Top 10 ways to Increase the speed and performance of the Windows 7

This is the complete guide for Improving the Windows 7 performance and speed. I have included all things you need to tweak your system. In this Article I would like to discuss about how to increase the speed and performance of windows 7 in ten ways. Since Windows 7 has already come with a good performance and speed. But you can get Best performance and speed from the Windows 7 by optimizing it using this guide.

Windows 7 is the Microsoft's best operating system and also it is the fastest selling OS. Windows 7 comes with lots of new features and improved graphics. But to get all these features you have to upgrade your system also. Otherwise your system will very slow and It's annoying one for you. By Optimizing the Windows 7 you can get the increased performance and speed in your system.

To increase speed and performance of Windows 7, follow the below steps :

Way #1: Disable User Account Control (UAC)

User Account Control means it needs the Administrator privileges when the local user runs the Application that needs Admin rights. But it's annoying one. Each time it' pop-up and asks that want to run this program.But disabling UAC will lead to a less secure system.


1. First click the 'Start' button and Type the 'UAC' in the search bar.
2. Open the search result 'Change User Account Control Setting'.
3. In Change User Account Control setting window, pull down the indicator from 'Always notify' to 'Never notify'.
4. Click 'Ok'.
That's it. No more annoying pop-ups from UAC.

Way #2: Disable search indexing:

Windows Index all your files and folders in the someplace of the Hard drive. And also your windows always indexing your files when you use your system. It significantly decreases the performance of your system. So by disabling this you can improve your windows performance.

Follow the Steps to disable Indexing:

1.First Click the Start button and type "services.msc" in the search Box or Press (Windows Key+ R) to open the Run Command. And you can Type 'services.msc' in the 'Run command' to open the services Window.
2.In the Services Window you should find 'Windows Search' service and Right click on that service and Select 'Properties'.
3.To disable the Search Indexing, in the properties windows you can select the "Disabled" option in the "Startup Type" field.
4. Finally Restart your computer to finish the Disable process.
Now your windows 7 computer runs significantly faster than earlier.

Way#3: Choose the Basic Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 comes with full graphical effects and It looks very good and nice. But if you have not the best video card, your system performance will slow. To get rid of this problem, follow the simple procedure to disable these effects.
Basic Theme Windows 7

1. Right click on the Empty space of The 'Desktop' and select 'Personalize'. Or go to 'control panel' and 'Appearance and personalization' and then click on the 'Personalize'.
2. In the 'Personalization' window, find 'Basic and high contrast themes' and select the 'Windows 7 basic' theme.
3.Now your theme lost the Aero effects, it's very useful when you have the low configuration video cards.It will significantly increase your system performance.

Way#4: Change the Schedule time of Auto Defragmentation

Windows 7 disk defragmenter always defragments your hard drive on the schedule time. If you choose Disk Defragmenter run on Weekly once, it will decrease the system performance notably.
It is not necessary to run the weekly once the Defragmenter. So you can change the Scheduled time. I show you how to change the Schedule time.
Here's how:
Schedule Disk Defragmenter

1.Click on the 'Start' button and Type 'Disk Defragmenter' in the search box.
2.Next Click on the 'Disk Defragmenter'.
3.In the 'Disk Defragmenter' window ,click on the 'Configure schedule'. It opens the 'Modify schedule' dialog Box.
4. In the 'Modify schedule' dialog box, change the 'Frequency' to Monthly like in the picture. Then you can set your desired time schedule on the 'Time' and 'Day' options. Finally select the hard disks that you want to defrag.

Way#5:Keep the Hard Disk Clean Up

Use the 'Disk cleanup' tool to Remove the temporary Internet files, downloaded program files, Windows temporary files such as error reports, installed programs that you no longer use, unused restore points and shadow copies from System Restore and Empty the Recycle Bin.

How to use Disk cleanup :

Method 1:

1.Go to computer and right click on the C: and select 'Properties'.
2.In the properties window 'click on the Disk Cleanup'
3.In the disk cleanup you can Clear the check boxes for files that you don't want to delete, and then click OK. are prompted to confirm that you want to delete the these files.There click Yes to confirm.
5.Repeat the same procedure for All disks in your computer.

Method 2:

1.Click on the 'start' button and type 'Disk cleanup' in the search box and Choose 'Disk cleanup'.
2.Now "Disk cleanup: drive selection" dialog box opens, here you can select the Local disks and click ok.
Disk cleanup: drive selection

3. In the disk cleanup you can Clear the check boxes for files that you don't want to delete, and then click OK. are prompted to confirm that you want to delete the these files. There click Yes to confirm.
5. Repeat the steps to cleanup all the local disks.

Way#6 : Windows Ready Boost Service

This Ready Boost feature helps you to use your pen drive or flash drive as RAM Memory. You need to have a High Speed Pen drive or Flash/USB, which is ready boost compatible. So that ,you can use the Ready boost service in Windows7. By using ready boost service you can increase the performance of your system.

Steps to use Ready Boost service:

1. You need to have a Ready boost compatible Pen drive. You can check that your Pen drive ready boost compatible, by insert the Pen drive in the USB drive. After inserting your pen drive, Right click on the 'Pen drive' and select 'Properties'. here click on the 'Ready Boost' tab. Here one message states that 'Your device not compatible' like that.
2. If your Pen drive compatible to ready boost, then click on the Ready boost tab on your pen drive properties dialog box.
3. Then Select 'the use this device' check box.
4. Next you can configure the how much space for Ready Boost service.

Way#7: Remove Spyware, Adware and Virus.

Many systems affected by the spyware, Adware and Viruses. They dramatically slow down your computer because they use System and memory resources .And they do some unwanted tasks like create popup ads, send spam and often interfere with Operating system and reason behind for your System crash and hang.
So use good Antivirus and spyware detecting and cleaning program to get rid of these harmful programs from your system.

Way#8: Use Simple Desktop

In order to get best performance from Operating system and Applications, you need to have good RAM memory.

Tip 1: Solid Colors

solid colore
Solid Color

If you have limited RAM in your system, then you can use simple solid color background in the desktop screen.
1.Right click on the empty area of the Desktop and select the 'Personalize'.
2.In the personalization window, Click on the 'Desktop Back ground' link.
3.In the Desktop Background, Choose the 'solid colors' in the Drop down list of the Picture location.
4.Then click 'save changes'.

Tip 2: Disable Sidebar

If you are not using sidebar gadgets, you can turn off the desktop gadgets. By disabling the Windows 7 sidebar, you can reduce the Windows start-up time.
1.For disable the side bar ,Right click on the sidebar and choose " Properties ".
2.In the 'properties' windows uncheck the check box that is " Start sidebar when Windows Starts "
3.Now you reduce the start up time by removing the sidebar.

Way#9: Turn off Aero

If you want best performance not a visual effects, you can turn off the Visual effects. These visual effects include all Aero glass effects, Aero peek and Aero peek feature. But it dramatically increases your windows 7 performance. Follow the steps to Get best performance.


Performance Options

1. Click on the 'Start' button and Right click on the 'Computer' and select 'properties'.
2.In the 'System' properties window, click on the 'Advanced system settings' link.It will open the 'System properties' dialog.
3.There ,you need to click on the 'Settings' under 'Performance' frame.
4.In 'performance Options' dialog, select 'Adjust for Best Performance' Radio button.
5. Finally click 'ok' and close the dialog boxes. Now You Turned off the all Visual effects and your system performance increased.

Way#10: Disable The Windows start up Programs.

This tweak is the important one because it will reduce your boot time. Yes, you can reduce your system boot up time by controlling your Automatic start up program when windows start. To control Windows start up programs, many third party softwares are available. But you can do this manually in window 7.

Here's how:

System Configuration

1. Click the Window key + R to open Run command. Type 'Msconfig' in the Run command and open Msconfig.
2. In the System configuration window, click the 'Start up' tab.
3.'Startup' displays all start up programs when Windows starts, here you can disable all the Applications except system needed Applications like Antivirus ,pointing device programs.
4. Disable the start up applications .If Prompt opens and asks for Restart system or Exit without Restart, it's your wish. Next time you start the system, you can feel the quick start up of windows 7.

I hope this guide will help you. I posted this information in based on my research how to increase the performance and speed of the windows 7.I personally applied these settings to my system and works well in speed and performance.

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