Classification & comparison of various computer viruses

In this article, let me classify the various types of computer virus according to their damage action in your computer. Please read ahead.

Types of Computer Virus:

Types of VirusA computer Virus is known as the abbreviation for the word "Vital Information Resource Under Siege". It has nothing to do with the medical terminology of Virus we read in medical sciences. The computer Virus has got multiple definitions like for example, Trojans or Tracking cookies etc. In this article, we will discuss about the various definitions that a Computer Virus can have.

1. Adware: This is a program installed in your computer without your consent. This program is used for collecting data about your Internet browsing in your computer. Using the data on your Internet browsing, this Adware will start exhibiting various advertisements depending on your taste. The trouble will not end here; this program will occupy much needed Hard Disk space and CPU's activities of our computer. Programs like "Tracking Cookies" will be classifiable under this category.

2. Backdoor Santa: While using Internet, you will identify many programs in there and will download the same and start using it. During such installation, the same program you have downloaded will be collecting data about your computer usage, the Websites you frequently visit and the items you buy through Internet etc. without your knowledge. You may not aware that the program you are using is still performing such stupid tasks. Programs like "Alexa" and "Hotbar" are classifiable under this category. If you happen to see any of these Tool bars in your Web browser, then it is sure that Backdoor Santa is available in your computer. Immediately you should use the following option in your Control Panel viz., Add/Remove Programs and remove it.

3. BHO or Browser Helper Object: This browser helper object program will start, once you open your web browser. Some of the BHOs are helpful to us. But many of the BHOs will redirect your browser to some of the worst adult sites in the web world. If this program hijacks your computer, then your computer will slow down. Some of the Trojan Viruses can use this BHOs to finish their task.

4. Blended Threat: The attack from these types of program will be worst and intolerable for your computer. This program will function as a combination of a Virus and a Worm. This program will also spread Virus through E-mails. One of such attack is named as "Nimda". This program will propagate Virus in connected computers at a faster rate.

5. Botnets: When a Network of computers have been captured by hackers, they are called as "Botnets". Hackers can control these computers as per their whims and fancies. This network will function as "robot network" in the hands of hackers. Therefore, they are called as "Botnets".

6. Browser Hijacker: This program will hijack you while browsing Internet from the websites you are visiting to the websites from which this virus was fired. We can't come back to our previous websites since the browser will be under hijack. This program will also change, the browser settings of our Internet browser also. Even if we try to manually reset the browser settings, this program will change it including the Homepage settings of our web browser.

7. Adware Cookies: Generally, cookies are known as small files installed by some of the websites for enhance our browsing experience of their websites. These cookies are generally used for sending your computer information to the websites concerned. However, some of the websites install "Adware tracking Cookies" in your computer. This Adware tracking Cookies" will send the data about the tasks you undertake in the Internet to the original website. Based on this data, the original website will be disturbing you with many advertisements once you open your web browser. At the same time, we can't conclude that Adware Cookies are that much harmful to the computers but however, it will definitely slowdown your computer.

8. Dialers: This program is a smaller software program. This program will dial up through our modem and will lead you to many unwanted adult websites, without our consent. Mostly, these programs will connect you to the adult websites only. This Virus is known to attack only those who have Internet connection through telephone connection. Though, in India, we have mostly telephonic Internet connection, these type of Virus attacks are known very less.

9. Grayware: This programs is not known as a destructive one to be deleted from your computer, however, it can slowdown our work or it can damage our current task in the computer. Hence it is aptly called as Grayware. Even, we can classify the above Adware Tracking Cookies and Dialers in this category also.

10. Keyloggers: This programs will record all your key movements from the keyboard of your computer to the creators of the program through Internet. We can also use this program to trace out what are the softwares used in our computers by our children, which are all the websites our children visit in our computer etc. In some of the organizations, they use this type of programs to trace out the activities of their employees in computer. Some of the Keyloggers programs are available as free program in the Internet and some others are paid ones.

11. Malware: This is an abbreviation for the word "Malicious Software". All programs which are downloaded in our computer and installed and which do more harm to our computer are called Malwares.

12. Stalking Horse: This program will stay with some of the most popular programs in our computer as leech stays with our body. It will announce that the program has been added for the enhancement of that popular program. But it will track our tasks in the Internet and notify the same to the creators of the program and will also send us unwanted advertisements while we browse the Internet.

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