Flock Social browser 2.6 for Windows 7

This article is about the Flock Social Browser 2.6 for windows 7. This articles contains all the features of flock social browser 2.6.

Flock social browser 2.6 for windows 7 is a free product of Flock, which is the sister concern of Mozilla.
With the help of this browser you can browser social networking websites easily.
You don't need to open social networking websites separately. You can simply login through this social browser. It is free to download and no hidden charges.


Features of Flock Social Browser for Windows 7

1) Multiple social sites :- You can login into multiple social networking website.
You don't need to login separately in any social networking websites. You can simply
login through this flock social browser.


2) People Sidebar in Flock :- flock social browser have a features of people sidebar.
It means that you can see your friends on right bar of this browser. You can see who
is following you and to whom you are following.


3) Photo Up loader :- Flock Browser have the feature of photo up loader.
You can need to simply drag the photo to the particular website. These features saves the time of the user and no need to open any other social networking website or no need
to use any other photo hosting website.


4) Blog Editor :- Flock browser have the feature of blog editing. It means that you can
upload any article to your blog without opening the blog. You can simply write the article and drag
it to the particular blog site or may be your own blog.


5) Add Favorites :- Flock Browser have the feature of one click add favorite
feature. Now you can add your favorite website in your bookmark by simply a single click.

6) Multiple Mail Account :- Now you can access multiple web mail account in flock
social browser. With the help of this feature you don't need to open the webmail separately.
You will the notification of new mail in your account.

7) Customize Themes :- You can add your own themes on flock social browser. If you
don't like the theme of this flock browser. Then you can add your own theme by a single click.
This will upload the new theme and install it in your flock browser.

8) Custom Extension :- You can add you own custom extension in flock social browser.
Even you can add mozilla extension in flock social browser. All you have to do is download the
mozilla extension on your computer and install in your own flock browser.

You can download this flock social browser 2.6 on your computer.
Just click the below link of flock social browser official website.
It is free to download and no hidden charges.

Visit Flock Social Browser 2.6 - http://flock.com/

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