Top 5 AI music generator lifetime deals

Are you into video editing, YouTube videos or creating podcasts? In that case, you would have needed music to be part of your videos and podcasts. With the AI music generators, you can easily create music that goes well with your videos. But have you ever given a thought to the lifetime deals on the best AI music generators? Let us explore a few today.

If you need a soundtrack for your videos and podcasts, there is no need to learn how to play an instrument. Artificial Intelligence is now creating music for you even when you do not know music or an instrument. No, we are not talking about some sort of music that has some random notes joined together. AI Music generators can create music that is completely human-like and evocative.

What is AI music generation?

Simply put, AI music generation refers to using artificial intelligence to create music. It involves the use of extensive training data on the existing music. This training data is used to analyze patterns, structures, and styles.
Once these generators have been trained sufficiently, they can generate authentic music. The music generated can include harmonies and melodies and can even be complete tracks. AI Music generators can help musicians and composers get new ideas into music creation.

Top 5 AI Music Generator lifetime deals

While you can benefit from the powerful presence of AI music generators for your YouTube videos and podcasts, the recurring cost can be a concern. That is where you would want to check out the best options for lifetime deals on AI Music generators. Let us explore a few great-looking AI music generators.

1. Soundraw

Soundraw is an AI Music generator that simplifies the task of creating music. It lets you create and compose original, royalty-free music. The AI music generator offers you plenty of genres, moods, and themes that you can add to your soundtrack.
If you are looking for variety in your music creation, Soundraw is the best choice that you can opt for. Once you create and download your music, you can play or use it anywhere you wish to. You get a permanent license to all your creations.

Features -
  • Create your personalised tracks easily
  • You can choose from among a huge list of moods
  • You can browse through a collection of AI-generated music and personalise them.
  • You can specify the pace, style, device, and length of the song

Pricing -You have a free plan that is free forever and lets you generate unlimited songs. However, you cannot download them. The paid plans start from $16.99 per month.
Lifeetime deal - AppSumo offers a lifetime deal on Soundraw. However, the deal may go on and off based on the demand. Keep an eye on AppSumo and keep checking when the deal is available.

2. Soundful

Soundful offers a powerful free plan that is free forever. It is the best choice if you are looking for the best possible simplicity and customisations. It offers a very simple-to-use functionality where you pick a genre, customise your inputs and create your music track.
The best part about the AI music generator lies in the fact that it offers you complete granular control over your music generation. It has been rated as the best AI music generator for those producers who want to create a free-flowing musical experience without getting stuck. If you are someone who does not want to get into copyright hassles and yet get studio-quality music, Soundful is just for you!

  • Intuitive music creation
  • More than 50 templates available
  • Allows efficient customisation through beats per minute (BPM) and base notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) in major or minor keys.

Pricing - You get a free plan forever that allows three downloads per month. You can choose between two Pro plans: Content Creator at $29.99 per year and Music Creator Plus at $59.99 per year.

3. Boomy

It is one of the easy-to-use and widely popular AI music generators. Boomy is a partially free AI music generator that lets you generate music in seconds. Best suited for the novice and experienced user base, the tool is a professionally excellent tool for your music creation needs.
The AI music generator lets you create music through a huge list of styles that include Electronic Dance, Rap Beats, Lo-fi, Global Groove, Relaxing Meditation, and Custom. Boomy also lets you choose from among different instruments, compositions, tempo, mixing, and sound effects.
Features -
  • It lets you collaborate with other musicians to get better feedback on your music.
  • You can also add your voice to the music you created
  • It lets you release your creations to streaming services and social media

Pricing - A free plan available that lets you save up to 25 songs per month. The Creator plan is priced at $9.99 per month, and the Pro plan comes with a price tag of $29.99 per month.

4. Beatoven

Want to get rid of the complexity of music creation? Beatoven is your best choice from that perspective. It is designed to make your music creation as simple as possible. It is the right tool for you if you are not an expert in music and do not have any knowledge of music.
You can create multiple versions of a single track. You can edit practically anything - right from the instrumentation to genre to tempo. You can even upload your video or podcast to help you create music that best meets your needs.
  • Makes use of the best music theory and production techniques to create your music
  • Customisee every aspect of your music creation, which includes length, genre, mood, and instruments
  • Create music that is ready for production with the mixing and mastering that is industry specific

Pricing - You can check out a free trial option to get the feel of the tool. The Pro plans include those based on your usage per month and or based on the minutes you buy.

5. Aiva

Aiva is a music generator that has been around since 2016. It is specially designed to help create music for multiple media options such as video games, ads, and movies. The strength of the music generator lies in its ability to produce music from scratch.
It can also be used to create music as a variation of existing music without the need to worry about licensing. You can access a range of presets and specified music formats.
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Multiple options for presets and musical formats to choose from
  • Free version with limited functionality
  • It can edit soundtracks and modify the existing tracks

Pricing - You have a free plan that is free forever. The standard annual plan is available at € 11 per month, and the Pro annual plan is available at € 33 per month.

While we were checking out the best lifetime deals on the best AI music generators, we did not find any of them available on any of the sites dealing with lifetime deals. However, it is advised to keep an eye on the services such as AppSumo, Lifetimo, or MangoDeals. You may get the best lifetime deals that can offer you exciting usability without the need to spend money every month.

The Closing Thoughts

The AI music generators have brought a new concept in how we create music and use it in making our videos and podcasts stand apart. AI helps you enrich the essence of music generation and makes your music stand out.

While getting the best lifetime deals on these music generators can be an asset, it may not be that easy to get such deals quite often. Make sure you have subscribed to the sites offering the best lifetime deals and get notified so that you can benefit as soon as the deals go live.

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