How to install PCI Sound Card in a Computer

I will explain you the steps required in the installation of the Sound card ? Sound card responsible for the sound coming from your PC.

Sound card

It the card which is responsible for the all video and audio sounds coming out of the PC and the best source of entertainment for the children and also for the adults as they get stick to music which is because of the sound card installed in the computer.

There are many steps used in the installation of sound card and are as follows-

How to install the sound card?

* You should switch off your power and then press the button of the until the forward light will be off and the fans spinning behind will not moving further.

* Always use the antistatic wrist strap when working inside the PC and provide the grounding with in the PC to prevent the other devices of PC from any kind of shock and power surge.

* Avoid using magnetized screwdrivers or the other conducting materials that offers conductivity at some temperature, also, avoid the use of the semi-conductors,while working inside the PC.

* Do not work rashly and work carefully on the motherboard as it contains so much small integration of circuits that will even affect the motherboard. As it will very small that we cannot see it with our naked eye,so avoid the touching of any kind to other components.

* Insert the sound card in its own slot to allow him to work properly and firmly and then look for the connection of various cables that connect the various devices.

How to install the sound card?

* It is inserted in the PCI slot, the problem you face with the cables to its I/O ports but the card instructions and the color coding should guide you.

* If you are going to install the ISA sound card, then there are problems like deadlock if you have a complete system already. The ISA sound card requires at least one DMA channel, two IRS's etc. For example- If you are installing a very old sound card in your new system or a new sound card in an older version of windows, you need to run the setup software for the sound card to complete its installation and configure its settings according to the sound cards.

* You should be very careful for the physical connectivity and the power connections during the installation. The driver is installed after the physical connections and finally the performance problems that include buzzing a feed back, quality, volume, bad sounds input connectivity etc are taken case of. Now your sound card installation is over and you can close the box.

* Before closing the case, check to see that all the expansion cards, RAM modules, and cable connections are still firmly in place.

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