How to evaluate a second hand Electric car before purchase?

Electric cars have begun breaking new ground in recent times - when it comes to buying new cars. However, there is a market that is flooded with used or second-hand electric cars. What factors do you need to check when buying new electric cars? Let us find out.

For some of us, buying a new electric car may not be the easy option - especially given the premium price that it commands. The best option left in this condition is to buy a second-hand electric car... but is it viable? Well, there are several factors that you need to check when buying a second-hand car.
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Unlike how you take a mechanic along when buying a used, non-electric car, this is one task that needs a thorough evaluation. So, how to evaluate a secondhand electric car before purchasing it? Let us have a look.

How to evaluate a second-hand Electric car before purchase

The most important factor that you need to check when buying a used electric car is to look for the battery status and its range. Apart for that, it would also a good idea to have a look at the maintenance costs and the technology used in charging the battery.

With the above basic approach apart, here we go with a detailed analysis of how to check and evaluate a second hand electric car before you buy it.

Battery life

The battery life of the car is the primary factor that you need to pay a special attention to. The battery health is what you can use as the bargaining chip. No matter how much and in which way the battery might have been used, it is bound to degrade over time.

A dealership should provide you with the exact status of the battery health of a car. Alternatively, you can charge the battery to 100% and then check the estimated range that it provides you. You can then compare it with the original rating to get an estimate of the battery health.

No battery on a used car will have a 100% battery health. But, if you find a range of around at least of 75% of the original rating, you can decide to go with your purchase.

Ask for the maintenance history

It is always a good idea to check the maintenance history of the electric car. An electric car will require considerably less degree of maintenance when compared to traditional vehicles. Since the electric car has a lower number of moving parts, you tend to have a lesser number of service issues.

If the previous owner has the habit of regular servicing, that would prove to be an added advantage. You are perhaps less likely to run into issues. It is always advisable to check the cost and availability of the spare parts and also the availability of the service in your nearby areas.

Check out the charge time

The charging time is yet another factor that you need to give a special thought to when buying a used electric car. Most of the high-end electric cars come with a faster charging time. But, this convenience also has a con - a higher price.
It is quite essential to look for the best charging time that suits your needs. Some cars take a considerable time to charge, while a few others take a less time. The gist of the matter should be to ensure that the charging time fits into your daily routine.

Find if the battery is replaced

Battery failure is very rare to happen in the case of an electric vehicle. However, the high-end electric vehicles may have their battery packs replaced. If the battery has been changed, it is something that you need to take absolute care of.
If the battery pack has been replaced, make sure that you can get all the receipts and information intact. It is highly essential to look for all the details of the battery, which includes checking full charge and the battery health reports.

Check the battery warranty

Inspect how much of the battery warranty is left. Most of the mainstream eclectic vehicle manufacturers offer extended battery warranty options. This would ideally mean even when you are buying a second-hand electric car, it is more likely to have a good deal battery warranty left.

However, most of the time, the warranty may not be transferable. The best you can do is to get in touch with the manufacturer's customer service department and find out about the warranty left and also know if the warranty can be transferred to the new owner.

Check the resale value

It may appear quite strange to think about selling an electric car even before you buy it. However, that is one of the most practical ways of seeing things. Just in case you decide to sell off your car after a couple of years, you should be able to get a reasonable price.

Since the EV is entirely new in the market, it may not be that easy to predict the possible resale value. It is advisable to check the resale value of your second-hand electric car from the experts. Of course, it may need a little research.

Should you buy a second-hand electric car?

Yes, definitely. Buying a used electric car can help you save money. The used Electric vehicles come with a better price - especially with the small range. However, the decision to buy a second hand electric car largely depends on several factors.
The pre-owned electric cars can be a great choice if the previous owner took a good care of the vehicle. Smart charging habits and a good maintenance history are a few factors that would provide you with a better performance. Make sure to check out a few crucial factors that we have outlined above, and you can be sure to get a great value for your money when you buy a second-hand eclectic car.

Closing Thoughts

Buying a second-hand electric car is the best option for those of you looking to get an eco-friendly vehicle that is available at an affordable price. It can perhaps help as the training ground so that you will be all the more experienced when you switch to a brand new electric vehicle later on.

Make sure that you have checked all these factors well enough before finalizing your second-hand electric car.


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