How to configure Domain name system?

The domain name system is used for the translation of the website addresses and it is configured using the window platform itself but requires the host and IP address of the server computer. So, I am going to explain how to configure the Domain name system with in the window platform? And the steps of configuration are given in the article discussed below.

Configuration of Domain name server

The Domain name system is the name which is translated from one address to another using the translation system which resolves the issues by making use DNS naming and the configuration settings for the configuration of the DNS and some of the basic information about Internic must be approved first for the Internet world and the configuration of the server for the internal use is required which is decided by the names and IP addresses which is being used by the user and before carrying out any operation the user must have the domain name with the IP address and host name of the each server the includes the resolution settings for them with the mail servers for the public accessing of servers, File transfer protocols servers, world wide web servers and others servers and the configuration settings of the DNS and must consist of the following steps which is given below.

How to configure Domain name system?

* The windows operating system must be configured properly such that windows server 2003 family will offers the DNS service that depends on the correct configuration of the operating system and its services using the TCP/IP model through which a new installation of the windows server 2003 operating system that provides you with the default services and the limited allocated disk space for the users in which all existing disk volumes uses the NTFS file system because the FAT32 volumes is not secure at all and does not support the file and folder compression using the disk quotes, file encryption or individual file permissions.

* After that you must open your Windows Components Wizard and the following steps must be followed which involves-

The clicking of the start option and after that click on the control panel and then click on thee Add or Remove Programs and then click on the Add or Remove Windows Components, In the Windows Components Wizards select the Networking services check box and then click on the details button and Within the Windows subcomponents of networking services, select the Domain name system check box, click OK and then click on the next button and after that you will be prompted for copy files from and the set the path according to you using the browse button that will provide the full path of the distribution files, and then click OK.

* Then start the configure your server wizard and for doing so, click on the start option and the points the cursor to the all programs and then click on the Administrative Tools and finally click on the configure your server wizard, on the server role page, click on the DNS server and the click on the next button.

* The summary of your selections are provided on the selected page that view and confirm the options that will be selected and it should be appear on that page and then install the domain name system and run the configure a DNS wizard to configure the domain name system and click on the next as long as the list consisting of two items and the again click on the next button else if no item is there on the list than you can click on the back button and then DNS and then next button.

How to configure Domain name system?* Once you have configure your server wizard then you can install the DNS service and it will first determines whether the IP address is static or dynamic and configured your IP address automatically using the configuring components page of the windows components wizard which again prompts you to configure this server with the static IP address and in order to achieve that click on the local area connection properties dialog box and then click on the internet protocols and then click on the properties.

How to configure Domain name system?* With in the Internet protocols properties dialog box, click on the use the following IP address and ten type the static IP address, subnet mask and the default gateway for the server and with in the same dialog box, type the Preferred DNS IP address of the server and in the Alternate DNS, type the IP address of another internal DNS server otherwise leave the box blank if you not know the IP address of the alternate server and finally after setting of the static address in the DNS then click OK and then click close button.

* Once you have click on the close button hen the configuration settings of the DNS server wizard starts which uses the select configuration action page and select resources from that page and create a forward lookup zone check box and then click on the next button to specify the DNS host under the DNS zone that contains DNS resource records for your network resources on the primary server location page and after that select the option server maintains the zone option after that click on the next button.

How to configure Domain name system?* On the zone name page in zone name which specify the name of the DNS zone for your network and under that page click on the next button and the name which is given under that box will be same as the name which we enter in the DNS domain which is for the small organizations or business enterprises and after that on the dynamic update page which changes the IP address with time and click on the allow both nosecone and secure dynamic updates and then again click on the next and finally this makes your DNS resource records updation automatically.

With in the forwarders page, you can click on the yes button then it should forward your queries to DNS servers with the same IP address and then click next and select this configuration settings and forward all DNS queries to DNS names which is either under the ISP or outside the network and type IP address with in your servers for its use and after the completion of it configure the DNS wizard page for your server wizard, you can select the settings and click on the finish button and once you have finished your DNS wizard then will review all changes that have occurred during its configuration to make sure that whether it is installed fully or not?, and the click on the configure your server log and then your configuration is located with in the memory into the file with some particular address and then click finish button to close the application.


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