to the opening of the new era for the software development. Moreover, the big crash of Ariane – 5 space rocket after a two and half miles leads to the failure of the satellite and causes financial loss to research organization and then the specified reason for this crash is the conversion of the velocity from 64 bit format to 16 bit format and then analysis is carried out according to which we come to know that backup support is not there in the system and developers then tried to improve the backup support for software product.

You might be heard of problem which is known with the name of Y2K problem and according to this problem we are not able to type 4 digit format numbers which is either in time format or in date format and we can only type 2 digit format numbers. This problem continues in case we are making a project which requires 4 digit format values and with passage of time, developers visualize this problem and put so much effort to remove this problem.

The rise of internet world leads to the growth of information for the software product for optimization of display pages such that you can check the browser usage and retrieval from it using well organized software. In spite of this, the keyword search system software is also used in the internet world for the refining of the keywords for search engine optimization that translates information flow into multiple foreign languages. Software development process has become famous from here after the analysis of software crisis that occurred in past years.

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