Facts about the processor fan in the motherboard

There are lots of important feature to discuss about the Processor Fan. This resource will provide detailed information about the processor fan. This resource will provide valuable information about the processor fan in the motherboard.

Importance of processor Fan

The processor Fan plays a major role in maintaining the health and life of the system processor. The processor fan is first placed above the Processor of the system. There are various reasons on why the processor fan is used in a motherboard. The processor fan helps in driving away the heat that is generated by the Processor when it is running. When the processor is running it produces loads of heat. The fan speed is based on the heat generated in the Processor. Most of them may think that some alternative coolant can be brought up instead of using the processor fan. But the coolants that are used will not be efficient enough to drive away the heat produced by the Processor.

CPU fan

In the older generation computers the Processor fans were not used instead Heat sinks were used. There are lots of difference between the heat sink and the processor fan. The processor fan is efficient enough to drive away lots of heat from the processor. When heat sink is used the processor cannot be used for a long time. There were lots of restrictions existed. This is the reason why the heat sinks were changed to the processor fans. The speed of the processor fans can also be regulated based on the heat produced by the processor.

Another important factor that has to be noted is that without the processor fan there is a greater risk that the processor will burst off. There are many demonstrations shown to prove that the processor fan is very much essential and without it the processor will burst off due to excess heat.

Adjust the processor fan speed

There are options for adjusting the processor fan speed based on our requirement. Mostly the processor speed is tuned automatically by the bios feature of the motherboard or by the heat that is released in the processor. The processor fan happens to rotate very fast of there are many process running in the processor and if the processor emits lots of heat out. In the bios screen we can go for the option of controlling the Processor fan speed. Below image shows on how to control the Fan speed in BIOS menu.

Bios fan speed

In increasing the speed of the processor fan we can remove the heat that is produced in the processor. And sometimes the processor fan rotates at the greater speed always with a big sound. This might be because of the dust that surrounds and covers the processor fan. If the dust is removed the unnecessary processor fan speed can be reduced.

Cleaning the processor fan

The cleaning of the processor fan is very much essential. When the processor fan runs continuously, after many days it is totally covered with dusts. It is necessary that we go for the cleaning of the dust in the processor fan. The processor fan can be removed from the motherboard and cleaned or the processor fan can be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner directly without removing the processor fan from the motherboard. Sometimes the processor fan might be fully covered with the dust and that makes lots of noise in the CPU.

Dust in cpu fan

When the processor fan is cleaned then the noise from the CPU will be reduced and the fan speed will also be controlled. When the dust is present, the processor fan runs with greater speed and if the dust is removed the normal speed of the processor fan is reached and which will be more helpful in driving the heat away from the processor.

Reducing the sound of the Processor fan

The reason for the sound in the processor is because of the dust that is present in the processor fan. Once if the dust is removed from the processor fan then the sound of the processor fan will also be reduced. The basic reason for the sound of the processor fan is because the fan will be rotating with a very high speed. When the processor fan rotates with the speed higher than the usual speed then the huge noise will be produced. In the following image you can find how much dust is covered in the processor fan. This will only create huge noise.

CPU dust

At the initial stage when it is a new CPU then there will not be much dust inside so the processor fan will not produce high sound. But when days roll on the dust formation takes place and gradually the sound is produced in the CPU. The processor also starts to rotate with a greater speed because of the dust. So when cleaning is done then the processor fan speed can be reduced and sound can also be cleared.


Author: Shaikh Izaj Ahmed27 Jun 2010 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Thanks Mr. Balasubramanian S for this great post, no one is bothering about the processor fan in computers, becuase they dont know the importance of processor fans, I had seen many people even dont fit it properly.

Three things is very important for processor fans on computers:

1. The fitting part, it should be fitted properly and should find a compatible fan for the processors, Before buying it we should check whether it is compatible or not, becuase we have to maintain the speed and cooling system of various processors. and for this you have mentioned a great point on setting of the speeds control alert in the bios above.

2. The cleaning part: We should check atleast in a month that whether the fan is working properly or not and also we have to clean it when we are using our computers in dusty areas near to road, in the shops, becuase there is lot of dust and it makes the fan to run slow and even some times it stops, and also we have to check whether there is any cable on the processor fan which will stop running the fan and if it is not running then the pc hangs many times due to the uncontrollable heat of CPU.

3. We have to read the processor booklet to check how much degree celcius it requires to cool the cpu and have to set the alert in the Bios to give message when it comes down.

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