What is the signs of Free Memory (RAM) and how to prevent Low Memory Problem

I will explain to you what is low memory utilization and how to prevent the low memory problems ?

As most of the software or hardware problems occurs in the computer when something malicious matter is entered into your computer or some bad sector or tracks problem is occurred in your system. And most of the problems are due to the low memory problems.

What is the symbols of the low memory ?

what is the signs of low memory and how to prevent low memory utilization?

When your PC don't have too much space or the memory for performing or allotting space to the individual process then the programs and window components doesn't work, as provide with no space or memory to perform their operation an to prevent working speed of your system and to prevent the information loss window 7 has provided great interrupt control system that will notify you in case a low memory will be left in your computer. By seeing the sign of the low memory you can prevent the problem.

The signs also consists of the low memory and poor performance of the system and sometimes, the display problems may also occurs. For example- you are opening any program then that program responds slowly and take so much time to respond to that request and menu then doesn't allow the user to have click on it , it appear link a dead link and after opening showing the no contents and matter with the blank screen.

Why low memory problems occur?

what is the signs of low memory and how to prevent low memory utilization?

Your computer has very less space of RAM, in case you want to run the two or more programs and your RAM doesn't have enough space for program to run. So , to handle multiple request the RAM shifts the data from the RAM to the hard disk to a paging file and amount of data which is shifted in hard disk is known as Virtual memory.

Each computer has a certain virtual memory limit and if your computer allows many programs to run and store then it will takes lot of space and shifted most of the data to the from the RAM which results in the low virtual memory.

Moreover, we can say that multi programming and the multi-tasking are responsible for the memory problems, As one program utilized the memory and doesn't frees your computer while the other program requests for the memory and this lead to the resource conflicts and sometimes even leads to the deadlock which hangs your computer.

How to prevent the low memory problems?

what is the signs of low memory and how to prevent low memory utilization?

The most of the memory problems occurs when we have low memory space and allows to handles large amount of the data and thus this lead to the problem of low memory.

To prevent this problem follow these steps-

Upgrade your RAM or Replace it

In case you have low memory then upgrade your RAM by replacing the RAM or to by providing the external RAM in the RAM slot, this will help the computer to run the computer with the high speed and proper utilization of the resources would also takes place.

Increasing the virtual memory

The virtual memory of your computer will act as cache memory which consists of the transfer information from RAM to the hard disk that is in the paging file that consists of the information during the case your memory has a low RAM to allocate it to the other processes and in that case your computer efficiency will also reduces and the process take so much time to respond.

Run disk clean up wizard

what is the signs of low memory and how to prevent low memory utilization?

Don't allow the programs to run on the computer that consumes too much memory and close all the programs that consume too much memory and check the following methods to know which program has taken most of the memory.

Open Task manager by right clicking on thetaskbar, and then clicking start task manager and then click on the processes tab and to sort programs by memory usage, click memory then you can see that various processes that takes memory.

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