How to enable InPrivate Filtering in IE8 by default

InPrivate filtering is a new feature introduced in Internet Explorer 8. InPrivate Filtering helps you to prevent website content providers from collecting information about sites you visit. This article explains how to enable InPrivate filtering by default in your computer.

How to enable InPrivate Filtering in IE8 by default

InPrivate filtering is one of the most important features incorporated in Internet Explorer 8. This feature gives you a control on the browsing activities and helps you to prevent third parties to collect information from your computer. When ever you visit a website with a third party content, some information about your computer is sent to the content provider. You can prevent this by using InPrivate filtering.

One problem with InPrivate filtering is that it is turned off when ever you close your browser and you need to manually turn it on the next time you start browsing using Internet Explorer 8. Let us see how InPrivate filtering can be turned on automatically by default so that it remains permanently on.

InPrivate filtering can be turned on simply by using CTRL + SHIFT + F key sequence. But the problem with this is that once you close Internet Explorer 8, and reopen it, you need to enable the InPrivate filtering manually once again. But this can be avoided and you can turn on InPrivate filtering on by default by using Windows Registry. Let us see how we can turn on InPrivate filtering as a default option so that you need not turn it on again and again when ever you open the IE8 browser.

  • Open Registry Editor. This can be done by typing 'regedit' in the search box in the Start menu.

  • Now create a new DWORD value with name 'startMode'.

  • Now double click on the 'StartMode' and set its data as 1.

  • If you set its data value to 0, it is disabled by default. See the screen shot below.
  • Screen shot of changing registry key value for turning on InPrivate filtering in IE8 in Windows 7

  • Now exit Registry editor

  • That is all. Now InPrivate filtering features is turned on by default when ever you open Internet Explorer 8.

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