Speed Up Windows 7 Performance

This article explains How to improve the performance of Windows 7 and how to optimize the Windows 7 operating system to work better using Windows utilities and some other hidden features of Windows 7

Windows 7 Optimization tips and tricks

Windows operating system is having many tools and utilities to optimize the System. Many of the services and options which are not needed to work with Windows operating system. You can optimize and improve the efficiency of you computer by removing the unwanted programs, disabling some of the hardware features and unwanted services.

Tips 1

Window 7 Startup will initiate many services which are not required to work with windows. Once you install Messenger application and some other software will add the service to windows startup will add additional headache to the windows startup. To remove the unwanted startup service from Windows startup Run command type "msconfig" will open "System Configuration" Windows and then click the "Startup" tab and then remove the other software services from the startup than go to "Services" tab and then select "Hide all Microsoft services" and then it will list all other services you can disable will improve the performance of your computer.

Tips 2

Windows 7 Disk Defragment provides more options than previous version of Windows operating system. Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter user allows you to defragment multiple volumes simultaneously. Using the defragment scheduler will automatically defragment your drives will optimize your computer free memory space will improve the hard disk performance.

Tips 3

Check your disk space and if the disk space is less than 15 percentage of your total disk space then the performance of the computer will be slow and delete the unwanted files or do a disk cleanup to remove the temporary internet files, Delete all the files from recycled bin, Unselect the windows component that you don't' use like IIS or Games and many more, Remove the older system restore point if you don't require the restore point at all, uninstall unwanted software will improve the hard disk and operating system performance.

Tips 4

Check the integrity of your system files by running the "Error-Checking utility" by clicking your hard disk drive and right click the mouse button and select "Properties" and Click "Tools" tab and click the "Check Now…" button will check for "Scan for and attempt recovery of bar sector" will fix any issues with your hard disk will improve the hard disk and system performance.

Tips 5

You can ReadyBoost to increase the speed of your computer. It will use a USB flash drive or a Flash Memory card. Remember this option will be available only in Windows Vista and 7. Connect the USB flash drive or a Flash and it will open up Autoplay window. In General option select "Speed up my system" it will show the properties of the Flash Drive. Select the "ReadyBoost" tab and select either "Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost" or "Use this device". Dedicate this device option will use all the memory of the Flash drive. If you select Use this device options then the system will use portion of the Flash drive disk space to improve the performance of the system.

Tips 6

In Windows 7 by default send to will have only few options to send the file to other locations. You can bring up more options by pressing "Shift" button and then right click the mouse button (Mouse button 3) now you can see more locations to place your selected file. This option is available only in Windows 7.

Tips 7

To improve the performance of the switching between windows in Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can disable the animation effects by using "Performance Options" window you can bring up the Performance options windows by using SystemPropertiesPerformance command from Run Command prompt of System Startup and select "Visual Effects" tab and then uncheck the "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing" and click "OK" button and check the performance of the Switching between windows.

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Hi JK, Recently I started using Windows 7 Operating System. I find the tips provided in this article extremely useful for a beginner like me. Especially the Tips @ No.5 was real good one. If you would have provided the screen shots for the same, it would have been far more better.

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