Complete list of shortcut keys for MS Office 2010 Word Documents

Want to reduce your time while using MS office word? This article provides you all the shortcut keys for word document in MS Office 2010

MS Word allows you to use shortcut keys while working with it. It is much easier to simply press the keys rather than moving your mouse over to the menu and identify the menu links to perform certain tasks. This list is quite long, but you can identify the common shortcut keys that you frequently use and memorize them.

1.ctrl+N-Create a new document.

2.ctrl+shift+A-All Caps.

3.ctrl+O-Open a document.


5.ctrl+W-Close a document.

6.alt+F10-App Maximize.

7.ctrl+S-Save a word document.

8.ctrl+F-Find a word.

9.alt+ctrl+Y-Repeat find.

10.alt+F5-App restore

11.alt+ctrl+1-Apply heading1

12.alt+ctrl+2-Apply heading2

13.alt+ctrl+3-Apply heading3

14.ctrl+H-Replace text

15.ctrl+G-Go to a page

16.alt+ctrl+Home-Browse a document

17.ctrl+Z-Undo an action

18.ctrl+Y-Redo or repeat an action.

19.ctrl+Shift+L-Apply List Bullet.

20.alt+ctrl+K-Auto format.

21.F3 or alt+ctrl+V-Auto text.

22.ctrl+B or ctrl+Shift+B-Bold.


24.ctrl+Page Down-Browse Next.

25.ctrl+Shift+F-Change Font Type.

26.ctrl+Shift+P-Change Font Size.

27.ctrl+Shift+>-Increase the Font Size by 2 points.

28.ctrl+Shift+<-Decrease the Font Size by 2 points.

29.ctrl+]-Increase the Font Size by 1 point.

30.ctrl+[-Decrease the Font Size by 1 point.

31.ctrl+I-Apply Italic Formatting.

32.ctrl+U-Apply Underline.

33.ctrl+Shift+D-Double Underline Text.

34.ctrl+Shift+K-Format letters as small capitals.

35.ctrl+ = -Apply Subscript Formatting.

36.ctrl+Shift++ - Apply Superscript Formatting.

37.ctrl+1-Single Line Spacing.

38.ctrl+2-Double Line Spacing.

39.ctrl+5-Set 1.5 Line Spacing.

40.ctrl+0-Add/remove line spacing.

41.ctrl+E-Center Paragraph.

42.ctrl+J-Justify Paragraph.

43.ctrl+L-Left alignment.

44.ctrl+R-Right Alignment.

45.ctrl+Shift+Enter-Column Break

46.ctrl+Shift+F8-Column Select.


48.ctrl+Shift+C-Copy Format.


50.ctrl+F5- Doc Restore.

51.ctrl+T-Hanging Indent.




55.alt+Shift+K-Mail Merge Check.

56.alt+Shift+E-Mail Merge Edit data Source.

57.alt+Shift+N-Mail Merge to doc.

58.alt+Shift+M-Mail Merge to Printer.

59.ctrl+Enter-Page Break.

60.F2-Move texts or graphics.

61.F3-Insert an auto text entry.

62.F4-Repeat the last action.

63.F9-Update selected fields.

64.F10-Activate the menu bar.

65.F11.Go to the next field.

Did I miss any shortcut keys for MS Word? Please post your comments below and I will be more than happy to update this list.

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Guest Author: Vimal13 Nov 2012

Thank you for providing the full list of shortcut keys for MS Office. I hope most of these will work for MS Office 2013 as well. It is very hard to keep learning new keys when a new version of the software comes up.

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