Adsense: understand & make money from Adsense

The Much Anticipated Money Making of the World is Adsense, a Product of Google, to the Publishers from the Manufacturers/Service Providers through Google.

Adsense: Understand,Learn and Earn:

What is Adsense:

Google AdSense is a Ad sharing Platform Between, Google and a Website Owner / Content, based on the Content on the pages in which Google Displays their Ad's.Now To Apply for the Adsense you should have a Good Website,Pages which is more enough for Google to Index and Crawl it as well, should carry the keywords which is targeted by the Google Ad-words through which Google Adsense Get's the Advertisements.

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What Adsense Do:

Google AdSense matches ads to your site's content/words and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them - Adsense

Understanding Adsense Term's:

Probably it's a not difficult task for many of us to realize and understand what is CTR,CPM,eCPM and Channels and other Adsense Terminology, We can't Increase our Earnings in Adsense unless or otherwise we thoroughly understood the adsense, Terms used in your Adsense account, hoe to get expertise in adsense and ultimately how to make tons of money with Adsense.

Now Adsense is a little familiar to you and you can go for understanding the Adsense Terms as below, here below is the List of Terms Which is Used in Adsense.

Adsense Understanding

Page Impression:

A page impression is a one which occurs,when every time a user views a web page displaying Google ads or adsense
Advertisements.For example, if you have a page displaying adsense ad unit and it is viewed one time, then your page has generated one page impression.

So it is a best Idea to keep in mind to check the generated adsense page impressions now and then to know how your Ads are performing by logging in to your Adsense account.


Number of clicks on your Ad-sense unit,Your Clicks on Adsense Ad's may be Higher Or Lower, based on your Content which Triggers the Content reader / User of your Page Click on on a AD.

The more Higher Click so the More earnings here,as More Clicks in your Adsense Gives More Money, you can make sure that you write/Design your Pages According to the Adsense in Mind.

Page CTR:

Adsens CTR or Click Through Ratio is the percentage of page impressions that could takes your Readers for a click,in your Adsense Ad's at a Page.

For instance, if your blog which is having a adsense advertisement gets 1000 page impressions and 100 of them result in a click, then the CTR for your site is 10%.


Cost-per-thousand-impressions or CPM is the money which is an advertiser of Particular Adsense advertisement pays for every 1000 times a user views their advertisements, and an impression is recorded.

Effective Analysis on CPM will teach us which type of Ad unit is doing good.


eCPM is also known as Effective cost-per-thousand impressions, in Adsense Terminology, which is Helping a Adsense Publisher to study the Money Made on adsense channels and advertising programs.

A Good Standing in eCPM means, Adsense estimated earnings for every 1000 impressions the ad-units Get.
eCPM is not used in Calculating Revenue in adsense but ecpm is related to the adsense tracking and Linked with Earnings.

Understanding eCPM:

It's Very easy To Understand eCPM as below

eCPM = (Earnings X 1000) / No.of Impressions.

Ad units:

It is used to display a block of Google Adsense Advertisements, there are a Number of Ad units available in AdSense, like Square, Rectangle, Leader-board, Sky-scarper, Link units and so on.

Total estimated earnings:

This is the Total Amount which you Earned through adsense on a Particular Day, this may Vary Depends upon the performance of the Adsense units which is Displayed in your Website.

I think,i have discussed a little only interns of adsense,do post your Comments,and Message me if you have any Doubt's on Adsense.

Happy Day's of Money Making with Adsense :)


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Author: Korra23 Apr 2015 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Google AdSense is definitely the best and most popular ad network for blog monetizing. No other ad network can even compete with AdSense. Many bloggers are earning huge money from Google Adsense. But many people try to misuse the system. They exchange ad clicks. Hence, they get banned by Google from using Adsense anymore.

Guest Author: furqan04 May 2015

This is excellent information on understanding how to generate earnings from AdSense.

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