Types of Computer Worms

Read about various types of worms that affect your computer and you are trouble!

Your computer needs security every time.

Have you ever heard of worms?
Oho no I'm not talking about earthworms (lol) rather taking about computer affecting worms.

Okay! Worms are found in networks which once enter your OS then become active and perform its malicious action. Not only by networks but also they can enter through other means like removal drivers.

Example of a worm:worm looks like

Below are some categories of worms, few you know and few you don't.

1.Email-worms :-

It infects your computers through e-mail. In emails an infected message contains an attached file containing either a copy of a worm, or a link to a worm file. When you click the link, download and then open the file, the worm become active. After this the worm will continue reproducing by sending copies of it to other e-mail addresses.

2.Net-Worms :-

clearly it is known as network worms which resides in network and distributed by networks only. You might have no idea how it can to your computer because it doesn't alert the user.

3.IM-Worm :-

IM worms means instant messaging worms. This worm enter through instant messaging like ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo messenger, Skype, GTalk etc. These worms use contact lists to send messages which contain a link to a worm file on a website. When a user downloads and opens the file, the worm will be activated.

4.P2P-Worm :-

these are file exchange worms. These enter through file-exchange peer-to-peer networks, such as Kazaa, Grokster, EDonkey, FastTrack or Gnutella.7. It is more complex worm because when it enters the computer through networks, it starts coping its file and delivers to others by your ID. The worms imitate the network protocols.

5.IRC-Worm :-

It is also an instant messaging worm. This type of worm stays on web in the form of file or download link. When ever you download and open the file, the worm will be activate and start replicate itself and send worm link to others by your chat.
Worms can also enter your mobile phones also.

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