The benefits of a power dialer and the Aircall business phone service

Are you in a business where you connect with your leads on phone calls? Would you like a solution that can help you streamline the calling process so that your agents spend less time connecting and more time talking? Here we are reviewing AirCall, one of the well-known tools that helps you connect with customers almost instantly.

The Power Dialer is a great option to help you dial up the numbers without wasting time on dialing, waiting, and leaving any messages. The Power Dialer enables you to connect to a prospective customer right away. Your agents do not need to dial the numbers manually. Instead of calling, you can have great conversations and close your deals.

What is a Power Dialer?

A Power Dialer is a dialer that dials the number one after the next in a sequential manner. The best part about the power dialers is that they automatically move from one call to another when the first call ends.
The Power Dialer feature streamlines the outbound calling actions so that the teams can contact prospects and customers. It will begin calling the customers automatically rather than manually. This will help cut the downtime and help you increase the agent efficiency.

AirCall Power Dilaer - An overview

AirCall Power Dialer is one of the most powerful and popular power dialer tools. It assists your agents in making the calls faster without wasting productive time. Your agents do not need to worry about copy-pasting the contacts, The software continues to add numbers to the queue as soon as one call ends.
AirCall offers fully featured packs for every business size. It is known to be an excellent tool for small businesses, thanks to its huge number of integrations. A few known examples include HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Freshsales, and several others including Salesforce.

How to get AirCall Power Dialer?

You can get the services of AirCall simply by subscribing to any professional plan on their official website. As soon as you log in to the professional plan on their website or app, you will gain access to the Power Dialer feature.

The software collates the contacts across web pages using its browser extension. You can add all the numbers to your Power Dialer or skim through to select the specific contacts. You need not worry about the duplicate contacts, as AirCall takes care of these numbers.

AirCall Power Dialer features

The features offered by AirCall Power Dialer are unique and decent in their own right. Some of the features a business would find quite impressive would include:
  • Interactive voice response - Power Dialer collects the information from the called number and redirects it to the right agent. This will help streamline high call volume.
  • Business phone numbers- Add up toll-free, international, and local phone numbers. This can help build a better trust factor.
  • Warm call transfer - This feature involves letting the agents speak to each other and then transfer the call. This will eliminate the need for sharing the same information.
  • Smart call recording - The Smart call recording feature lets your agents pause and resume call recording. The recording can be ideal when the customer is providing any sensitive details.

Pros and Cons of AirCall Power Dialer feature

  • You can add up as many numbers as you would wish to the Power Dialer
  • Automated removal of duplicate and invalid contacts
  • Save up to 2 to 3 working hours per month.
  • All repetitive tasks are eliminated
  • Integration with technologies such as Slack, Chorus.AI, and CRMs like Salesforce .

  • Can be pretty expensive.You cannot change the number during a session

Why should businesses opt for the AirCall Power Dilaer feature?

The primary advantage that AirCall Power Dialer helps you is saving the time that your agents would be spending on repetitive tasks. The increase in the workflow automation system makes it one of the excellent picks for businesses, whether small or large.

Some of the reasons that it would be helpful can include
  • It offers a streamlined communication
    It helps you streamline your business communication. It comes with features such as voice mail drops, intelligent call routing, and call recording. You will also be able to track the interactions effectively and efficiently.
  • An improved customer experience
    You would want your customers to get a streamlined and better experience. AirCall lets you make this possible. Features such as real-time tracking and analytics would make it a truly formidable option in customer satisfaction.
  • Better scalability and flexibility
    The AirCall Power Dialer is an excellent option as it is scalable with any type of business. You can use it with both small-scale and large-sized enterprises. You can personalize the AirCall Power Dilaer to suit your business.
  • Data security and Compliane
    Cybercrime is growing consistently, and it is quite important to focus on the need to eliminate it. AirCall ensures that a better degree of data security and compliance is achieved. AirCall complies with industry standards such as HIPAA and GDPR.
  • Improved productivity
    Yet another advantage that you stand to gain with the AirCall Power Dialer lies in the fact that it helps improve the productivity of your sales and support agents. Since the recurring tasks are automated, you will find that making calls is rather easy and simple - and even faster.

In conclusion

It may not be wrong to state that the Power Dialer feature on AirCall has revolutionized the business environment. If you are looking to get your business to gain the best possible communication strategy, make sure that you have opted for the Power Dilaer feature on AirCall.

Even when it may be a little expensive when compared to other similar tools, it does provide you a good value for money. Check it out and find out how it streamlines your business.


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