How to delete saved data from PS5?

Have you ever wondered how to delete old data on your PlayStation 5? Well, that is not a tough task. However, there are times when you may want to delete only the saved data. Let us explore the steps involved in deleting old saved data that you will never need again.

It might have happened to you if you tend to install and remove a lot of games on your PlayStation 5. When you delete a game from your PlayStation, only the game is deleted, and it retains the saved game data. This saved data may continue to accumulate on your device.

So, let us explore the best methods to help you quickly delete the saved data from your PS5.

Does Deleting a Game Delete Its Saved Data?

No, simply deleting a game from your PS5 does not delete the saved game data. But this is not a glitch on PS5. This is indeed a helpful feature. The feature lets you enjoy the game without the need to download the game data all over again if you decide to enjoy the game once again.

This would mean you can easily remove a game on your console, download another one, and then redownload the older one if you wish, beginning exactly from where you left off. In essence, this feature is useful for PS5 users to uninstall and download games without losing any data.

Why do you need to delete saved data on PS5?

Having old saved data on your PS5 does not take up much space on your phone. But it can keep adding up. If you have several games with saved data for more than a year or so, it can take up precious gigabytes from your storage total.

If you have many years of gaming saved on your device, it can make your console go a little slow in performance. Imagine you have a few games that you have exhausted already and are no longer interested in. These types of old saved data may be worth deleting. If you have games that you have not yet finished or if you have games that you may decide to be back one day to, avoid deleting the saved data for these games.

How to delete saved data from PS5?

Having understood why you may need to delete the saved data from PS, we will now check out the right methods to achieve this goal. Deleting saved data from a PS5 (or even on any other previous version of PlayStation) is simple.

To begin with, decide what saved data you are looking to delete from your PS5. Once you are ready to delete the data from your console, follow the steps here below -
  • Step 1- Go to thee icon on the home screen of your PS5.
  • Step 2 - Scroll down and select the option Saved Data and Game/App Settings
  • Step 3 - Select Saved data.
  • ps5 saved data
  • Step 4 - Scroll to Delete
  • Step 5 - Here, you can choose the data of as many games as you would wish to delete. Exercise caution in this step as you may wish not to delete the saved data for some specific games..
  • Step 6 - Once you have marked the saved data that you want to delete in the previous step, Tap on Delete at the bottom right to delete the selected game's data. Please note that this will permanently delete all the game data files you have selected.

can you restore the deleted saved data from PS5?

The saved data, once deleted from your PS5, is not recoverable. It will be permanently deleted from the PS5 storage and not saved in a bin or temporary location. In no circumstances would you be able to recover the data deleted from your PS5.

If you are a Plus member, you can choose to upload the saved data to cloud storage. That means you can get your data back if you realize that you mistakenly deleted the saved data that you should not have.

In addition, you can buy an additional SSD for your PS5 to increase the storage space. Having more space on your gaming console will mean you don't need to delete the saved data as often. You can buy both internal and external PS5 SSDs based on your specific needs.

In Conclusion

Well, that was how you can save a good amount of storage space on your PS5 by deleting the unwanted saved data. However, it may not be advisable to delete the saved data right away without any valid reason. Before you can delete the saved data from your devices, check if the file is worth deleting.

Deleting the saved data on your PS5 is a practical and a good practice, but it can also be a little daunting. If you ever have a game that you are likely to come back to, do not delete the saved data for the particular game. In every other situation, it is incredibly comfortable to delete the saved data and use this storage space to install something you are interested in playing.

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