Best Business Intelligence platforms for complex projects

Are you looking for the best Business Intelligence platforms to grow your business? This guide will help you to find some of the best BI tools for your organization. Read this article to learn about the BI tools in detail.

In this era of tough competition in every business, you must make wise decisions for the growth of your organization. Business tools are an essential factor nowadays that can turn out to be a game changer for any business but many organizations are still not aware of their impact. You admit it or not but data is incorporated into every business and industry and more importantly, can be of great use for your business future. Businesses are using BI technology to gather and analyze data to take most of its advantages. It brings together technology and strategy for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from all the available sources. In short, using the information to make better decisions is the basis of Business Intelligence.

Moving to Business Intelligence platforms also called software, is a great way to utilize your data. In addition to making this process much more efficient, BI platforms allow us to engage with data in a new whole way. Your company's data becomes more usable when you implement business intelligence platforms correctly. As long as business intelligence has existed, its primary focus has been to maximize data utilization. So, without further ados let's find out what the best BI platforms for your business are and why are they important.

Importance of Business Intelligence Platforms

BI facilitates the visualization and interaction with your data and helps you to understand your data through maps and graphs. As a result, human beings can spot patterns and trends more easily. It is to be noted here that almost all modern companies have terabytes of data but they don't know how to use and manage it. This problem can be solved by business intelligence platforms that help you manage and comprehend all the data your company generates. It is then that data takes on new significance by assisting you. First of all, a better understanding of consumer behavior with data can help any company produce better products. You can become familiar with your customer's needs and also learn what makes them tick and then serve them better as a result. Detecting potential issues before they develop into larger problems also becomes easier with your company's data analysis.

Best Business Intelligence Platforms for Complex Projects

1. Microsoft Power BI

Power BI
This is one of the most recommended and popular business intelligence platforms used worldwide. Using Power BI you can get data from multiple sources, transform that data, and produce useful reports using apps, connectors, and software services. Instead of taking a solely web-based approach, Power BI also provides downloadable software as well as cloud-based reporting. It is simple and easy to use Power BI. With Power BI, you can perform quick queries and analysis without needing specialized technical assistance. And, you have access to secure cloud data sources and can explore the data through natural language queries. It costs $10 per month per user to use Microsoft Power BI Pro while Power BI Desktop is a free self-service data analysis tool.

2. Sisense


You can create analytics apps using Sisense's API cloud-first platform. The user-friendly platform was formerly known as Periscope Data. It becomes like a one-man job to manage and analyze complex data in any company with this easy-to-use software without any expert intervention. Sisense is a cloud-based business intelligence program that is also available on-premises. It can integrate data from diverse sources such as Salesforce, Adwords, and Google Analytics. A few of its most important features are embedding, mashup, and analysis. It also allows you to share your data and dashboards with your team members externally.

3. Tableau


Data discovery and data visualization are the core functions of Tableau. The software allows users to easily analyze, visualize, and share data without the involvement of any IT expert. This platform continues to be the most well-known and comprehensive brand in the industry so you can expect a steep learning curve if you want to take advantage of its features. Several essential features are included in this platform such as analytics, VIzQL, and collaboration. Users can explore, create, and share through this open-source BI platform without any cost.

4. Datapine

Another BI platform on our list is Datapine. You can use Datapine to integrate data from numerous sources and analyze it with advanced features such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Even non-technical users can get a sense of how data analytics work using Datapine's all-in-one business intelligence platform. By incorporating all your data into a dashboard, you can generate reports, create alerts to keep you informed of irregular activities and generate customized reports. Datapine's self-service analytics approach makes it easy for data analysts as well as business users to connect different data sources, analyze, create interactive business dashboards, and derive actionable business insights with its solutions. This is one of the best options for those who want software that can handle their data in a cloud setting and connect data sources easily.

5. Qlik

This company offers a variety of Business Intelligence tools such as QlikSense and Qlikview. While QlikSense is a comprehensive Business Intelligence tool and data analytics platform, QlikView is just an analytic tool. This platform is unique because it offers an associative analytical engine, sophisticated artificial intelligence, and a performance-focused cloud platform. No matter what device you use QlikSense is always available to you. A key feature of QlikSense is its touchscreen-optimized interface which makes it a popular tool for Business Intelligence.

6. Looker

Another BI tool on our list is Looker. It can interact with any SQL database or data warehouse and is entirely browser-based. Easy-to-use features, convenient envision, power collaboration features, and a reliable support team are some of the benefits of this particular tool. Looker does not require desktop applications or some other local servers, so it can be installed quickly compared to local BI platforms reliant on desktop applications. Acquired by Google in 2020, Looker offers strong development support and provides real-time reporting. If you are unfamiliar with MySQL, some training material can be provided to you get the most out of it. However, Looker is still an easy-to-use platform for data discovery.

Bottom Line

There has never been a better time to give BI a try and thus businesses of all sizes can now harness the power of this platform. Most of your goals can be achieved with the selection of the right BI platform, providing an advantage no competitor can match, since decisions can be made quickly, accurately, and based on your company's data. Thus, data should be incorporated into the company's core values to change the company for the better. It is generally accepted that data works as fuel for every organization from startups to Fortune 500 companies. So, let's give it a try.


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