Low Memory Problem in Windows

Are you facing low memory problems in your Windows 7 computer? Low memory can result in poor performance of your Windows 7 computer and some times may lead to problems on the running programs and display. This articles focusses on low memory problems in Windows 7 computer and its solution.

How to prevent low memory problems in Windows 7

Many of you might have experienced the problem of slow running of your programs, or internet explorer not responding, or something like that. Low memory problems can result in poor performance of your computer and slow down the response of your PC.

There are two types of memories in your computer. One is the Random Access Memory (RAM) and the virtual memory. When RAM is not enough, your computer will start using the virtual memory. That means Windows 7 temporarily moves the information to your hard disk in a file.

You will face the low memory problems when the available RAM is very low and also the virtual memory is very low. This is possible when you run lot of programs which totally consume lot of memory than what is installed in your computer. Some times low memory problem may also occur when a program does not free up the memory that it is not using. This is called as memory leak.

The signs that your computer is running on low memory are as follow:
1. Poor performance of your computer
2. Notification messages about low memory
3. Display problems.

For example if you try to open a menu in a program, it may not respond at all.

The low memory problems can be prevented as follow:
  • Opening few programs
  • Knowing about which programs require more memory and preventing them to run at the same time

  • There are no permanent solutions to low memory problems but you can solve them to some extent. Here are two methods to reduce the low memory.
  • Increase Virtual Memory: Even though Windows 7 adjusts the paging file ( virtual memory), you can override and increase it manually.
  • Increase the RAM in your Windows 7 PC: This is one of the best solutions to low memory problems. So try to instal additional RAM in your Windows 7 computer. This will solve all the problems related to low memory and giver your computer a faster performance with no limitations.

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    Guest Author: Y. S.20 Nov 2012

    My computer worked fine with Windows 7 for more than a year. Now it refuses to let me modify virtual memory, warns about low memory and consumes 1.4GB when no applications are running.

    I performed all reasonable cleaning and analysis. No problem of disk space.
    Any idea?

    Author: Tony John20 Nov 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

    Did you check using your Task Manager which app is consuming most memory? Did you find anything unusual like unknown programs eating up all memory, which result in low memory warning?

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