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It's a trend to the human nature to bring new changes to the world on each step. Since the invention of wheel to the development of nanotechnology our race has changed the world in a way that makes lives of a common man with facilities which once the emperors of yesteryears would have considered an act of pure magic. Whether it's the aeroplane which takes you to the cloud 9 (or perhaps the clouds on layer 9) or the current computer networks which make you communicate with the people around the world via the medium of voice and video would be all so new to them, and all so natural to us!

Windows 7 was one such revolutionary product which redefined the way we looked at the computers. While the transparent glass windows were already added in Windows Vista which was not so popular and made its creators, Microsoft shy away from the questions raised by the customers. Windows 7 removes almost all the problems which were present in Windows Vista. Lets have a look:

1. New taskbar in Windows 7: The new taskbar in Windows 7 has quite good improvements over all previous versions of Windows. It has now got icons only on the buttons for the applications running rather than the whole title line on it. This not only saves the space on the taskbar but also adds the ease of use. Since we humans can "see" faster than we can "read", it saves a lot of time to look up the right application on the taskbar.
In addition to this, the taskbar has a new feature which allows you to group the applications! That said, it would automatically group the Windows of different applications on the same button and change the button so that it shows that there are multiple windows from that application. Have a look:

Windows 7 Taskbar

This easily shows that there are more than 2 windows open for the Word application where are only 2 for the notepad. Did you notice the other enhancement right there in the above picture?

2. No quicklaunch buttons in windows 7: While all previous versions of Windows came with a nifty little toolbar on the taskbar ribbon called the taskbar, which allowed you to place the buttons for the more frequently used applications; the feature is gone in Windows 7!

But wait, don't panic! The feature which was provided by quick launch buttons has not gone forever. It is just shifted and integrated to the taskbar itself. In the same picture above, you can see that the icons for Windows Explorer and Windows Media player are still there but not as applications. Yeah, that's the point; you can permanently place the applications you like on the taskbar itself. When you click them, it will launch the application and convert the plain icon to a button. When you close the application, the button changes back to an icon. Pretty cool and handy, isn't it?

3. Improved AERO in Windows 7: The new transparent window borders and the new ways to flip through the open applications. Oh! The great features to the user interface which were introduced in Windows Vista were called AERO. Windows 7 makes it even better! There are few things which make it more appealing. Here they are:

  • Permanent show-desktop button: While the "show desktop" button has traditionally been placed as an icon on the "quick launch" toolbar, it is placed on the extreme right hand side on the taskbar, on the right side of the clock. With the quick launch area gone, they had to keep it somewhere and what an excellent decision they have made!

  • AERO Peek: In Windows 7 you have got a new feature to the AERO interface which is called as "AERO peek". It allows you to see the other applications Windows without switching to them. If you have left a copy operation running and you want to see its progress, all you need to do is to hover your mouse on the explorer button and that will raise the thumbnails and then hover the mouse over the correct window and it will show you the window temporarily and saves a lot of clicking and time; oh and it does not irritate as well! Not only this, you can also see the desktop temporarily by hovering the mouse button over the "show desktop" button!

  • Improved Window Thumbnails: Did you read the above paragraph carefully? The grouping of the windows of same application under one button lets you see the different windows more easily. Have a look at the picture below:

    Windows Thumbnails

    So now you can very well see the different windows from the taskbar itself and did you notice that you can close them as well? Just right clicking the button in this case allows you to close all the windows of that application in one go!


  • Improved maximizing and resizing: You can now maximize the application window by just dragging its title bar to the top of the screen. And if you want to copy from one folder to another and want two windows side by side, you can just drag one application window to the right edge of the screen and the other to the left edge and can proceed easily because dragging to the right edge will make them fill the right half of the screen and the same for the left side.

    4. Homegroup networking in Windows 7: While networking two or more computers is a breeze for people acquainted with networking, it is not so easy for the common man. To deal with the IP addressing, Sub-net masking and interfaces is not easy for everyone to understand! Windows 7 comes with this new great feature called Homegroup networking where you just connect two computers running Windows 7 with a wire or join a wireless network and they automatically detect the computers and allow you to share files, stream media and so much more! This makes it easy for home users to manage more than one computer in their home and that too, easily! Not only this feature is handy for the home user, but even for the experts who deal with addresses all the day; you see they don't have to remember another set of IP addresses, just plug the wire and there you go!

    5. Windows Media Player Codecs - Windows 7: Now, Windows Media player supports all those codec in its version 12 which comes with Windows 7. So you need not install codec packs or other players.

    Well, considering the popularity of VLC media player, of course you are free to install it, but the need is very less!

    6. exFAT: FAT32 is a great file system for USB pen drives but since the NTFS is heavy and slow on these little storage devices and FAT imposes the maximum file size limit to be 4 GB and maximum partition size to be 32 GB which is common in today's world, Windows 7 comes with a new file system called exFAT which can be used to store larger files and on devices of larger capacities.
    Windows 7 is sometimes called as "what Windows Vista should have been" and that's correct. While words may not be adequate for describing the experience, the experience itself is exciting, soothing and peaceful. Already thinking to install? Well, even the installation is a breeze! So go ahead!

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