Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows 7 free download and review

Microsoft Office is a basic necessity and is one of the most widely spread software's around the globe for it's very easy to understand User Interface and advanced tools it provides with the whole package. Read more to learn more and download free demo of Microsoft Office 2010.

Microsoft Office can be seen in every computer in an office because it is the easiest and fastest document editor in the world. Users have been using Microsoft Office since generations now. Since its release in 1990 the software has developed in many fields and has started to pose as the ultimate winner in document editors beating Microsoft have been making the document editor more modern looking and also more modern looking with more editing tool the new Microsoft Office is a dream tool for a man who works with these daily. Microsoft Office 2010 now also supports Mac OS X, so it is not a point to worry for Mac OS X users.

Microsoft Office when first released used to be only available with three applications which can also be seen using by people in the modern world, they are - Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word comes as bundled product which comes with Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word is the best text editor when it comes to printing and editing at the same time. Users can use it to edit documents, write documents, add photos in the documents, and add special effects and so much more with just a single tool. Users can also add special fonts that are only available for Microsoft Word and fonts can also be downloaded from the internet. Microsoft Office can now also be used in many of the regional language. Microsoft Word can now also be used to add cover pages and watermarks to their work to make it more innovative and to maintain their copyright. Users can also translate any particular language to another language of their choice. Microsoft Word now allows a very vast number of editing options in every small aspect. Overall, Microsoft Word is the most widely used and most efficient text editor.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint comes as a bundled product which comes with Microsoft Office. Microsoft PowerPoint is the best presentation making tool as it allows users such a vast number of options to customize their presentation to make it look good and more efficient. Users can add slides from a very vast number of new types of slides. Users can also add pictures, clip-arts and also many other special effects such as slide transition, custom animation, adding sounds and voice clips to the presentation and so much more. In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 users can make a custom slide show and the whole thing can be created on how its suits the users the best. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 new slide designs have been added to the database through which the users can choose slides and readymade designs, users can also download more designs from the internet. In Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 even words and the body can be made to animate with innovative and unique styles. Since Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 users can choose the slide size and dimensions as per their needs. To make things more efficient Microsoft PowerPoint can add a PDF file for more information in just one slide, features like these make it the best presentation making tool in the world.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the best spreadsheet application in the world and is used widely in the whole globe. Microsoft Excel includes calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables and a macro programming language called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for higher efficiency. Microsoft Excel includes all the basic features of spreadsheets it uses grids and rows to make organize data way more efficiently and this makes things easier for the user to give input of data in. Arithmetic calculations have also been made more efficient. Visual Basic for Applications allows user to employ a wide variety of numerical methods, for example, for solving differential equations of mathematical physics and many other complex maths forms which then results back to the spreadsheet.

These are the many things due to which Microsoft Office has gained worldwide popularity, and I would say it is a thing worth buying, because it makes your job in every aspect so much easier. can be downloaded from Download Microsoft Office 2010 free demo for Windows 7 from -

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Guest Author: zomer23 Jul 2013

I download this because I don't have a Microsoft Office.

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I download the files because I received one file which is of 2010 version but mine is 2003 version.

Guest Author: franzy1323 Apr 2015

I downloaded the file because I don't have the version, but mine is MS Office 2003.

Guest Author: midou18 Jun 2015

I downloaded this because I don't have Microsoft Office.

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