Evolution of Different Operating Systems | History of Different Operating Systems

Operating systems have been there from the beginning of computers. Read this article to learn the history of comuter OS.

The History of Operating Systems

1956 - GM - NAA I/O : This is known as the first operating system which was introduced by a wel known company called General Motors. The Operating system GM - NAA I/O is developed on IBM 704 Mainframe Computer.

It was just developed for General Motors batch processing works, it is known as the first operating system.

1969 - UNIX : KEN Thompson and Denis Ritchie were developed a game called "Space Travel", for the purpose to run the game they were needed an operating system which should have high performance platform, And they developed an operating system which became most famous those days which is called as UNIX.

1973 - XEROX ALTO : The first operating system with graphical interface, it was developed for only research purpose and used by many till 1981.

1981 - MS DOS : The first step of Bill Gates with his Company Microsoft designed the first operating system which later became very famous with its all updates and still going on.

1983 - LISA OS : The first OS by Apple Side by side with Microsoft but with some advanced techniques, this was the first OS by Apple and which came with the desktop with mouse and some graphic features later Microsoft grasped the concept and improved with its latest operating systems.

1985 - Microsoft Windows 1.0 : This was the first step of Microsoft after getting the concept from Apple's Desktop PC with Mouse and Lisa OS, Microsoft Develped it's first OS with Graphical Interface for DOS, and named it as Windows, It was not worked long but it entered the Graphical Platform Era. and Later develped with latest versions of Windows.

1989 - EPOC 16 : This is the First Symbian Multitasking Operating System with graphical interface for mobile devices.

1992 - LINUX : Linus Torvaids Released the first operating system with Unix Kernel as open source, It was actually wanted to named as Freax by the Develper and it came into existense with name LINUX.

1995 - Windows 95 : The was the first successfull graphical interface operating system by Micrsoft which was a hit around the world in the computing history, it was the first 32 bit Operating System for home users with multitasking facility and also with GUI.

It was the first operating system which has completed long 5 years with the users until it was modified and updated with Other versions.

2001 - Windows XP & MAC OS X : These are the most famous graphical interface operating systems.

Windows XP with its combination of NT and 95 series became most famous operating system in the world, even today it is running succesfully around the world.

At the same time the MAC OS X with its own Apple Macintosh computers is made noise and grasped the market but due to huge prices it did not get huge sales but it is unique and best operating system which is UNIX based OS and also with its colorful Animated desktop elements.

2007 - 2010 : Microsoft research team made more experiments and solved the total blue screen and buffer overflows with its re-engineered architecture and came with its latest versions Windows Vista and now with its update Windows 7.

Let us see what happens till 2020. Waiting for New Releases of OS which will make us more user friendly.

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