Top 5 email service providers

In this resource I will give top 5 email service providers.

Here are the top 5 email service providers you can trust on to build your company's email network

1. Gmail

Gmail needs no introduction . Ii is a product of google and the most used email provider in the world. The best thing about Gmail in my opinion is its simplicity just like other google products.

Pros of Gmail

1. Gmail gives sufficient storage space to its users.
2.Gmail also provides free IMAP or POP access .
3.Allthe features are easy to use.
4.Using your gmail you can talk to friends online on gtalk also.

Cons of Gmail

1.Gmail does not support secure email .
2.Gmail does not gives unlimited online space like others.
3.It does not provides password security as much as yahoo mail.

Description of Gmail

1.It offers sufficient space to every user.However you may purchase additional storage too.
2.Gmail also shows ads based on keywords near the mail.
3.It also comes with spam filter.
4. All the services in gmail are free. Earlier when it started you needed an invitation from a gmail user to get a gmail account.
5. Using gmail you can receive and send emails . You can also add attachments to your mails.
6.A new feature google buzz is also available with gmail.
7. Gmail supports rich text formatting and can display many attachment types

2. Yahoo mail

Yahoo Mail is a popular mail service that provides unlimited storage.

Pros of Yahoo Mail

1.Yahoo Mail provides email, instant messaging and SMS text messaging together.
2.Yahoo mail has an interesting feature of Keyboard shortcuts.
3.Yahoo Mail provides unlimited online storage.

Cons of Yahoo Mail

1.The spam filter of Yahoo Mail is not as effective as that of gmail.
2.It lacks smart folders.
3.It lacks IMAP access feature.

Description of Yahoo Mail

1.Yahoo Mail provides unlimited online storage.
2.You can also send sms messages using yahoo mail.
3.It has comparatively weak spam filter.
4.It has a feature of blocking unwanted email addresses.
5.Feature of address auto-completion is very helpful.
6.Drag and drop feature is also very good.

3. AIM mail

AIM Mail is a product of AOL. It is a free web-based email service having unlimited online storage and a very effective spam protection .

Pros of AIM Mail

1.AIM Mail has outperformed all other email services in terms of security features.
2.It has a user friendly interface.
3.It comes with integrated calendar and chat.
3.AIM Mail gives unlimited storage space for free.
4.It also allows POP or IMAP access

Cons of AIM Mail

1.It does not support encryption.
2.It does not offers any labels.
3.Email search is not that much efficient.

Description of AIM Mail

1.AIM Mail is a product of AOL.
2.It offers unlimited storage space.
3.The spam filter in AIM Mail is also very good.
4.AIM mail allows HTML formatting.
5.You can easily acces AIM mail from your mobile phone.
6.AIM mail comes with an instant messaging client.
7.It also contains an integrated calendar.
8.AIM mail also protects your computer privacy and computers security.

4. is a free email service offering 5 GB storage space to its users.

Pros of provides POP access as well.
2.It provides 5 GB of online space.
3.The spam filter of is very effective.

Cons of does not offer IMAP access.
2.Smart folder option is missing in
3.It does not allow encrypted mail.
4.It does not support digital signatures.

Description of allows 5GB online space to its users.
2.Feature of labels and filters is available.
3.The spam filter in is very effective.
4.Images can be stopped in emails.
5.It also supports HTML formats in emails.
6.You can increase storage space to 30 GB by paying some fees.

5. Fast mail

FastMail is an impressive email service .

Pros of FastMail

1.Fastmail also provides free IMAP access.
2.You can acces your other email accounts too using fastmail.
3.Fastmail is very simple and easy to use.

Cons of FastMail

1. Fast mail lacks calendar.
2. Fat mail lacks small folder feature.
3. It also does not have labels.
4. It also does not have task manager.

Details of FastMail

1. Fast mail is free.
2. Fast mail gives space upto 6 GB.
3. It also provides IMAP access.
4. Auto reply feature is very useful.
5. It is capable of handling phishing attempts too.
6. It also comes with an address book.

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