Ubuntu Linux Installation and Review

Ubuntu has been one of the best open source Linux OS over the years, in this article I tell you the features of the OS and the pros and cons of the OS.

Ubuntu is a free open source Linus OS which has won millions of hearts all over the world. Ubuntu which means "humanity towards others", is just serving that purpose by distributing free OS to users who cannot afford to buy one OS. Ubuntu provides an up-to-date, stable operating system for the average user, with a strong focus on usability and ease of installation. Ubuntu can be either downloaded free from the internet or can be requested to be delivered on your doorstep free of cost, with the help of delivery companies, it is sponsored by a UK-based company called "Canonical", instead of making profit by selling the OS they create revenue by distributing the Free OS.

Ubuntu as a Linux is virus free unlike Windows, so there is no need of Anti-Virus. Ubuntu is best used by user who have Windows and Linux side by side with important documents as Linux acts as a safeguard to the PC, whenever Windows crash and there is need to back-up files, Ubuntu can be booted without any problem and back-up can be made from Ubuntu itself. Ubuntu comes installed with a wide range of software that includes OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Empathy (Pidgin), Transmission, GIMP, and several lightweight games to help pass your time. Additional software that is not installed by default can be downloaded using the package manager. GNOME (the current default desktop) offers support for more than 46 languages. Ubuntu can also run many programs designed for Microsoft Windows (such as Microsoft Office), through Wine. Ubuntu is mainly designed for users surfing on the net so Ubuntu has one of the most powerful in-built firewalls for safe internet connections. Ubuntu can also work in a pretty low end computer as it consumes very less resources.


Ubuntu can be installed by a Live CD. Ubuntu can be installed in the computer as only a CD based OS, for users having very less hard disk space or having a "test-drive" of the OS or can be installed on in the hard disk for users who want to use it on a regular/daily basis. The Live CD also contains the Ubiquity installer, which then can guide the user through the permanent installation process. CD images of all the previous Ubuntu can be downloaded from the Ubuntu home page if you find the old OS better and easier to use. Users can download Ubuntu from the Ubuntu Home Page as a disk image(.iso), which can be later written to a CD and used as a Live CD. A Microsoft Windows migration tool, called Migration Assistant, can be used to import bookmarks, desktop background ,and also various settings from Microsoft Windows. Ubuntu and Kubuntu can now also be booted and run from a USB Flash drive making it more portable which is one of the main factors in the modern world, with the option of saving settings to the flash drive. In newer versions of Ubuntu, the USB creator program is available to install Ubuntu on a USB drive.


Ubuntu focuses on easy user-interface and usability, it is one of the most capable Linux in the whole world having a 50% usage share in all Linux's. Ubuntu has one of the most simplest OS and user-interface helping the user understand nearly all of the Ubuntu's features just after few days of usage.

Features of Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu come pre-loaded with a text editor that is OpenOffice.org, unlike the Windows in which you have to install Microsoft Office for having an editor.
  • Ubuntu enables you to surf the net with the pre-loaded Mozilla Firefox which is the world best browser.
  • You can download free software from Ubuntu itself which supports thousands of open-source softwares.
  • You can chat and send e-mail in Ubuntu with the help of some of the best softwares for chatting and sending e-mails that are Empathy IM and Evolution Mail.
  • Ubuntu's new Me Menu lets the user access his social accounts like Facebook and Twitter accounts straight away from his desktop itself.
  • Ubuntu allows users to edit, view and store pictures with the help of a pre-loaded software called F-Spot.
  • Ubuntu allows users to make, play and edit videos and movies in the OS with help of a pre-loaded software called the Pitivi video editor.
  • Ubuntu is the fastest and the lightest OS, it starts up in a matter of a seconds and allows the user to access the files as soon as it starts.
  • Ubuntu allows user to play thousands of free games on the Ubuntu OS for entertainment.

  • Pros of Ubuntu:
  • Ubuntu will not slow down with time unlike other OS
  • Ubuntu has no viruses, so no antivirus needed.
  • Ubuntu comes out-of-the-box with most of the software you need, and a large quantity of more free software is installable right from the desktop
  • Ubuntu is very user-friendly.
  • Ubuntu is always free.

  • Cons of Ubuntu:
  • Ubuntu can't run all Windows programs, except some
  • Adobe Flash Player is a little slower on Linux, so some online games might be little choppy
  • Ubuntu needs to be connected to the internet for proper functioning.

  • Download free Ubuntu OS for your desktop from - www.ubuntu.com

    Ubuntu now also comes in a netbook edition.

    Features of Netbook Version

  • Chat, tweet and socialize and get online straight away. Whether you use WiFi, 3G or bluetooth, you can get connected in no time.
  • You can now read your favourite ebooks on the move with FBReader. You can search text, view images and read in full-screen mode.
  • Upload, manage and edit your photos with F-Spot. Then share them with your friends on your favourite social networking sites.

  • Download free Ubuntu OS for your desktop from - www.ubuntu.com

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