Pros and Cons of WiFI

As a coin has two sides there are pros and cons for everything. This article discusses the pros and cons of WiFi or Wireless

Pros and Cons of using Wireless on Laptops:

People who have read my article on WiFi (/resources/2610-What-WiFI.aspx) will be well aware what is wireless.

Now since we are aware of a particular thing we would be more benefited if we are also aware of the pros and cons ( advantages and disadvantages) of using it.

So let me put before you few of the Pros and Cons of using Wireless

Pros :

1) Time-saver : Assume you are waiting for some important mail to arrive. It is 12 in the noon and you have a long meeting from 1 PM to say 6 PM. You need to go to the cafeteria to have your lunch and at the same time need to forward the mail as soon as it arrives. Here the wireless plays a crucial role. You can take your laptop to the cafeteria and monitor your mailbox while having your lunch. As soon as you receive the mail you can forward it too. So, you are saving lot of time here and also able to complete multiple things at a time.

2) Flexible : Wireless networking enables you to move from one place to another without having to miss any information.

3) Increased productivity: Wireless enables you to convert the down time between meeting into productive time. For example, you may be attending a conference and just found out that one of the sessions you were planning on attending has been canceled. Rather than waste the next hour, you can check e-mail, start compiling your trip report or do any other work online

4) Easy collaboration: Using wireless you can easily share files and information with others. For example, you can collaborate on a presentation with colleagues during a traffic jam.

Now as we are aware of the positive points lets also have a look at the negative image of wireless. Strictly speaking there is only one negative aspect. Hearing only one do not take it easy as this feature alone can make us turn our heads upside down if anything wrong happens. The one and the only major negative side of Wireless is :

Security : When working wireless in public places like airports or malls where WiFi is provided, we should be more careful of the security of our data. To make network access easier for the users, all security turned off. This means that any information you send from a hot spot is most likely unencrypted, and anyone within range of the wireless LAN, whether at a next table or in the parking lot, can access and use your Internet connection, and look at your unprotected information.

So, now it is your turn to decide where and how to use WiFi or Wireless effectively.

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