Precautions to take when keeping your smartphone Bluetooth ON

Today, smartphones have become an extension of our existence. One essential feature that enhances our communication beyond boundaries is the Bluetooth connectivity available on our devices. It helps us connect with a huge number of devices, such as smartwatches and earphones. But how do you take precautions when keeping your smartphone Bluetooth ON?

Connectivity is of the utmost importance today. WiFi networks and Bluetooth connectivity are two networks that can be vulnerable points of access for data or identity theft. Gone are the days when we used to keep these connections turned off, turning them on only when needed. Since we need to keep these connections on at all times, you need to pay enough attention to a few precautions when your Bluetooth connectivity is ON.

Common Bluetooth attacks that can affect you

Several types of Bluetooth attacks can affect you. Cybercriminals take advantage of the technology and develop ways to cheat gullible users.
bluetooth security
A few typical Bluetooth attacks can include

This attack involves stealing the content from your device by hacking your Bluetooth connectivity. These attacks can let the hacker gain access to photos, text messages, emails, and more on your phone. It can also be used for identity theft.

This involves sending unsolicited messages via Bluetooth. These can be very annoying and disturbing. The attack can also be used to share malicious links and attachments. It can also be used to spread malware.

This is a type of attack where the hacker gains access to your device through a secret Bluetooth connection. Once hacked, your phone will be used to spy on you and access your data. This attack can also be used to impersonate you.

This refers to a denial of service attack, which is used to shut down your device remotely. The attack is used to take up several attacks as soon as your device shuts down.

Precautions to take when keeping your Bluetooth ON

Having understood the vulnerability of Bluetooth connectivity and how it can affect your security, let us check out the best options to help you take care of your security and safeguard your smartphone.

1. Keep your smartphone OS updated
Software updates released by your smartphone manufacturer are designed to improve the security of your device. This includes patching the vulnerabilities of the Bluetooth and other wireless connections. Some of these updates can introduce features such as stronger encryption algorithms or enhanced authentication mechanisms. This can act as a powerful defence against hacking attempts.

2. Keep your device not discoverable
One of the best options to safeguard your device against the Bluetooth attack is to keep your device not discoverable. This will help make it harder for the hackers to find your device.

The steps involved may primarily be based on your device model and manufacturers. Check your instruction manual for your device to find the best means to fix the issues.

3. Use secure pairing methods
It is advisable to take absolute care of proper pairing methods. It is advisable to use secure pairing methods which include Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Secure Connections or Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing. Even when they may not ensure perfect safety, these secure methods can be less susceptible to interception or unauthorized access.

4. Turn Bluetooth off when not in use
That should be an obvious advice. But, this may not be that easy these days. That is more so because of the need for consistent Bluetooth connectivity with smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, headsets, earbuds, and several other devices. But, it may be advisable to turn off Bluetooth whenever possible.

5. Don't set up Bluetooth pairing in public
When you are pairing your device to Bluetooth, make sure to do it from a secure location. If you pair two devices in public, it can allow the hacker to gain access to the pairing process. Complete your pairing process from a secure location so that no one will be able to connect to your devices.

6. Monitor your connected devices
Always take care to monitor the connected devices on your Bluetooth connection. Always keep a look at your connected devices to ensure that you have only trusted devices paired. If you detect any unfamiliar device connected to your device on Bluetooth or suspect any unwanted activity, immediately disconnect them. Make sure to investigate any potential security breaches or unauthorized attempts at accessing your device.

7. Install security software on your device
You can look for trusted software security solutions that are specifically designed for smartphones. These tools are designed to protect your device from Bluetooth-related threats, such as unauthorized access, data interception, and malware.

8. Be aware of whom you are connecting with
Make sure to check who you are connecting to. Refuse every unknown connection request on Bluetooth. Many of these requests may arise from a hacker posing to be someone you know. To play safe, make sure to accept the Bluetooth connections that you know.

In Conclusion

Of course, Bluetooth connectivity poses a very convenient and versatile connectivity. However, they come with the security risks as well. It may prove to be helpful if you take good care of your Bluetooth connection and help you mitigate potential threats.


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