Which Gadgets you cannot carry in an airline?

The last thing you want is to start your trip with airport security taking you aside due to the restricted items in your bag. Here in this article, we have listed some of the gadgets or items you can not carry with you on a flight.

Ready to fly but still don't know what to pack in your carry-on bag that doesn't get you in any trouble at the last moment before catching your flight at the airport? Packing your bags carefully before a flight is one of the important preparations you need to do. It is also important to remember that last-minute packing can easily lead to luggage problems. So, the most important things to pack in your checked luggage should be those that would be necessary during the flight. Organizing your stuff well can ease the hassle of checking it in at the airport. Consequently, you must only carry the items or gadgets that are allowed for air traveling.

It's a piece of common information that all your hand luggage is screened at the airports before you travel but you need to be updated about what you can and can't carry before packing. There are a few electronics you can take but you will need to check in advance or risk having them confiscated by security. Take a look at what you need to know:

  • Power Banks: In the past few years, power banks have been subject to different rules on flights. Although it's not prohibited to carry power banks on flights yet the rules for their carriage may differ. Airlines do not allow power banks to be checked in as luggage for safety reasons. Lithium cells are used in power banks as batteries. Consequently, lithium batteries are not allowed for cargo transportation because they tend to catch fire. However, it is possible to carry power banks on a flight if they are under a certain capacity and are kept in your hand luggage. Depending on the airline, you may be permitted to carry 160wh power banks in your hand luggage though anything over 100wh must be checked with the airline.

  • Plasma Lighter: Hand luggage is usually a convenient place to carry disposable lighters. The majority of countries, however, do not allow you to carry plasma lighters in your hand luggage. Airline regulations prohibit the use of this device in most of the countries.

  • Electronics: It is not permitted to take electronic items in your hand luggage such as e-cigarettes. Also prohibited are lithium batteries in cabin baggage. Additionally, you should keep your trimmer enclosed in your check-in bag. It should not be taken with you. In the same way, e-cigarettes cannot be carried in hand luggage. Keeping it inside your carry-on luggage is allowed only when it is within 100ml of the limit and packed tightly in a clear plastic bag.

  • Sharp Objects: Hand luggage should not contain any sharp objects. You can not bring razor blades, box cutters, nail guns, crowbars, staple guns, sabers, martial arts, or self-defense items. Your hand luggage should be free of them. Your razor, however, can be checked in with your luggage. Things that can be used to hit or throw at someone should also be avoided in your hand luggage like balls of any kind.


It is to note here that the restrictions may be different with different airlines or countries so make sure you check with your airlines before starting your journey. Usually, an airline's website should have a list of restricted items but in case it's not there you can always reach out to them on the phone or via email. Else, you may be fined by the airline if found carrying potentially dangerous items. All items not in compliance will be confiscated. Therefore, check-in luggage is the best to keep such items.


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