Remote Assistance with Windows XP

In this article, I like to explain you how to setup Remote Assistance with Windows XP. Remote assistance is a feature in Windows where someone can login remotely to a computer for the purpose of performing a task or assisting with troubleshooting problems.

Introduction to remove assistance

Very often when one encounters difficulties on her computer station having to call someone who can help us. With the remote support tool of XP that is now possible to very efficiently with a direct takeover of the person who helps and who can view your screen in real time, contact you in writing or way voice and even send you the files. With this tool, you no longer need long telephone conversations often fruitless. It is even more interesting for an administrator who will need to move to intervene on their client machines which induces a saving of time negligible.

Job Preparation

Firstly it is clear that both computers must be connected to the Internet or a LAN to use the Remote Assistance in Windows XP. Then you must make sure your firewall does not block remote access, then check when you right click on desktop tab REMOTE that the option "allow the sending of invitation Remote Assistance From this computer "is selected. The Remote Assistance tool is included with Windows XP it requires no other additional facility.

Setting up Remote Assistance

When you are assured that the three conditions mentioned above are met it only remains for you to send out an invitation that you are bringing relief!
Two means are at your disposal, you can go through MSN Messenger by clicking on activity in the chat window with the person to help you or go to the menu START then click Help and Support

You just have to click on Remote Assistance and choose which way you want to send an invitation

(1) If you use MSN MESSENGER and your counselor is online assistance will be started immediately after accepting the warning messages that they would take control of your computer.

(2) If you choose Outlook you need to enter the email address of the person to help you and she will receive a message with an attachment containing the invitation. Using this mode you must also define a password and an expiration date, you should contact the administrator before assistance to prevent another evil person caring takes control of your computer. When your friend receives the e-mail, it can then take control of your computer and make his speech.

(3) Another interesting feature of the Remote Assistance invitation can save a file (see below) on a remote computer on the network for example with the extension ". MSRincident. The administrator will have more then just open the file and give the password if it has one, and then goes as a classical assistance.

Once you click "Continue" you have the next window appears.The following window appears on your screen where the administrator or the person to whom you sent the invitation launches remote assistance received by e-mail or by clicking the saved file on a network share.Thus the Remote Assistance interface appears on both screens and the counselor can begin his speech by observing the screen of the other position and controlling the mouse while talking to the person who has this problème.pour recently it will take control click on the top left of the Remote Assistance interface and its host must grant permission.The Remote Assistance tool offers also a number of tools that make it even more effective, particularly the possibility of holding a voice conversation or text with your partner or even to send a file as in a normal video conversation. To do this, simply click on "send file" or "begin talking" (see image above) but it goes without saying that to hold a voice conversation you should have a fairly substantial rate.

Offer Remote Assistance using Group Policy

There is another method of remote support via GPO. You must configure the console via Group Policy for that, go to Start, Run then type gpedit.msc. Then go to the tree to access the Group Policy Remote Assistance.

(1)Double click on "Proposed Remote Assistance", the following window appears and select "On".
(2) Then click on View. This will allow you to specify which users or groups can provide remote assistance. To add an adviser, you must enter it as follows:

  • domain \ user

  • domain \ group

  • Once this is configured, you can use another mail and go to Help and Support and select "Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems"and"Offer Remote Assistance".Please enter the computer name or IP address of the computer on which you want to access.Click Connection and select the user requiring this assistance.A window will appear on the computer where the person has to click on YES or NO to allow the connection. Then this happens as a remote assistance sent with other methods.

    Difference with remote desktop

    These two features of Windows XP have much in common in their manner of connection but they have not all the same features:
    Remote Assistance is used to provide assistance on a remote station while the remote office is typically used to gain access to her office for another position, for someone who wants to work from home for example . Specifically in a remote desktop session, the post is accessed is locked and can not see the screen and what the person is at a distance. In addition, the Remote Assistance has a special interface so that Remote Desktop gives you full access to the remote computer and all the features of Windows XP.


    Remote Assistance is a very efficient company for a director does not wish to make multiple trips during the day which would take too long. This will allow him to solve any problems on his client. There may of course be used at home if a person asks you to change on his computer and that you live in northern France and in the south. With this system, the person you control the computer sees what you do but may at any time decide to cut the connection.

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    Hey. It is very good article regarding remote assistance with WIN XP. In addition to default RDP connection tool provided by XP, one can even consider using various remote support tools such as logmeinrescue, gosupportnow, GoToMyPC etc. in order to remotely access computers over any network.

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