Top 5 Antispyware Programs 2011 - The Best Antispyware Programs for your Windows Computer

This resource talks about the review of the best antispyware programs that are available for 2011 and are accordingly compared to list the top 5 antispyware programs for Windows computer.

Antispywares has become one of the must-have tools for the Windows operating system as the number of threats emerging in the cyber world has eventually increased in the recent years. Today, the computer users across the globe has to take various measures to combat such threats and the best way to do so is to take the help of the many security programs available in the market. Like antivirus programs, antispyware is also an important tool to use within the system and thereby protect it from various threats like spywares and malicious softwares which works in the background to steal user specific information and also cause system slowdowns. The suspicious activities involving the spywares or other harmful softwares are to some extent restricted by the antivirus programs installed in the computer but there are many instances when the same is not found enough to prove a total security against them. Using a dedicated security software to get rid of such threats is of utmost importance to every Windows users and hence the Antispyware programs available within the market these days are helpful to serve these requirements. Selecting a good antispyware program is the first task that the users are always confused about as the number of such products available for use are very vast where each offers different features and technologies to detect spywares, adwares or any other harmful objects which installs without the consent of the user. For those who are confused about virus and spywares, let me give a short explanation regarding these two terms used to denote cyber threat. Virus are programs which often has the property to replicate itself and cause damage to the system and user files. It is also used as a generic term to include all threats including spywares, malwares or adwares and any other threat. But spyware do not have the common properties of the virus programs and cannot replicate itself but instead is used by various developers to collect users informations stored within the system with the motive of various commercial gains. Since, these spyware attack are concerned with the breach of one's privacy as wells as confidential informations like bank account details, it is not something to let go and should be treated as one of the cardinal task similar to the way the concerns for using antivirus programs are treated.

The new year is only a few days ahead and almost all the antivirus and antispyware manufacturers has updated and upgraded their products with new features and extended capabilities. In our previous article, we have reviewed some of the best antivirus programs of 2017 and mentioned five of the important such programs which can be made use of. So, today we have prepared another review of the best five antispyware programs which you can choose from and use for the new year 2017. This is our personal review only and may not be identical with what others had to say regarding their own preference of antispyware programs. But before we carry on with the listing of these products, it must be known that the antivirus programs particularly those of the pro version or paid versions already includes the antispyware engine within their product. So, in case if your antivirus program is providing resident protection from spywares and such threats, then using these products may not be necessary and may sometimes conflict with each other. But those using a less known antivirus or the free versions of antivirus may perhaps use dedicated antispyware programs because the free version do not always accompany the antispyware resident protection. So without wasting much time, let us now have a look at some of the best antispyware programs for 2017.

Best Antispyware Programs 2017

There are many reputed antispyware programs available these days and most of them have different features to offer. Since it is not possible to list all of those antispyware products within a single resource, therefore we have selected the top 5 antispyware programs which according to us deserves to be on the top slots of the antispyware rankings. Finally, it must also be noted that these antispyware programs listings are based solely on personal opinion and has nothing to do with any official rankings or product valuations and as such it is also not intended to devalue other products available under this category.
  1. Image1Spy Sweeper: This is so far the best antispyware program which is also very popular among the Windows users worldwide. It has got all the parameters of evaluating such products perfect and there are not many issues found on its down-side. It has got a decent price and useful features to protect the system and safeguard the various data contained therein. It can sweep almost any sort of the spywares and malicious applications using the 360 degree of protection which it offers. The algorithm used to detect the spywares and rootkits are advanced and hence provides reliable solution to remove any threat detected. The positive aspects of this product also includes that of its simplistic and user-friendly interface which can be handled by all without requiring any special skills. The performance of the system while using this product is also found satisfactory and it did not slow things down as opposed to other products of its kind. The various options like anti-phishing, anti-spam are some of its added advantage which makes it much more useful to be used. The detection rate has improved quite a lot in this new version and is now upto the standard for providing protections against all those spywares, adwares, malwares, data miners etc. Along with the detection rate, the removal or healing rate is also enhanced and can remove them very effectively while also being able to quarantine it. The scanning duration is however on the slower side to some extent while running computers which have the minimum requirements but on upgraded PC with good configurations, the same is quite fast and completes within few minutes only. The only major drawback that we have discovered and we have assumed from the feedback of many users is that of its incompatibility with various other security programs and may sometimes cause conflicts. But that is limited to only a few of the security programs and need not necessarily be the case with of the available programs.
    • Spy Sweeper 2011 System Requirements:

      • Operating System: 32-bit Windows XP SP 1/2/3, 32-bit Windows Vista SP1, 32-bit, 64-bit Windows 7
      • HDD: 100MB (Free)
      • Processor: 300MHz - 1GHz
      • RAM: : Windows XP (256MB), Windows Vista/ Windows 7 (2GB)
    • Conclusion:

      • Pros: Up-to-date Definitions, Good Detection/Healing Rate
      • Cons: Incompatibility Issues
    • Spy Sweeper 2011 Price:

      • 13.32USD (Rs.650.00/-) approximately.

  2. Image2PC Tools Spyware Doctor: PC Tools has always introduced good products out of its shelf and the antispyware solution provided by it is also of the highest standard. The real-time resident protection provided by it is one of its key advantage and has the potential to protect the system from many types of threats. There is a new memory scanner included with this new version along with the already present rootkit detection system. It has brought around many more changes and has extended its capability to provide protection from the web based activity such as multi-layered browsing protection which is effective in combating phishing and similar attacks and the Download Guard which is based on the cloud network and scans the downloads. Another notable improvements is the reduction in the size of the program and can be installed relatively fast while also improving the performance of the system against any system slowdown. Almost all other features are kept as same except one minor change to allow the option to disable the scans being made on idle mode. Some of its regular features includes that of game and power-saving mode, ThreatFire Behavioral Intelligence with Behavior Guard, Intelli-Scan and IntelliGuard as some of the good features. The scanning duration, though not very fast is however acceptable and can be said to be of average speed. But the lack of consistency in showing the results of the various scans is a matter of concern and have been found to be dis-similar on most occasions. But the overall performance is good and its primary task of getting rid of threats is done perfectly well. The technical support team is also responsive and there is also a community of the users as well as a knowledge-based library with all kinds of tutorials and guides to understand the various features.

    • PC Tools Spyware Doctor System Requirements:

      • Operating System: 32-bit Windows XP SP2, 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista, 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7
      • HDD: 480MB (Free)
      • Processor: 800MHz
      • RAM: : 1GB for 32-bit, 2GB for 64-bit (Free Memory)
    • Conclusion:

      • Pros: Effective Protection, Simplistic UI
      • Cons:Scanning results are always different
    • PC Tools Spyware Doctor 2011 Price:

      • 20USD (Rs.704.00/-) approximately.

  3. Image3CounterSpy 4.0.3904: This is another good antispyware programs which can be mentioned among the best programs available for use to get rid of spywares, adwares or any other similar threats. This new version is now compatible with the 64-bit computer systems and includes a new 64-bit rootkit scanner engine and also a boot scanner for 64-bit system. It is comparatively faster in all of its operations and also help the system to keep its speed without slowing it off while running in the background. It consumes very small amount of memory and resources and hence do not cause any lag in the performance of the system. The resident protection system provides real-time security to your system which is being powered by Kernel-level Active Protection and is also effective for providing protection against malwares with its Anti-Malware technology. Using this software is very easy and contains no complicated steps and hence suits both novice and expert level users equally. Being fully optimized to support even the age-old computers with low configurations or a new upgraded computer with malware or spyware infected slow system, the CounterSpy can operate with ease and can scan and fix the detected threats relatively fast than any other programs in its row. It is placed within a very affordable price tag and can be effectively used to secure your system without having to bother about compatibility concerns or system slowdowns which are some of the problems seen in most of the best-rated antispyware applications too.
    • CounterSpy 4.0.3904 System Requirements:

      • Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2, 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista, 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2008
      • HDD: 150MB (Free)
      • Processor: 400MHz
      • RAM: : 512MB
    • Conclusion:

      • Pros: Good Protection, Low Resource Consumption
      • Cons: N/A
    • CounterSpy 4.0.3904 Price:

      • 19.95USD (Rs.957.00/-) approximately.

  4. Image4STOPzilla 5: This is another very popular antispyware program which can give good and effective solution for protecting any Windows based computer from potential threats. The most noticeable aspects regarding this antispyware program is that of its great detection and healing rate along with the interface which is very convenient to be used. It has a vast definition database and is able to detect many types of threats and hence protects the system in a most reliable manner. Whether it is trojans, malwares, spyware, dialers, phising etc., it can handle all of these quite easily which is much of a relief to the Windows users. However, since all the programs have some cons involved, the STOPzilla too has some demerits on using it. The most annoying part of this tool is the lag or slowdown of performance which it cause to the system when used with low-configured machines. Though very effective in nature, it is however not the best option for each and every system and only the upgraded computers can have the full benefit from its service. Considering the fact that computers today almost comes with good configuration at a very cheap price, most of the users already have the system requirements to run this applications. If you are having a decent computer with the ability to run some heavy processes in the background, then this is the best choice for you as it is found to be the best among the highly effective antispyware programs in the market today.
    • STOPzilla 5.x System Requirements:

      • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
      • HDD: 480MB (Free)
      • Processor: 1.5GHz - 1.8GHz
      • RAM: : 512MB for 32-bit, 1GB for 64-bit (Free Memory)
    • Conclusion:

      • Pros: Blocks all types of threats, Protects from phishing in real-time
      • Cons: Comparatively Slower
    • STOPzilla 5 Price:

      • 29.95USD (Rs.1358.00/-) approximately.

  5. Image5Ad-Aware Pro 8.3: This software has achieved acclamation from many Windows users in the recent days and has proved its might in many aspects to protect the system effectively. It is a bit different than the other programs available within the category as it also acts as an antivirus program to deal with virus problems. Primarily, it is known for its ability to combat a wide range of spyware or malwares and other such threats but its ability to deal with self-replicating programs called virus is definitely an added advantage as it provides total security to the system. It has also a well-organized interface which is good for all categories of users to make use of. It includes many new and powerful technologies to scan and detect threats of different kinds and hence it is very effective for detecting and removing any malicious programs including viruses too. It runs smoothly in the background and does not slow down the PC much but there may be some lag in the performance for some average computers having memory less than 512MB or who has not sufficient storage space in their primary partition of the hard drive. Apart from this, there is nothing much to be worried about its performance and works well from all direction. The price is also well placed and and affordable and is hence recommended for the users. The anti spyware program also comes with many different edition which have some extended capabilities. It can also be availed for free with some limitations on its capability to perform various supported features. So if you are looking for a total protection of your system, then Ad-Aware Pro is one of the eligible candidate for the purpose.
    • Ad-Aware Pro 8.3 System Requirements:

      • Operating System: 32-bit Windows XP , 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista/7
      • HDD: 300MB (Free)
      • Processor: P773MHz
      • RAM: : 200MB (Free Memory)
    • Conclusion:

      • Pros: Real-Time Protection
      • Cons: No AntiSpam Protection
    • Ad-Aware Pro 8.3 Price:

      • 29.95USD (Rs.1320.00/-) approximately.

The above mentioned anti spyware programs are not the only ones to be used and there are a lot of good products in its category. Various other anti-spyware tools like Spybot-S&D, McAfee Anti-spyware etc. also provides good protection against harmful spyware threats and hence may also be considered. Since these are only our personal opinion based on the user-reviews and personal experience in using it, the findings may not be the same with what others have to say regarding it. However, you may take this as a reference to compare the various anti spyware products which is undoubtedly one of the important tool for protecting your system and safeguarding the various data and information contained therein.

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