How much it costs to run ChatGPT like AI engine?

The computing power required to run AI tools like ChatGPT makes them more expensive. Which means it is not cheap and easy to run it. Several reports have detailed much about the running cost of ChatGPT like the AI engine. Read this article to know more.

With the release of ChatGPT, much attention has been drawn to the technology behind it -the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer-3 (GPT-3). NLP-based systems can automate a wide variety of language-related tasks including text classification, question answering, machine translation, and text summarization and they can be used to create content, analyze customer data, or build sophisticated controversial AI systems. The popularity of ChatGPT has soared high since its official release in November 2022 this is because it is easy to use and can answer all kinds of your questions. Its human-like responses are what really make ChatGPT stand out. Moreover, OpenAI's latest venture is free which adds to its appeal. But, the critical point is that OpenAI is spending a whole of its fortunes even though it is being used for free by a large number of users. So, let's get into some interesting facts about this newest craze in our lives.

How Much Does it Cost to Run ChatGPT?

According to a report, as a result of OpenAI's expensive tech infrastructure, ChatGPT could cost more than $700,000 a day to write cover letters, create lesson plans, and anything else you ask it to do. As reported by multiple sources, OpenAI is using Microsoft's Azure cloud to host ChatGPT rather than buying a physical server room. It costs $0.0003 to generate a word on ChatGPT, which is billed at $3 per hour by Microsoft. The report also claims that accelerators or special hardware designed to execute deep learning operations efficiently can help reduce the cost of the entire process. It is only feasible if the device is compatible with silicon-based computing hardware.

A Nivida GPU is used by the creators of ChatGPT as well as its partner brands, as a source of computing power. The report also estimates that the company will need 30,000 more GPUs to keep up with its commercial trajectory in 2023. However, the good news is that Microsoft might be developing proprietary AI chips to reduce this high cost. For the uninitiated, Microsoft is one of the primary investors and collaborators.

Whether it's writing complex Python codes or creating college-level essays, ChatGPT does it all. There is nothing more it needs than a prompt. In light of this, programmers and writers have been cited as examples of jobs being replaced by AI. In spite of how amazing ChatGPT seems it is also clear that it does not contain all the answers. Despite its Advanced AI, the world's most advanced AI chatbot uses models developed before 2021. Its responses to every query are therefore noticeably lacking.

ChatGPT Subscription Plan

It is possible to subscribe to the service at $20 per month if you want better results. Subscribing to the services guarantees users access to GPT-4 with faster response time and access to the internet via plugins. You cannot access ChatGPT's third-party plugins if you are a free user. These add-ons allow integration with a variety of popular software programs. Several third-party suppliers have now enabled access to data and features. Artificial Intelligence can control a wide range of software applications and much more. Thus in comparison with ChatGPT's free version, this makes it more powerful and useful. Users who subscribe to ChatGPT Plus get early and exclusive access to all new features developed by the engineers at OpenAI. It has previously included exclusive third-party plugins and access to newer versions of ChatGPT.

Final Words

At this point, it's difficult to say if it will remain as costly to run AI engines as the industry develops in the time to come. This is important to note here at this time that ChatGPT gained more than 1 million users within a few days of its official launch. It is certainly remarkable that the company has managed to accrue so many users in such a short time frame despite the fact that most of them might not be active users. As a result, the company needs to do much more to make it a profitable venture.

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