Top 5 Linux based operating systems for those looking for Windows alternatives

Are you considering switching from Windows OS to Linux? But having trouble choosing the right alternative for you. Read this article to make the right choice from our list of the best Linux distros for Windows users.

Technology change is inevitable and always welcomed. But not everyone is comfortable dealing with new challenges and troubles of learning new tech. The same is the case with the operating system Windows, which has evolved over the years and there are numerous options available to Windows users. The fact is due to the large-scale support of third-party applications and games along with its intuitive UI which is not targeted towards developers, it has found a huge sticky user base. It is unlikely that many people have ever used a desktop operating system other than Windows. Their familiarity with Windows makes dealing with its usual troubles easier for them.

However, for Windows users looking to switch to Linux systems with the best Linux distros, there are a few good options. When you are coming from a proprietary operating system like Windows, it can be an overwhelming experience. It is particularly challenging for many users to make the transition to Linux distribution because of their open-source nature compared to its closed-source alternatives. While Linux distributions differ significantly from Windows in the way they interact with users and new users who enjoy its simplicity may be uncomfortable when they first try Linux. There is indeed no shortage of Linux distributions available out there but there are very few that can truly replace the Windows operating system. The alternative Linux distributions listed here will help those unfamiliar with Linux become dedicated to it.

1. Zorin OS


Zorin OS can be one of the top choices for newcomers planning to switch from Windows or macOS. Designed for new Linux users transitioning from other operating systems is tailored to the needs of newcomers. The system is straightforward to use no matter what operating system you had and users also do not need any prior knowledge to get started. Initially, Zorin appears almost similar to Ubuntu. It's hard to counter the fact that Zorin OS is the one to keep for a considerable time since first perceptions are often deceptive. In a nutshell, Zorin OS is the ideal platform for Windows users to begin their Linux journey. The program comes with several Window-like themes that can be applied with a few easy steps. Moreover, you can customize the appearance of the main taskbar with its simple settings manager. There are four different editions of the Zorin- the Core, Lite, and Education editions are available for free whereas the Pro edition is not.

Download Zorin OS

2. Deepin


Deepin is another example of a Linux distro that can easily replace Windows and macOS. Deepin Linux has been praised for its aesthetically pleasing Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) which runs on Debian-based distros. The security updates provided by Debian are more complete and stable than those provided by other distributions. A customer-friendly desktop environment and a variety of homegrown applications ease new users into this distro. Users can customize the desktop to fit their preferences with the help of its first boot configurator app. On top of everything, first-time users will find plenty of options for customizing Deepin since the purpose of it is to make it more welcoming for new users. It is famous among Linux users who want a beautiful and stable OS. Additionally, Deepin comes equipped with an app store which is certainly useful for Windows users. New hardware support, a fingerprint feature, and additional pre-installed applications are also included.

Download Deepin OS

3. Linux Mint

Linux Mint

The Cinnamon edition of Linux edition is something that you can rely on without any second thought. This edition is slick, beautiful, and full of new features. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and Debian. It has a significant number of similarities with Ubuntu codebase which is the origin of Linux Mint. The good thing about Linux Mint is that it is highly stable, flexible, and reliable especially when compared with Ubuntu, and also requires very little maintenance. With the Linux Mint Cinnamon edition, users can enjoy a traditional menu design on a Windows-like desktop. Additionally, it comes with all necessary applications pre-installed which is extremely helpful for people who are new to the platform. Nevertheless, Linux Mint is an outstanding distribution making everyday work a breeze. Tech experts also believe that this operating system works out of the box because it gives full multi-media support and is super easy to use. The OS is community-driven, and users are encouraged to provide regular feedback for improvements to the program. Despite Cinnamon being the most popular among users, Linux Mint has two other versions MATE and xfce.

Download Linux Mint OS

4. Elementary OS

Elementary OS

Ubuntu LTS-based elementary OS features a Mac-style user interface similar to macOS. The application looks like macOS still it is as capable of replacing Windows as it can be. This OS has the reputation of being one of the most usable and visually pleasing desktop distributions on the market. Users new to Linux will find that its pre-installed apps and homegrown desktop everything is designed to make them feel at home. In elementary OS, you will find a curated app center offering a vast range of applications that have been specially designed for the system to make the desktop experience more consistent and appealing. Taking inspiration from the macOS interface, elementary OS creates a simple intuitive interface using the Pantheon desktop. New users are attracted to its high aesthetics and minimalistic designs. Also, the users can get all kinds of help and support that is already available to the Ubuntu distro. Overall, it's one of the most elegant desktop OS you will ever use.

Download Elementary OS

5. Ubuntu


Last but not least is Ubuntu Linux in our list of the top Linux distros for Windows users. Among the most popular flavors of Linux, Ubuntu is a great choice for Linux beginners since it's extremely user-friendly. There are still a lot of people who prefer Ubuntu over other operating systems due to its simple interface. It's not a problem for Windows users to use Ubuntu because it's regularly updated, and releases new versions as well as security patches. LTS versions of Ubuntu are also released every other year. Using them guarantees five years of security updates and general maintenance updates, so you do not have to worry about upgrading every few months. In just a few clicks, you can download and upgrade your OS. A big advantage of Ubuntu is that it is synonymous with cloud computing which makes the switch from Windows to Linux a lot easier.

Download Ubuntu OS

Closing Notes

You can finally decide and pick one Linux distribution from our list of the best Linux-based operating systems for Windows alternatives. Users need to understand that Linux distributors are different from Windows, which may cause some new users to feel uncomfortable when they first start using Linux. But this list of alternative Linux distributions for Windows will help new users to fall in love with Linux. So, which Linux distro is going to replace your Windows OS?

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