What is IIS and its features which is used for development of client server tecnology?

I will explain to you what is Internet Information Technology and are its features that are used in client server technology?

It stands for Internet Information Server and is the web server application created by the Microsoft for use with the Microsoft windows. It is the world most popular web server as it consists of various modules extension.

It is supported by the TCP/IP model and contains various protocols like FTP,FTPS, SMTP,NNTP and HTTP/HTTPS.

We have to configure it for our personal use and it is available with the window 7 and the window vista but some of the features are not supported by the client side computer.

It is based on the concept of dividing the work into the modules so that every required component provided with the easy installation and also reducing the risk factor involved and increases the security of the server as it rejects the suspicious files.

The main features of the modular architecture made it such that it is easy to install and other features of it are include the following –

what is IIT server and its features which is used for development of client server tecnology?

Security analyst

It is used to maintain high security level as it checks the status of each website by filtering it and checking its address from where it has send to the receiver and also checking the protocols through which the request has been received. The checking of the authorization and rights being given to the client side is also checked before providing resources to it.
Moreover, the user is also concern with the IP address of the client by tracing its IP address in some cases where more security is desirable.

Content mode

It is the module whose work is to check the content client has requested and sends it in such a way that I will have a proper frame rate and processing path such that same sought odd at is send to the client which the client has requested from the server.

Error free module

The work of this module is to check the hypertext transfer protocol which is meant for the communication between the two or more users. It also ensures that the data should be in the same form as requested by the client and should be error free and in proper sequential order and timer is also used for this purpose if the timer finish, it will show the error message "time out".

what is IIS and its features which is used for development of client server tecnology?

Compression data format

The task of this format is to send the data in the speedy way by reducing the size of the data such that it is easily transmitted on the transmission channels and receiver can get it in a lesser time and also to de compress the data the client has to install the software that perform the work of the de compressing.

Diagnostic tool

The work of this tool is to check whether there is a problem in the module or not, if there then help the server to know the location of the fault and provide suitable troubleshoot tips to remove that fault and also checks whether client is receiving the data for not and try to troubleshoot the problem is possible. But in the network it is difficult to remove the fault within one day, as it takes a lot of time.

Caching task

It is used to store the required information of particulate website visited by the client and in case a problem occurs then the server with the help of cache image provide the webpage to the client but this webpage is no more working and also contains no images and animations.

what is IIS and its features which is used for development of client server tecnology?

FTP service

It is used for the file transfer protocol according to which server can transfer the files for the client on the request made by the client and all this process take place under the action of the client server technology and with the help of the transport layer which act as a interface between the users.

Traffic control

As the traffic on the server is always so high .So, to protect the user from resource conflict and also to provide the circumstances of deadlock, the user is initializing the traffic control algorithm on the server side to control the traffic and reduce the delay in providing the resources to the users.

Management tool

The synchronization and the timing signals is used by the server to maintain appropriate timing for the communication, as some times you can see that the sessions are maintained between the users remotely with the fixed period of the time and all the server itself is responsible for the control and co-ordination signals.

what is IIS and its features which is used for development of client server tecnology?

Database and dynamic tool

The work of it is to provide the well defined and the integration of sorted data items such that it provides an easy access to the client and maintains the data of following item in an represent able format and also uses the changes stuff on the website .For example- At every day you will notice the different date and different data, this the responsibility of the server side scripting language which is handled by the IIS.


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