Top 10 reasons to migrate to Windows 7

Still not using Windows 7. Here are the top 10 reasons to make you think of migrating to Windows 7 from your current OS.

It is the natural tendency of Humans to think about the benefits that they would get on using a particular thing. Let it be a one rupee item or one lakh rupees item.

But there are situations where we do not have sufficient information on the advantages that we would gain on using a specific product. This is the case when we think of using Windows 7 operating system. Many of us would be in a dilemma if or not to try out the new OS when the existing OS that we are using is quite good.

So, here I come up with Top 10 reasons why one should migrate to Windows 7 OS from the existing OS.

1. Minimum memory and system requirements

Windows 7 would prove very user friendly for people having low end systems either it be desk tops or notebooks. Speaking of Windows 7 being user friendly to low-end computers does not imply that it would not prove useful for the high-end systems. Windows 7 is compatible for low end as well as high end systems. The minimum requirements for installing windows 7 is 1GHz PC with 1GB of RAM for 32- bit edition though 2GB of RAM is recommended for the 32- bit edition and 4GB for the 64-bit edition.

Systems that have been installed with Windows Vista can easily migrate to Windows 7 and would observe a drastic improvement in the performance. The reason being the high memory requirements of Windows Vista.

2. Improved Multitasking

Windows 7 offers features like icon-based taskbar where your frequently used programs/accesories can be pinned. The additional feature provided is that if you point to an icon you will be able to preview the thumbnails of the files and windows that are currently open that are associated to the icon. The other feature available which is a result of the improved multitasking are the jump lists which contains the info of all the recently opened files and documents for quick access.

3. User friendly and easier navigation

Aero technology has been introduced in Windows 7 that makes the navigation between windows and navigation from windows to desktop quite flexible and user friendly. The different Aero features available are Aero Snap that resizes the open windows automatically when the windows are dragged to any one of the sides of your monitor, Aero Peek that allows the users to view the desktop contents even when the windows are open by making the open windows to be transparent, Aero Shake which minimizes all the other windows than the one you have grabbed by physically shaking the mouse. These features not only makes the navigation easier and simpler but also makes the navigation interesting during the initila days of using Windows 7.

4. Improved Security

Using Windows 7 reduces your burden of approving access to programs whenever you use them. The alert messages that are received regarding system security in the form of pop-ups and messages can be easliy controlled using an intutive slide-bar control in Windows 7.

5. Highly Stable

On Windows 7 you have the flexibility of installing any extra hardware or software without installing additional drivers. Simply speaking most of the new hardware and software is compatible with Windows 7.

6. Excellent File Organization:

The feature of Libraries that has been made available on Windows 7 , allows the user to organise photos, music, video and files in single locations, no matter where they reside on the hard drive. This allows greater flexibility for retrieving the files related to the same category from a single location.

7. Enhanced Network setup

One more excellent feature of Windows 7 is the HomeGroup feature that allows quick and effortless network setup that makes it easier to share documents and printers to other systems using Windows 7 on a password-protected home or local network.

8. Reduced Unwanted items.

Many of us wonder why the features like windows mail, movie maker are residing on our PC when we DO NOT make use of them. There are many programs that are installed by default when we install any OS. These programs are least used by us and occupy an ample ampunt of the hard disk. Windows 7 makes life easier as all these unwanted programs are not installed when the OS is installed. This saves hard disk space as well as the system memory.

9. Improved Touch functionalities

Users having a Windows 7 comatible touch screen display can make use of the multi touch gestures to navigate and pick documents with the mere flick of a finger.

10. Performance on a Whole

On a whole, as discussed in the point above Windows 7 provides faster and more reliable desktop search functions and easier document retrieval making it simpler to organize, store and navigate both your desktop and supported applications.

Now bearing in mind all the advantages of using Windows 7, and by reading my article, many of you will be at least throwing a thought towards installing Windows 7 and try out the great, flexible and enhanced features of Windows 7.

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