MCTS 70-680 Exam preparation guide and topics

This article explains Microsoft Certification Exam MCTS 70-680 preparation guide and it includes covered topics for the 70-680 Exam.

MCTS 70-680 Windows 7 exam is the recent addition to the Microsoft Windows exam category, Most of the questions will be based on the real-time experience. Without understanding Windows 7 system you can't be expertise in 70-680. For passing Microsoft MCTS 70-680 exam you need to score at least 70 % to be certified as Enterprise Configuration, otherwise you will get Enterprise Administrator, Enterprise Desktop Administrator or Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7 based on your score and based on your answers and the analyzed based on various skill levels.

Soon we will introduce practice test exams for 70-680 in our Resource section.

70-680 exam is in multiple-choice format, which contains 40 – 60 questions, Duration is 135 minutes

Exam cost is $125 for each exam

Check the Material and resources for 70-680 in the below link

Check the TechNet also for more information do not rely on dumps, you will not get any knowledge from dumps.

Topics to Learn and prepare yourself before going for Exam

Overview for Windows 7

Overview of windows includes the new features in Window 7 like security enhancements, understanding the system requirements, Usability Enhancements, Installation, Utilities and tools and more about the basic features in Windows 7

Installation and Configuration in Windows 7 – 14 % and Imaging, Deployment and VHDs – 13 %

  • How to do clean Windows 7 installation, understanding the system before installation
  • How to upgrade Windows 7 from other operating systems
  • How to migrate the setting from previous versions of Windows
  • How to do installation using Imaging or cloning the operating system
  • How to resolve the hardware, compatibility issues related to installation or upgrade

Configuration of Device Drivers and Disks – 14 %

  • How to add new, modify the existing Partition Windows 7 using "Configuration Management". How to manage the partitioned disks
  • How to install and configure the device drivers and update the device drivers. How to add/remove a new hardware and install/uninstall the device drivers in Windows 7
  • How to manage the disk volumes, File system fragmentation in Windows 7 client machine

Configuring File access and printers on Windows 7 Client systems – 14 %

  • How to manage the shared files and folder in networked computer which is in a Domain or workgroup
  • How to give secure access for a shared folder and share to a group and how to set group policy access, Authentication and authorization for a Windows 7 client machine
  • How to configure Files and folder compression Install and Manage printer access with group policies and permissions

Configuring Network in Windows 7 – 14 %

  • How to configure the network connectivity and manage the IP address allocation in a networked environment
  • How to configure IPv4 and IPv6 Network connectivity in Windows 7 Client machine
  • How to troubleshoot the network connectivity issues and other network issues by using Windows 7 tools

How to Configuring Wireless Network – 14 %

  • Overview and Configuring Wireless Network with different technologies troubleshoot the wireless network connections and resolve related issues

How to secure your Windows 7 Desktops – 13 %

  • Understanding the Windows 7 security management and how to secure your Windows 7 client computer using local group polices
  • How to secure the client system data by using BitLocker drive encryption using TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip.
  • How to secure which browsing the Internet with Internet Explorer 8 using the centralized security settings or client machine settings.
  • How to Configure and secure with maximum protection using Windows Firewall, UAC (User Account Control), Windows Defender, Security Essentials, Action Center and restricting application installation

Windows 7 Optimization, Maintenance and Monitoring Backup and Restore – 11%

  • How to configure Performance settings, improve and troubleshoot performance and reliability performance using Windows 7 performance and diagnostic tools and also monitor systems
  • How to take backup of the system and restore the Windows system using Windows 7 utility from the system restore and how to configure Windows 7 Updates on Windows 7 Client machine

How to Configure Mobile and Remote Access in Windows 7 – 10 %

  • How to set rights and configure the Mobile computing and setting access for the same.
  • How to set access to remote desktop, remote desktop assistance for the Remote access by using Email and DirectAccess, Network Access Protection (NAP) in Windows 7
  • How to configure or enable BranchCache feature in Windows 7 for Web servers and Files servers

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