Components used for software installation in Windows operating system

Often, we are in need of external and third party software installations in the computer system to offer more flexibility and reliability for performing operations in windows operating system with ease and for this purpose following components are there in the operating system which fulfills the complete installation of the softwares and these components are discussed in the article given below.

What are the Components that are used for the Installation of softwares in window operating system?

Components used for software installation in Window operating systemThe Operating system with which we are aware are using the digital language that is in form of bits which consist of zeros and ones. So, in order to install the softwares which we are using high level programming is difficult for the windows operating system to understand. So, special interfaces are there which provides the installation support for the third parties softwares which consist of the tools and utilities for the windows system such that when are inserting the external source from where you want to install any software or using the online installation service then there is the window automation feature in the windows that will allows the plug and play feature which will automatically detect the settings of the source and displays a notification alert or message to the user such that do you want to run this software? Or do you want to open this folder? But after that programs and softwares are executed within the main memory because the system softwares itself consist of the components which manages the loading of the softwares in main memory and allows their execution and installation in window operating system. The details of the components are given below-

The translators are there in the system folders which done the operation of conversion from high level programming language to the digital level programming that is in form of zero's and one's, once these translators are performed their operations then the object code of the softwares files are produced in main memory which can be scheduled by the scheduler and performs the installation easily but there are chances that if the size of the software is too large that consist of so many subroutines then each subroutine is required to be translated individually such that well organized integration and combination of the object subroutines are used which will going to form complete run unit that is often known as the load module and furthermore, the automation tool is there which supports the combining of these object subroutines into one load module then it is known as the linker such that if the software to be executed consist of the library routines then it will links the programs with the library functions to allow them to complete their installation.

One thing that may be noted that some latest operating system such windows 7 are making use of the updated translators files in the system that will performs both linking and translation tasks when required after placing the load module in the secondary storage medium that consist of the hard disk and then according to the scheduler instructions, the files of the third part softwares in modules groups are shifted and loaded in the main memory of the computer system which then send them to the ready queue and after that it will be executed and performs the operation of installation.

The case may be there when some software due to high priority interrupt has suspended from the processor then the loader completed the pending task using the relocation that uses the SQRT subroutine calling in the main memory and once it is called then the scheduler again executed the suspended processes which are required for software Installation. Moreover, the components like translators, loader, linker, scheduler etc are responsible for the installation of softwares in the computer system.

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