Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - How to install & Use

This article explains how Microsoft OneCare Safety Scanner will scan the system from Microsoft web site. It will scan your system from online without installing the complete software to the system

OneCare Safety Scanner Online

Microsoft provides many tools as free for its Windows operating system. One such free tool is the OneCare Safety Scanner Tool from Microsoft. OneCare software removal tool will scan and check the computer for malicious software that includes major malicious software like Blaster, Sassser, Budnix and much more malicious software can be identified and removed from the Windows system by
using Malicious software Removal Tool.

A Malicious software or Malware is a program that will load in to the computer without any traces. Once the Malicious software Removal Tool is identified and removed the malware from the system and it will give a detailed report on the malware.

Microsoft will release the updated version of the tool on every second Tuesday of each month. It is a good practise to use the tools periodically to identify threat to the computer, even though the computer is running fine. It is advisable to get the updates frequently from Microsoft in order to identify the new threats as new viruses and threats are identified each and every hour. You can reports a new incident to Microsoft.

Remember that you can run the online scanner with Internet Explorer not with other browsers

The supported operating systems are Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Internet Explorer with 6.0 or higher version should be installed in your system to download the scan your computer.
In order to install the online scanner you must have administrator rights. It will download a small ActiveX file and then you can start the online scanner
Scanning your system can be done online from without installing the malicious software Removal Tool from Microsoft.

Check your PC using the Online scanner from the below link
It will open the protection center and it will show a Protection Scan button (Check the below screen shot).

Windows Online scanner

Click the Protection Scan button will open a open a small popup like below click the Launch ... button and accept the agreement by clicking the <>Accept button will open the Online scanner popup Window(Check the below screen shot)

Windows Online scanner launch

If the pop is blocked by user browser it will show on the top of the Internet Explorer Window. Click the link and allow the popup for this site and again click the Protection Scan button to allow downloading the ActiveX file to your system (check the below screen shot)

Windows Online scanner launch popup block

UAC should be disabled in order to do the run the OneCare Online Scanner to scan the system. In order to disable the UAC type msconfig in the run prompt and it will open a Window and click the Tools and select change UAC settings and click the launch button and move the slider to the bottom and click ok to disable the UAC.

Once the UAC is disabled then you need to restart the system to apply the changes.

One you finish all the activities you must enable the UAC in order to protect your system from installing unwanted software automatically will cause potential damage to the system

If the ActiveX is already installed in the system then it will open a small popup Window like the below screen shot, otherwise it will install the ActiveX and it will open the pop Window to scan the system. You scan the complete system or you can scan select Quick scan and click Next button. It will scan the system for viruses, spyware and other unwanted programs. First it will download the scanning tools in order to scan the system. Download will take some time. Check the below screen shot

Windows Online scanner scan

Windows online scanner download

Once the entire download is completed it will start the scan and it will identify the virus, malware and spyware from the system and it will remove the threats from the system. It will report the summary of the scan.

Windows online scanner summary

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