PortraitPro 24 - A trustworthy retouching software for professional photo editing- Review

In a world where Instagram and YouTube have provided the job of "influencing" to thousands of people, Photo Retouching software is a utility that has a wide user base. In today's AI-driven world, there are a plethora of photo retouching tools. Among them, Anthropics PortraitPro 24 is one of the top players that we are going to review today.

Anthropics is a big name in developing image editing tools that focus on different professional use cases. StudioMax PortraitPro is one of the most promising tools in its repertoire that focuses on retouching. Recently, the application has received an upgrade to version 24 and we are here to check out what is new and which features have been further enhanced.

In this review, we will try to understand how effective photo retouching has been with this tool and how PortraitPro can be the right tool for your specific needs.

What is PortraitPro?

PortraitPro is a photo retouching tool developed by Anthropics. It uses Artificial intelligence to apply retouching effects to the photos automatically. It can quickly identify facial features along with hair and other body parts. Once that is done, the tool lets you handle different aspects of retouching in a very easy-to-use interface.

If you are a newbie to photo retouching, you can use most of the default settings. With our experience with the tool, most of the default settings work just great. However, if you are an experienced photographer, the tool lets you modify each of the settings to refine the results further. You can also make use of a massive list of manual controls. Apart from that, PortraitProsoftware also offers unique effects to get more outstanding results. These include changing the hair color, adjusting the body hue, and even customizing the light.

New features on PortraitPro V 24

Having understood what PortraitPro is and how it helps in photo retouching, let us check out the new features introduced in the latest version, 24.

The new version has introduced the following new features -
  • Mouth InPainting & Teeth Replacer
  • Glasses Reflection Remover
  • Face Recovery
  • Skin and Hair masks
  • New Gender and Age detector
  • Advanced Batch Mode Control (Studio Max Only)
  • Improved workflow featuring: seamless switching between faces in group shots, effortless preset sharing, streamlined preset search box, more image saving options, applying multiple presets to each picture (Studio Max only)

Let us try detailing a few few features in a finer detail-

Mouth Inpainting & Teeth Replacer
The tool now lets you refine the facial features and remove some of the flaws in the face of your portrait. The AI-driven feature also lets you replace the teeth and make them look more authentic and aesthetic. In our view, this feature may have more to do with personal preferences, but software that can do it should be something quite useful and practical.

The feature lets you address flaws such as chopped lips or discoloration in the facial features. The ability to whiten and straighten the teeth should help you create perfect portraits.

Glass reflection remover
There is an optimised glass optimisation feature on PortraitPro V24. You can now remove the unwanted reflections from the glasses so that people can find the radiant reflection in your eyes rather than that on the glasses. There are intuitive sliders that can help you achieve customised results.
glass reflection
Your subject does not need to struggle with a specific angle to remove reflections from their glasses. Take a portrait from any angle you prefer and then remove the reflections using AI. That should give you creative freedom.

An innovative face recovery
"We're thrilled to introduce PortraitPro 24, which pushes the boundaries of portrait editing with its powerful Generative AI capabilities," - that's what Alexander Berend, CEO at Anthropics, says. This feature provides creative freedom to the photographers to achieve highly professional results in less time.
If you have a portrait with blurry features and faces, the Face Recovery feature lets you restore the sharp features. This is a very useful feature in group photos. As we are well aware, getting everyone to focus in a group image is not possible. The Face Recovery feature lets you bring every face into focus.

An enhanced and streamlined workflow
Anthropics understand the importance of a faster and easier workflow. Version 24 of PortraitPro introduces several features to help streamline your workflow as a professional photographer-
  • You can easily switch between the faces in a group shot
  • You can easily create presets and share them across your projects
  • You can also explore several images save options

Some other features that are worthy of mention include improved age and gender detection capabilities, advanced batch mode control (for the Studio Max version), and hair and skin masks.

Available editions and pricing

PortraitPro V24 is available in three different versions.
Standard Version - It works as a standalone tool for JPEG or 24-bit (8-bit) TIFF files. You can buy it for $59.95.
Studio Edition - If you work with RAW files or 16-bit TIFFs, you can choose the Studio edition of PortraitPro. The version is available at $89.95
Studio Max - If you are a professional photographer and have been working with multiple images, you will need to opt for the Studio Max edition. The edition is available at $179.95.

In conclusion

In all, we would recommend PortraitPro V 24 for the discerning photographers among you. Even if you are not a photographer but have a flair for photography and photo editing, PortraitPro should be a formidable tool that simplifies your photo retouching experience.

The tool makes it very easy and simple to retouch your photos. If your work forces you to take portraits in difficult lighting conditions, this tool from Anthropics should be an excellent option by many counts.


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